Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pickleball Tuesday 6-30-09

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Pickleball Tuesday 6-30-09

Ken, Blake, Mike and Hogan.......This was a tough game looking at Mike's face.

We thought that the grass cutters at the park today were going to make it tough on us to play. They were stirring up so much dirt and dust in the air. Ken and I had to keep moving our chairs and pickleball stuff around to stay out of it when we first got there. Finally they moved on and left us alone. There were 13 pickleball players again today........ Bob T., Mike, Ralph, John, Lynne S., Carol, Johnny, Joanie, Bob H., Blake, Hogan, Ken and I. Blake brought his friend Hogan and we worked them into the games. Blake hadn't come to pickleball in a while and it was Hogan's first time. Hogan and I played together his first game and he played really well. I think we have him and Blake hooked on pickleball now. We hope to play again on Friday. Looking forward to it...... Lynn
Blake & Ken

Hogan & Mike

Carol & John

Bob H. & Bob T.

Blake & Mike......Who's side of the court is this??

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pickleball Friday 6-26-09

Back row.....Mike & Johnny..... Front row.....Lynn, Ron, Sharon, Jan, Claude & Carol
At 12:00 this was the last of the pickleball group (Ken took the picture)

There were 13 pickleball players today that braved the heat.......Ralph, Jan, Johnny, Carol, Claude, Ron, Sharon, Bob H., Lynne S., Mike, Bob S., Ken & I. Only one tumble today and she ended up ok. Some people noticed that one of the first groups to play played 2 games in a row. They thought they snuck that one over on the rest of us. But we noticed!!
I got some good action shots today and tried my hand at making a collage of those so be sure to scroll on down and see it and the rest of the photos today. Hope to play on Tuesday next week. We'll be missing Ron and Sharon and Jan........Look forward to playing more pickleball next week. Lynn


Mike & Sharon

Jan & Mike

Ken & Ralph

Ron & Claude

Johnny, Claude, Mike & Lynne S.

Mike & Lynne S.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pickleball Tuesday 6-23-09

Lynne S. & Pete P. (playing Ralph & Sharon)

There were some pretty good pickleball games played this morning. Of course it was sunny and hot . We had 12 players.......Bob T., Pete P., Lynne S., Ralph, Joanie, Mike, Ron, Sharon, Jan, Bob H., Ken & I. Every now and then we had a little breeze that helped. Only one tumbler today and that was Ron taking his daily tumble. Fortunately he wasn't hurt. The highlight of the day was Pete P. winning his first game. He was playing with Lynne S. We're planning to play again on Friday. Hope Johnny and Carol will be back by then.
Hope to C U on D courts......Lynn

Ron & Sharon

Joanie & Ken (playing Mike & Bob H.)

Sharon & I (Lynn) (playing Lynne S. & Bob H.)

Bob H. & Mike (playing Joanie & Ken)

Ralph & Sharon (playing Lynne S. & Pete P.)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pickleball Thursday 6-18-09

Dan & Mike
Well we didn't get as many pickleball players as we had on Tuesday but we had a good group of 12! The players were Bob T., Ralph, Joanie, Mike, Dan, Ron, Sharon, Pete P., Anne, Jan, Ken and I. Once again, the courts were a mess after the thunder storms yesterday so Bob T., Ralph, Ken and I were out there this morning with our squeegees and push brooms getting rid of the puddles. We had a tumble on the court today but fortunately the net saved him and the tumbler didn't get hurt too bad. No blood was seen. We had some very challenging games....especially for Mike! It's a good thing we played today as the forecast for tomorrow is a high of 97 with the heat index value of 100. So it was a little cooler today. We missed all the players that were not there today. I hope Carol and Johnny had a safe trip to Texas. We sure missed them today. Hope to get in some good pickleball again next week. Lynn
P.S. See more photos below of today's pickleball session
Bob T., Ralph & Ken working on the puddles after last night's rain
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Mike "Spider Man" of pickleball
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Bob T. & Ken
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Way to Go Ron!!!
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Anne & Sharon
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Ron & Ralph
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Pete P. & Joanie on the move
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pickleball Tuesday 6-16-09

Sharon, Mike, John & Johnny
WOW!!! We set a record today. We had 16 pickleball players for the first time. That's the most we've ever had! The morning started out cloudy but nice. 3 of us got to the courts early and cleaned up after the rain that we had yesterday. Then a 4th showed up and so the 4 of us got in 2 games before the rest of the group arrived. The pickleball players today were Bob T., Fernando, Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Claude, John, Carol, Johnny, Mike, Pete P., Jan, Joanie, Anne, Ken & I. I took lots of pictures today and after having my camera for 5 months I have finally figured out how to not lose part of my pictures in the transfer from the camera to the computer. It was nice to have Ralph back today after being out with his NON-pickleball injury. And Fernando came for his second time since last August. He really plays the game well with his tennis background. Pete P. came back after his first time last week. Also Claude hasn't played in a while so it was nice to see him back on the courts with us again. I hope everyone had as good a time as I did today. Hope to play Thursday again. Lynn
P.S. See more photos below of today's pickleball session.
Jan, Joanie, Ken, Ralph & Carol sitting out.
That part of our courts is in the shade!!!
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Paddles waiting to play
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Lynn & Bob T.
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Carol & Johnny
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Mike & Sharon
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