Monday, April 30, 2012

Arbor Day P'ball - Friday, April 27, 2012

There were some big plans for this Arbor Day p'balls session POST, but the staff got sluggish, then lazy and finally ran out of time - so this blog entry will be a much shortened version of what was originally intended to to be several pages of mindless drivel.

Friday was bright and warm; perfect weather for p'ball and the large turnout of 18 players. Here goes: Jan, Bob T, Mike, Gary, Gary A, Lynne, Hank, Craig, Sue, Gene, Carol, Johnny, Steve, Ray, 2-session-veteran Julie, newbie Judy and Sharon and Ron. That should be approximately 18?

Several salty UPGers worked with the newer players on one or two courts while the other hard-hitters beat up each other (and, themselves) on two of the the other 3 courts. As usual there were many exceptional matches including the one shown below where Gary A and Steve (foreground L-R) face off against Bob T and Mike (L-R). 

Below CW from Top L: Sharon (Cupcake to her friends), Lynne (Ace) and Gene (Pop).

Hot of the press: Gary A (Collector of Revenue, Ball Buyer and general all-around handy-man) reports that we UPGers are now the proud owners of 60 brand-new, yellow P'balls which will complement our currently-in-use, scuffed and somewhat abused 40 or so balls of many colors. So, we are back in business. See you on the courts.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tuesday P,ball - April 24, 2012 - Official Report

Corrections (now repaired) on the April 20th BLOG brought to the attention of the UPG Publishing Division by Cupcake herself. Spelled Craig incorrectly once and correctly once (It's CRAIG). Fixed the misspelled one. Spelled whaling wrong. Feel better now. How about you?

We had a cool, bright day with some moderate wind. Thirteen players dropped by as follows: Regulars - John, Gary A, Steve, Mike, Gene, Joe, Ray, Bob T and yon editor. Newer players - Bill S and Mike M (formerly Mikey2 - now on the injured list) . Two new players joined us for the first time. They are Barbara L and Dan L shown below being briefed by John the SpinDoctor.

For the most part the newer players occupied Court 1. They played among themselves or played with more experienced players to hone their skills, to learn the fine art of serving and other elements of the game. We have gained quite a collection of new players at various skill levels. UPGers are working with the players. It won't take long for some of the players to perk up their game. Players should know that they are not committed only to our regular scheduled sessions. There are three courts in Greenville with P'ball lines. If any folks want to form their own practice groups, or if they want to play on different days and times - you are encouraged to do so. All you need is a bag of balls and a tie down.

In the mean time Courts 2 & 3 were occupied by the more skilled players and a bunch of exceptional matches went into the record books.

We are used to aircraft flying over on their final approach to the Downtown Airport, but today was special. A military aircraft (believed to be an A-6 by the Editorial Squad) flew over. We could hear it long before we saw it. We even took time out from the match to watch as it flew directly overhead. It lined up on the runway, settled down, then lifted and sped away with another blast of noise. A touch-and-go without the touch. Exciting, yes?

See you on Friday.
Cold rolled, heat tempered, coated.

Friday, April 20, 2012

FriBall - April 20, 2012

We had a good turnout today including five folks who were present at the P'Ball Expo (see BLOG dated April 16, 2012). They were Amy J, Carol F, Pat C, Andrea H and Julie. They came to watch - but two, Andrea and Julie got into some instructional action on Court 1. Some of these guests will be taking a Furman University OLLI course this June - presented by Johnny and Carol. That's Carol below: she looks a little spastic - but, fear not students - she is actually trying to get a ball out of her pocket and hammed it up a little for the UPG chief photographer who happened by.
Thirteen UPGers were present: Gary A, Gary, Mike, Hank, Steve, Johnny, Carol, Craig, Sue, John, Joe, Sharon and Ron. The troops kept at it for about 2-1/2 hours and many excellent matches were racked up. The newer players (no longer newbies [lucky devils]) have all improved, some in leaps and bounds. All are pretty much armed with new paddles and UPG verve.
Below. From L-R: Top - Johnny, Sharon; Bottom - Joe, Mike/Carol,

Below. From L-R: Top - Hank/John, Steve; Bottom - Craig/Gary, Gary A

So, another UPG session is in the books. Everyone left the courts under their own power and in fairly good spirits. That's what we strive for, although it is not essential that players do both. Yuk, yuk. Having fun in the sun, whaling away at the ball, letting go with some well aimed barbs and engaging in a few games of 'guts p'ball' is what it's all about. Any questions?


P'ball. Brief report - Tuesday April 17, 2012

Sorry, no spicy report for this session. Just the facts this time.

Players: Mike, Gene, Gary A, Kaye A, Joe, Ray, Peter, Bob H, Ralph, Hank, Mike M
and Steve.

Briefly reported by Mr. Stevie Wonder.

Rusty Headed

P'ball Expo - The Pavilion - Mon. Apri; 16, 2012

The Greenville Senior Games Pickleball Expo was held Monday, April 16, 2012, from 6:00 to 7:30PM. A brief introduction to pickleball was given by Gary A, followed by a demonstration of the rules by our players on one court. UPG members including Mike, Steve, Joanie, Lynne then played a vigorous demo game for the crowd of about 30 seniors who were mainly participants in the Senior Games and who oohed and aahed loudly at various points during the game. A less vigorous but still challenging game was held simultaneously on court 2 with Gary A, Johnny, Pete, and Gene (AKA Pop).
For the next hour, a mini-clinic was held with about 20 of the audience trying to hit balls, and in a few instances actually playing games. Joni Dilworth, the Greenville County Recreation District Director of the Senior Games, did a splendid job providing the courts, the portable nets, paddles, and balls for the event which was played on the in-line skating rink at the Pavilion in Greer. And the members of the UPG that participated showed themselves to be excellent teachers of and ambassadors for the game of pickleball. All in all, a great time was had by all.

Gary A

Upstate P'ball Editorial Division

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday the 13th. April 13, 2012 - P'ball Session

As reported by Steve:

We had 15 players and 3 courts going at one time, and some players practicing on a 4th court. We had plenty of A games and a mixture of both going. It was a beautiful afternoon for playing, sunny and 70. Here's the list of names: Mike, Gary A, Gary H, Bob T, Lynne, Joanie, Ray, Gene, Joe, Johnny, Carol, Ralph, Peter, Hank and me. And believe it or not, I didn't forget any names. We kept at it for about 3 hours and there are no injuries to report. That's it for now. See you when you get back.
Welcome back Bob T.
Roving reporter
Manchester, CT

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday P'ball. April 10, 2012

Warm with squirrely winds. That fine weather brought out 13 players - all men. A rare event for UPG sessions. Players: Gene, Mike, Steve, Gary A, Gary, Ralph, John, Johnny, Joe, Ray, Hank, Peter and Ron. We kept 3 courts busy for about 2-1/2 hours. Logged more than a few exceptional matches and several very long rallies. Everyone managed to stay upright - which is one of our goals. The other is - if you manage to execute some sort of an unintentional dive while trying for a return - that you finish the shot, preferably winning the point. Then, have your wounds dressed.

Below L-R: Joe sporting his brand new paddle and Johnny.
Below: Ralph letting one fly.

Above: Pop on serve.

Experienced players: Check with Gary A. He is looking for volunteers for a Pickleball Exhibition on Monday, April 16th. Greenville Rec. Dept. Pavilion @ 6:00PM.

Short and sweet BLOG report. See you on the courts.

Friday, April 6, 2012

good Friday - for two, that is - April 6, 2012

That's Spike in the red; Gary is the guy in the grey and black. Both wondering where everyone else is? Very cold, (notice the gloves), blustery, and damp courts greeted us at 9:30 AM sharp. Johnny arrived a little later. He walked from the parking lot without his paddle and he left the door open on the car. That told us right off that he didn't come to play. He (and we are guessing that Carol was cozy in the car) came to briefly conduct Pickleball business. Will report later. Johnny took the photo above to confirm our presence.

We played one match of singles while we anxiously awaited other players. The courts were in the process of self-drying helped a lot by the wind. It also added some spice to our match.

Nothing else to report.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Grade A or Gray Day? Tuesday, April 3, 2012 - P'ball

UPG: Now on summer hours: Sessions begin at 9:30AM.

Gray or Grey? Look it up. Whatever you settle for - the day was overcast with just a slight breeze. Perfect for P'ball. Fifteen players were in action and in fine form. Though, two will be dressing their wounds before the day is out*. Players: Mike, Steve, Gary A, Gene, Johnny, Carol, Ray, Joanie, Craig, Sam, Joe, Bob H, Peter, Sharon and Ron. Sue was also on hand - but out of commission while recovering from surgery. But, she kept busy shagging balls - so we let her stay!
We tried, and mostly succeeded in maintaining two levels of play. When they weren't beating each other up, experienced players worked with our newer players on courts reserved for that purpose. Some rookies already show considerable improvement both in the mechanics of the game and the rules of play.
Mug shots
Joe and Craig both took tumbles. From the judges' reactions - it would appear that Craig got the highest score (always thoughtfully unpublished by the UPG) - but, perhaps a 9.0. The higher than usual score for the Full Frontal Digger (FFD) most likely came about due to the graceful 360 degree roll Craig executed after hitting the court. J and C both dusted themselves off and carried on for several more matches. The courts were unharmed, except for a small divot near the base line.
Above from top L clockwise: Spidy dealing, Carol/Joe, Johnny, Stevie Wonder. 

Highlight: Gary A and Ron (one of the UPG Mutt and Jeff teams or muttonjeff) broke a sorry record when playing against the dynamic duo of Stevie Wonder and Spidy (Steve and Mike). Up to today G and R have averaged .25 points per game (PPG) against the duo in the previous 4 matches. The teams faced off again today. In a losing effort, G and R pounded home 7 points against S and M - thus, (trying not to brag here, but can't help it) our PPG surged to - get ready: 1.6! Please hold your applause.

Another fun day of Upstate P'ball.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Friday - March 30, 2012

Above: Carol (Lash) and Sharon (Cupcake) soaking up the only shade within strolling distance.

Well, we had a beautiful SC day and a large turnout of 17 as follows: Carol, Johnny, Peter, Gene, Gary, Gary A, Mike, Steve, Anne, Anne R, Jan, Sam, Hank, Joe, Ralph, Sharon and yon editor-in-chief. Two courts were designated for the 'saltier' players and 2 for the newer recruits. Veteran players worked with the newer players on the designated courts and some are coming around nicely and have moved into more challenging matches.

Hank, who has a new paddle, played 3 matches with the Green Monster (the backboard) and ended up winning 2 of 3. Joe and Sam have also ordered new paddles - perhaps others have as well. So, things are looking up.

The challenge is - to try to keep folks playing in competitive matches.  Some newer players catch on very quickly and can readily move into matches with stiffer competition. Other folks will take longer and some my not be able to advance beyond the beginner stage. No one should play - or, try to play beyond their capabilities. We want everyone to enjoy the sessions, but want no one to get hurt in the process.

Below: From top left clockwise: Steve (Stevie Wonder); Lash and Gary; Anne (Pit Bull or Duchess); Ralph.

Below: From top left clockwise: Johnny (Hoot) and Hank (with new Champion paddle); Gary (No Nick Name) and Carol; Steve and Jan; Ralph and Mike (Spidy).
Beginning Tuesday, April 3, 2012 we will start our sessions at 9:30AM (or, 0900 hours for you military types. Players can come whenever they please; no need to be there necessarily at 9 sharp, but it's a good idea to arrive before our normal quitting time - usually 2-1/2 to 3 hours after we begin. That's if players are still alive and kicking by then.

See you on the courts.
Ron (Spike)