Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pickleball @ Timmons Park Tuesday 9-30-08

Because of a bad thunder storm that we had in the night we had mucho work to do on the courts this morning. The weather man said that we got 1 1/2 inches of rain last night. We could tell!
There were puddles everywhere. Ken and I and Bob T. got to the courts about 8:30 and began working on them. About 9 everyone else started arriving. Ralph, Ron and Sharon took up the tools and started continuing the job while 4 of us had begun to play. The one thing we didn't have to do though was chalk the courts and that was really nice. We had 8 players today.......Bob T., Steve, Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Lynne S., Ken and I. We hope to get Barb back up here soon to play with us. We sure have missed her!! The pickleball tournament created a lot of conversation this morning about rules and the correct way to do things.
Remember to be on the lookout for potential picklers. Invite them to come and tell them that we will teach them how to play.
Hope to C U on D COURTS!!!! Lynn

Monday, September 29, 2008

Pickleball Tournament @ Hendersonville, NC Sunday 9-28-08

We had a great time at the pickleball tournament. There were 9 in the Hendersonville group and 6 of us. John drove his van and Steve, Bob T., Ken and I rode up with him. We met at Publix and picked up Bob at Walmart in TR. Then Lynne S. rode back with us. Bill took Lynne there and dropped her off.
The Hendersonville group had also invited the Waynesville and Asheville groups but they didn't come, probably because of the gas shortage. Lynne and I (Lynn) played together in the ladies doubles. First we played against 2 ladies and beat them 2 games. They were Susan and Mary. Then we had to play 2 more ladies (they were better players). They were Jennifer and Martha. We beat them the first game, they beat us the second game and we almost beat them the third but....so we came in second place.
In the men's doubles Steve and Bob played together and Ken and John played together.
In the mixed doubles I played with Steve, Lynne played with a man named Pete, Bob played with Martha, John played with Jennifer (the best female player), Ken played with Mary. Bob and Martha won the mixed doubles but John and Jennifer came in second.
The only accident was that Lynne S. fell and when she did she bent her fingers back on her left hand. She says she's ok now but she did put ice on them and took some ibuprofin.
The meal was good....baked potatoes, different salads and lots of deserts. They even gave out prizes and Lynne and I got ribbons for 2nd place. Bob and Martha got medals for 1st place and John and Jennifer got ribbons for 2nd place. It was very nice the way they had everything done. Everyone got a little gift.
Maybe more of the group will go next year.
Hope to C U on D courts....Lynn

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pickleball @ Timmons Park Thursday 9-25-08

This was the first time that we have had 5 players show up at 8:30 AM and we lasted until 12:00 PM. We had to play on Thursday because the forecast is questionable for tomorrow. The five of us were Bob T., Lynne S., Steve, and Lynn and I. There was just enough swirling wind to make it interesting. We tried to recruit the tennis instructor to play but he had a student coming. We did demonstrate the game for him and explained the rules. He says he wants to try it one day.
We plan to play again tomorrow if the weather cooperates. We probably won't know until in the morning.
All 5 players that came today are planning to go to the pickleball tournament in Hendersonville this Sunday so we were able to make some last minute plans.
Hope we have better weather next week.
Please remember to keep a look out for potential picklers.
My name is Ken and I approve this message!!!
C U on D courts.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pickleball @ Timmons Park Tuesday 9-23-08

Today was Ken's and my first time to play on our newly painted pickleball courts as we have been in Florida. It was so nice to not have to chalk. Bob T. got there right after we did, about 8:30, and we started a game till others came. We had 10 for pickleball today......Bob T., Ron, Sharon, John, Steve, Ralph, Lynne S., Bob H., Ken and I. It was a nice morning but we did have some wind that presented a challenge. Bob T. was also back for the first time since he left on his 6 week vacation. It was good to have him back. We have also been gone for 2 weeks to Florida where we have been playing lots of pickleball. We enjoyed our time there with our Florida pickleball friends but it was nice to be back with our group here.
The ones of us that are planning to go to the pickleball tournament in Hendersonville on Sunday talked about our plans for carpooling and other details.
We are thinking about planning pickleball for both Thursday and Friday this week as the Friday forecast looks questionable. So hopefully that way everyone will get to play if the weather will cooperate.
Hope to C U on D Courts.....Lynn

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pickleball lines at McPherson Park

We stopped by McPherson Park today and saw that the pickleball lines had been painted.
When we got home we had a call from Bob T. that he's back in town and ready to play pickleball.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Pickleball @ Timmons Park Friday 9-19-08

We had our first official gathering at Timmons Park since the access road was reconstructed and the new Pickleball lines were painted on both courts. Very nice job. No more chalking the lines at Timmons. We couldn't park in out regular spots because several trucks and other equipment took up the spaces. Instead, we parked at the play area just before the Pickleball courts. Present: Lynne S., Ralph, Steve and Ron & Sharon. We used one court, and took turns with one player sitting out. Very nice day with an occasional breeze. We played for about 2-1/2 hours.
In addition to the joy of playing, we were very much entertained by six men who spent over two hours trying to cut down a tree near our usual parking lot. They finally got it to fall with the help of a front loader and we gave a cheer.
We had great time, and had no trouble seeing the new red lines. We understand from Kevin Stiens of the Greenville Park Department, that new Pickleball lines are being painted at McPherson Park as well.
Ron & Sharon

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lines painted at Timmons Park

Message from Greenville city parks department:

Due to the overcast conditions late last week the courts did not get complete. Hopefully everything will be done by Tuesday (9-16-08).
Let me know what you think when the courts are complete and I will definitely try to stop by soon.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Pickleball @ Cleveland Park Friday 9-12-08

Friday, Sept. 12th.
When we sent out the notice for Friday's pickleball gathering, the weather forecast was favorable for the day. But, the next day the forecast was changed to very marginal weather with about a 70% chance of rain most of the day. It was misting when we headed to Cleveland Park, but stopped before we arrived at the courts - all empty. There was some dampness on the courts, and the chalk lines needed some touching up. We took care of that in short order. Unfortunately, no one else showed up - probably due to the ominous forecast. So, we practiced for about an hour and developed a few kill shots that we can't wait to try out during competition!
On the way home, we detoured to Timmons Park and were able to access the tennis (P'ball) courts. We are very happy to announce that new red p'ball sidelines have been painted on both courts. We have emailed Kevin Stein of the City Park Department to see when the lines will be finished. We want to start playing at Timmons soon, but we don't want to arrive to play and see that we can't play because the line-painting is in progress. Will advise.
Here's hoping we have better luck with the weather forecasts.
Ron & Sharon

Pickleball @ Cleveland Park Monday 9-08-08

Monday, Sept 8th. Cleveland Park.
Present: Ron, Sharon & Lynne. The weather forecast for our usual playing day (Tuesday) showed threatening weather for that day - so we made an executive decision and advised everyone that we would play on Monday. At least 2 people didn't check their email until Monday afternoon, so they didn't show up. Lucky for us, Lynne Scoggins arrived. We played several matches of Canadian doubles each taking turns in the 'hole'. Played for 1-1/2 hours and finally ran out of steam. We had some good games and each got a good workout. As it turned out Tuesday would have been a fine day, but we had to rely on the weather forecasters.
Ron & Sharon

Friday, September 5, 2008

Pickleball @ Cleveland Park Friday 9-5-08

We had another good day of pickleball. It did start getting windy towards the last of our session but not too bad. And there were no tennis leagues out there today. It was a peaceful day.
There were 10 of us for pickleball......Ron, Sharon, John, Barb, Steve, Ralph, Lynne S., Bob H., Ken and I. We also had 4 visitors to come and watch. Bill and Jim stopped by and sat for a while in the shade and spectated. Then Fran and Margaret and her little dog also came to watch our game. Cleveland Park is so nice as there is a lot of shade especially where we put our chairs and one of our courts stays in the shade.
Well 5 of us have decided to give it a go for the pickleball tournament the last of this month. Lynne S., John, Steve, Ken and I are game. We're hoping that Bob T. might want to go too when he gets back. It sounds like it will be fun and offer some experience with a tournament.
Remember to keep your eyeballs peeled for any potential pickleball players out there and invite them to come give it a try.
Hope to C U on D Courts......Lynn......I keep losing but I'm having fun!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pickleball @ Cleveland Park Tuesday 9-2-08

Soon after Ken and I got to the courts this morning Barb came. We hadn't seen her in a couple of weeks and we were glad to have her back. It was a nice morning and we only had to do minimal chalking on the courts. There hasn't been much rain lately but it looks like things might change with the tropical storms and hurricanes that might come here. There were 10 of us for pickleball today.....Barb, Steve, Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Lynne S., Bob H., Anne, Ken and I.
We got some more information about the pickleball tournament. The tournament is on Sunday Sept. 28th from 1:00 pm till 6:00pm. We will be playing doubles only. We need to know ASAP the people who will be playing so we can tell the folks at Hendersonville. There is a $5.00 entrance fee to be paid on the day of the tournament. They will be having a potato bar buffet afterwards, and they are asking each person to bring some sort of salad or dessert that may go with a baked potato.
Ken and I rode by Timmons Park on the way home to check the progress there. Still looks like a lot of work to be done.
Ron and Sharon will be sending out the pickleball messages for the next 1 or 2 weeks.
Always keep a lookout for potential new pickleball players.
Hope to see everyone again later in the week for more pickleball.