Friday, October 31, 2008

Pickleball Friday 10-31-08

It was a beautiful day and we had 6 picklers show up for pickleball. Bob T., Ralph, John, Mike, Lynn and I. We started out in long pants and jackets but by the middle of the session we were down to shorts and T-shirts.
Bing, a friend of Mike's, came by to check out the game and he's planning to come and try it soon. Steve flies back today from Ohio and we hope he will be playing on Monday. We plan to play on Monday because the election is on Tuesday and we have to work it.
Maybe after these pesky leaves fall more of our players will come back.
C U on D courts.....Ken

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ron's Shoulder Surgery

This is a message from Sharon about Ron's surgery:

Hey, Ron did great. He went into OR at 7:30 AM and was out by 10:00 and back in his room by 11:00 AM. He was talking o his escort on the way down about canoeing!!
So that's it for now He'll be discharged Friday, most likely around noon. Sharon

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 10-28-08

It was a cold morning for pickleball, about 36 degrees, but we warmed up fast once we started playing. There were 8 of us there at 9:00, 9 total players today though. The players were Bob T., Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Mike, Jan, Anne, Ken and I. Anne didn't arrive till a little after 10:00. She has a bad leg and thought she would only play about an hour or so. It was Jan's first time today. She has a tennis background so she did well with the game. We welcomed Bob T. back as he has been in Florida for about 10 days. And today was the last time that Ron will get to play for about 6 weeks as he goes into surgery tomorrow for a shoulder replacement. Good luck Ron!!
We are hoping to play on Friday morning.
C U on D Courts.......Lynn

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pickleball Thursday 10-23-08

Well everybody's vacations finally caught up with us as there were only 3 of us that appeared for pickleball. Ralph, Ken & I were it. We played Canadian doubles for about an hour and a half and then called it a day.
Next week we will probably shift to the afternoons and plan around days that at least 4 people can commit to come. November should be a better month.
We've added 4 new people to the email list in the last 2 months for a total of 27.
Hope to C U on D Courts.....Lynn

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 10-21-08

We were happy to have 8 for pickleball today as so many of our players are out of town. It was a gorgeous day for it. The players were Ralph, Ron, Mike, John, Bob H., Anne, Ken and I. We were glad to have Ron and Anne back today. Both have been on vacations. Anne has been gone since about Sept. 15. Sharon didn't make it back as she is still under the weather from her and Ron's trip. Hope she'll be back next week along with Bob T. and Lynne.
Always looking for new picklers.
Hope to C U on D Courts.......Lynn

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pickleball Thursday 10-16-08

We didn't have too many pickleball players today but we had some great pickleball games. There were 6 of us for pickleball today......John, Steve, Ralph, Mike, Ken and I. Mike was finally able to come out to play with us again. He really broke in that brand new paddle that he's had for 2 months. When John and Mike played together today they really created a wall at the net to get over as they are both 6'-3" tall.
Today was Steve's last day for 2 weeks as he is going to Ohio tomorrow, but Ron and Sharon should be back this evening from their trip.
Hopefully the ones of us that are left can get together next week for more pickleball.
Always looking for new picklers.
C U on D Courts.......Lynn

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Nets at Timmons Park

We were playing tennis over at Timmons Park this morning and discovered that they had installed new nets on both courts.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 10-14-08

The day started off cool and ended up rather warm. We had 7 pickleball players today......Bob T., John, Steve, Ralph, Bob H., Ken and I. We sure are missing all of our players who are traveling. The best game that I had today was the last game where Steve and I played against Ken and Bob T. We beat them and it was a miracle. During that game Ken hit the ball into Steve's belly and the ball bounce off of the belly and back over the net (this doesn't mean Steve has a big belly). After arguing with Steve we decided it was a fault but we played the point over anyway. It was a fault and we posted the rule below.
We were able to keep playing continuously today as on one court we played canadian doubles and the other we played regular doubles.
Looking forward to Ron and Sharon's return but we are going to be missing Lynne, Bob T. and Steve. Oh well, maybe things will get back on track in November.
Always looking for potential picklers.
Hope to C U on D Courts.......Lynn......(see rule below)

A fault is any action that stops play or creates a violation of the rules. A fault will be declared for
the following:

7.F. The ball in play strikes a player or anything the player is wearing or carrying. There is one
exception to this rule: if the ball strikes the player’s paddle hand below the wrist, the ball is
still in play. If the ball strikes a player standing out of bounds, that player loses the rally. In
doubles, if the serve strikes the receiver’s partner, it is a point for the serving team,
providing it is not a let serve. This rule also includes balls that appear to be hit out of
bounds: during play, if you catch the ball or try to stop it from heading out of bounds, you
lose the rally.
USAPA Comment. If the player is in the process of changing hands with both hands on the
paddle, or is attempting a two-handed stroke and either hand is hit below the wrist, then
the ball is considered in play.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pickleball Sunday10-12-08

The morning really started out looking threatening. Heavy clouds and wind. There were 6 pickleball players that turned out........Bob T., John, Steve, Lynne, Ken and I. As the morning wore on the wind got worse but we kept playing. We played a lot of games and had a good time. Some of the games we played with tennis scoring so no one would have to sit out long.
Then we started playing 7 point games. At one time we even had some singles games going on on the other court. That was wearing us out though with the wind. Steve got to play even though it was his 24th wedding anniversary today.
We plan to play on Tuesday.
Always looking for potential picklers.
Hope to C U on D Courts.....Lynn

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pickleball at Timmons Park Friday 10-10-08

It was cloudy and cool this morning......perfect for pickleball. Ken and I got to the courts early and cleaned up the remaining water that was from Wednesday's rain. It wasn't too bad.
We had 8 for pickleball today......Bob T., Blake, John, Lynne (w/Bridget the dog), Ralph, Bob H., Ken and I. Blake was a new player today. He learned to play pickleball up in Washington. He is a good player. We had some good games and I tried to concentrate more on my game. I think I did a little better today.
Found out that Lynne will be leaving us next Tuesday and Bob T. is leaving us next Wednesday for 5 days. We're going to be needing some players. Fortunately Ron and Sharon will come home towards the end of next week but then Steve leaves for Ohio. We really better be looking for some new picklers. Seems that everyone has some traveling to do in October. Maybe we can get everyone back together again in November. I hope so!!!!
Well it seems that we have some takers for Sunday so guess we will play Sunday morning.
Hope to C U on D Courts.....Lynn

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pickleball @ Timmons Park Tuesday 10-7-08

We didn't expect the day to start out like it did. It was cloudy, cool, and the air was like it had a mist to it. We started playing and started warming up and shedding those jackets even though the air was cool. I think it stayed in the 60's the whole time we played. It turned out to be a perfect day for pickleball even with some wind.
There were 9 pickleball players today......Bob T., John, Steve, Ralph, Lynne S., Bob H., Joanie, Ken and I. Bob H. made it back today. He's been putting in lots of time on his flower gardens for the winter season. It was nice to have him back.
At the end of our pickleball session today we told Joanie goodbye as she is leaving on a 3 week trip to Italy. We also told her that she better come back as she is a good player. We will look forward to her return.
Had a call from Barb today. She has not be able to get up to Greenville to play with us because of the price of gas and the gas shortage. She informed me that she is leaving with her husband next week to go to NJ to visit her kids. She hopes to come back up to play with us in Nov.
We've been getting emails from Anne since she and Tom have been in Spain walking the Camino Trail. Sounds like they are really enjoying the scenery over there and the people.
It's suppose to start raining tomorrow afternoon and rain through Thursday. Hopefully we will be able to play on Friday and without too much cleanup on the courts.
Always looking for new picklers.
Hope to C U on D Courts.......Lynn

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pickleball @ Timmons Park Sunday 10-5-08

This was the first time that our pickleball group has played on the weekend. There were 9 players......Bob T., Steve, Ron, Sharon, Lynne S., Lee, Hugh, Ken and I. The morning started out cool but warmed up quickly. We were all shedding jackets not long after we started playing.

Ken and I got to the courts early this morning and marked off a pickleball court on one side of the tennis net to see if we could turn one tennis court into 2 pickleball courts when we need 3 courts. This way we could also go to 4 courts as we have 2 tennis courts. It looks like it will work pretty well. We took the chairs and strung a rope across where the net would be and then Ken, Bob and I tried playing on the court. The tennis net will catch the balls behind the players on one side of the pickleball court and the fence will catch the ones on the other side.

Ron and Sharon won't be around for a couple of weeks as they will be on vacation in Germany. We will miss them but hope they have a great trip. Of course our pickleball group will be a little smaller while they are gone.

Remember that we are always on the look out for prospective picklers.
Hope to play on Tuesday.
C U on D Courts.......Lynn

Friday, October 3, 2008

Pickleball @ Timmons Park Friday 10-3-08

We had a big group for pickleball today. Lynne S. brought her daughter and son-in-law and we had a new player to come and try pickleball. Peter also showed up after a long absence.
In all we had 12 players today......Bob T., Steve, Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Lynne S., daughter Lee, son-in-law Hugh, Peter, Joanie, Ken and I. At 8:30 this morning it was right chilly. First Bob T., Ken and I started playing canadian doubles until Steve and Ralph arrived.
Joan was a new player today. She picked up the game really well. She said that she really liked the game and we are looking forward to her coming back to play with us.
It was a beautiful fall day. After the sun came out bright it really warmed up but not too much.
We played until after 12:00 and then headed home for lunch.
Remember we're always in the market for potential picklers.
We plan to play on Sunday morning at 9:00
Hope to C U on D courts......Lynn

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Officiating in Pickleball

I thought this sounded interesting:
As soon as the ball comes over the net into your court, you become the referee. You are responsible for all officiating on your side of the net and your opponent has every right to believe you are rules-oriented and will make calls with integrity.