Friday, July 30, 2010

UPG - Another scorcher - July 30, 2010

Twelve UPGers showed up on this hot day, and they (we) played like there was no tomorrow. Chew on that for a while, Claude! In attendance: Jan, Johnny, Dave H, Catherine, Claude, Peter, Ralph, Mike, Anne, Muriel, Sharon & Ron. Spidy is featured as today's poster boy in recognition of his hard-butt mode of playing. He and a team-mate came back from an 8-2 deficit to win the game 14-12; during the match he executed either a somersault or a one-handed cartwheel (neither very well done) and ended up on his back where he stayed for a few minutes gathering himself. At the end of the session he took on two seasoned players in two Canadian doubles matches and won both handily. Good show Spidy.Catherine and David were back on the scene after a short hiatus. But, they soon got into the swing of things - pardon the pun. Catherine also took some of the photos you see here. Tnx. Otherwise, we played through the heat, welcomed the occasional, but short-lived breezes and even managed a few good natured pot shots in the process of having another grand old time on the courts.
Have a good weekend. Rest up and be ready to play again next week.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 Hs Pickleball - July 27, 2010

Anne (Pit Bull) gets the 'cover girl' glory for this "3 Hs" day: HOT, HUMID AND HARDCORE. She brightened up the day with her spiffy duds and played fiercely, as well. But, before we got started we had to clear the courts of puddles from the Monday PM T-storms. Spidy and Joanie are at it below. Pete also pitched in as did John (The Spinmaster). We ended up with 9 players: Anne, Joanie, Mike, John, Johnny, Pete, Claude, Jan and this blabber.
Anne, bright and shiny as a new penny, demonstrates her P'ball prowess below right.
Below: Claude retrieves a ball deep and low; Joanie is at the ready.
We didn't always have a full complement of players, due to stragglers arriving at various times and weather-depleted folks leaving. So, we made do. We played doubles, a singles match and 2 Canadian Doubles matches. During one hotly contested doubles match, someone placed a nasty drop shot well out of Jan's reach. She referred to him as a 'dog'. We (the Editorial Staff) don't know if she was complimenting her opponent by referring to the cunning ways of - say, an English Springer Spaniel, or if the term was derogatory in nature and referred to the sly tactics of a man-eating Basenji. The tone of Jan's voice seems to suggest the latter, not the former. But, you will have to make the final judgement.
We will be on the courts later this week - probably Friday. Check your E-mail.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Smelteresque P'ball - No softies allowed - 7/23/10

Our Cover-girl this week is Prema, the Granddaughter of hard-core player Joanie. Prema won the honor hands-down. Unlike other folks who have been so blessed - she didn't have to pay for the privilege!

Eleven P'ballers abandoned their temperature-controlled perches and played under conditions that would keep normal folks indoors, in their lounge chairs chugging iced tea, or better yet - adult beverages, while eyeing the Weather Channel. But, we played for 2-1/2 hours, until we were thoroughly cooked. By that time the shady spot at the northeast corner of the court had finally disappeared. We had some excellent matches. At least two paddles were unintentionally propelled due to sweaty palms. No injuries were recorded.

Above: Lynne was on her game today. She was working so hard and covering so much of the court that her partners pretty much stood around in case she needed a breather.
Below: Gary is sporting a colorful RAGBRAI shirt. Someone claimed it was a distraction while another player said he (Gary) looked like a rainbow. The UPG Nickname Operations Production Entrepreneurs, after much discussion and 3 votes, decided not the saddle Gary with the nickname Rainbow as suggested by a player who asked not to be identified.
Below: Clockwise from top left. The 2nd documented case of a ball embedded in the fence; this one so mangled that it probably will be used for only another week or so. Continuing clockwise: Hoot pounding one, Jan relaxing after an unreturned serve & Cupcake serving.
We'll be at it again next week. See you then.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

UPG - International in scope - July 20, 2010

We had a pile of players (12) on this warmish day including Claude Le Plume De Ma Tante, who showed up almost a month late. He has been working on his English, but apparently is still struggling with common phrases such as Pickleball. Notice how he spelled it on his shirt! Also present and sometimes accounted for: Mike, Carol, Johnny, Bob H, Pete, Gary, Steve, Jan, Joanie, Sharon & Yon Editor.
Above: Buckeye, Cupcake and their shadows. Other happenings: Spidy (while spectating) was scolded by Jan for yapping (yakking, if you prefer) at her during a crucial part of a match where Jan lost the point. Cupcake hurled strong words at Stevie Wonder for a poaching infraction. Oh: Carol's & Johnny's daughter Saxon and her two children Dexter and Riley were on the scene. We are always glad to have company, and it was especially nice, because the two youngsters shagged balls all morning. Thanks. Above: Jan is about to serve, or is going to hit a return. Your choice.
Below: Gary: getting low.
Below: Jan poaches one from Stevie Wonder as Spidy uses body English to help the ball elude her reach.
Below: Carol is ready for whatever is thrown at her.
We had another swell day on the courts and look forward to the next match which, if the weather cooperates, will be on Friday July 23. Check your E-mail.
PS: For Spidy's eyes only. Yon Editor spell-checked this Post 4 times, asked Sharon about one spelling, and looked up 3 words in Webster's Collegiate Dictionary Tenth Edition, copy write date: 1997, ISBN # 0-87779-708-0: Yapping, yakking and elude. I believe these words and all others in the text above, and herein, are correctly spelled. For the most part - no words have been left out except those the Editor intentionally left out. Should you (Spidy) find any misspelled words, or flagrant grammatical errors, please advise by Certified, Return-Request, Air Mail or via an Insured, Bonded Courier. A $50 (US Dollars, only), non-refundable, cash, security deposit must accompany the Official Notification. Upon receipt, the UPG Editorial Staff will evaluate the claimed errors and, if found to be valid, will take immediate action to correct the problem and will strike the Editor about the head and shoulders with a blunt instrument. Ed.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Equatorial P'ball - July 16, 2010

No pictures today. Too busy playing P'ball, taking in fluids and pounding down brownies. Eleven players showed up and played like it was 60 degrees even though is was more like 90 and without a breath of a breeze. On the scene: Bob H, Mike, Jan, Johnny, Pete, Carol, Ralph, Steve, Gary, Muriel and Ron.

An old friend used to describe hot days as being "extremely Equatorial" - that is the reason for the phrase in the title. Don't bother looking it up. Ponder it. Absorb it. Use it, and call it your own.

We had a lot of fiery matches as we always do. Paddles flew a few times (wet hands - but, thanks for the thought). The treat of the day - and perhaps the last 6 months - a serious batch of brownies, with nuts (otherwise they wouldn't be real brownies) and lightly powdered with confectionery sugar. Thanks to Buckeye for delivering the brownies, properly served on a little table with dainty napkins for those who don't use their sleeves. Thanks to Mrs. Buckeye for doing the baking duties.

Check your email in the next few days. I'll be sending out info and updates about events in Keowee Keys and Lake Lure. Lots of stuff going on. Do these 2 things if you don't do anything else worth while. READ YOUR UPG E-MAIL AND CHECK THE BLOG - THIS BLOG!!!

See you next week.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pickleball - Session - July 13, 2010

We had 11 players today and at least that many hot games. Present, and playing their hearts out: Johnny, John, Mike Joanie, Jan, Bob H, Pete, Anne, Lynne, Sharon & Ron. Barbara from Anne's aerobics class came by and tried her hand at P'ball. It was a little cooler today - about 90 degrees when we quit after 2-1/2 hours at 11:30. As always, we had many fine matches and some exceptional match ups. Loads of fun; exercise, too. Above: Pete easily earns 'cover-boy' status for his hard hitting hustle-plays and his cat-like net play. Good shew (as Ed Sullivan would say - if he was still around, that is.)
Above: Buckeye is in the 'relaxed/casual' mode as he awaits a return from Cupcake's serve.
Other items of great significance and import: You have all heard, from Smoke, about the Lake Lure crowd's upcoming Pickleball Games of Hickory Nut Gorge. Beginning on Thursday, August 26. Stayed tuned for more details. We also heard from Dick W of the Keowee Keys Pickleball Group (and a comment has been attached to the BLOG), that the KKPG has 60 residents who have signed up to learn to play P'ball. The 'crew' hopes to have two tennis courts lined for Pickleball soon.
Plan on a P'ball session on Friday (and, perhaps some yummies). Hear that Buckeye???

Sunday, July 11, 2010

UPG - 7/9/2010 - Continued

The reason this information couldn't be included in the 1st 7/9/10 BLOG, is because we were awaiting the results of scientific tests. The Top Secret documents arrived early this morning via a bonded courier. The test results came from two world renown, independent labs (The CIA out of DC and the Upstate Pickleball Group's Forensic Investigative Bureau (FIB) of Greenville, SC . And, here is the astonishing news:
DNA testing has proven beyond any doubt that Spidy & Spike are NOT identical twins, nor are they brothers at all - not even blood brothers. This, in spite of the fact that they share striking similarities as clearly indicated in the un-retouched photo above. For the record, Spidy is the one without the bandana.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sweltering Friday - UPG - July 9, 2010

Teenager, Muriel gets the Number 1 billing on this First of its kind - 2 episode P'ball report. There was much competition for this coveted spot, but Muriel took the prize by a nose.

We had 15 players who laughed at the hot weather (94 degrees when we quit at noon). Mike, Lynne, Joanie, Johnny, Ray, Bob H*, Jan, Sharon, Steve, Anne, Ralph, Gary, Muriel, Ron & Brook, (first time P'baller, friend of Jan's - all the way from San Diego). Brook played many games and, being a tennis player, got the hang of the game right away. * It's not our habit to comment on players who show up 'late', but Bob H (Buckeye) was about a half hour late for the start of the session. The reason he was tardy - is because he attended LeBron James' goodbye bash in Cleveland the night before our match as he (LeBron, not Buckeye) headed for Miami. The UPG Editorial Team (UPGET) is trying to secure a photograph confirming Bob's report, especially because he claims to have had quite a spirited conversation w/ LeBron and even went so far as to try to talk the superstar into not leaving Cleveland. On the same subject: Big Cavs fan Stevie Wonder reportedly cut up his LeBron T-shirt and will use the remains for oil rags.

We had many battles on the steamy courts. It took some cajoling to keep everyone playing, instead of plunking down in the only shady spot on the court that kept getting smaller as the morning wore on. Above. Bottom right. Gary earns the best dressed award formerly held by someone else.
Below: Bottom right. Stevie Wonder executes one of his most blatant poaches. Does anyone care to guess were the returned ball was directed - and, did Stevo get it? We don't think so, Clyde.

Above, bottom left. Brook & Ron, thanks to Lynne for taking the photo.
Oh, almost forgot. At the end of the session when most folks were on their way home, or should have been, Mr. Wonder challenged yon Editor to a full-court singles match. Steve won the match 11-8. Good show. This loss will be avenged. Stay tuned.
As noted above this report will be continued tomorrow. Be sure to tune in because there will be several more exciting photographs and - far more important - a National Inquirer-like expose that you'll not want to miss.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another steamy day - UPG - July 6, 2010

We (Spike & Cupcake) are back in town - but, no one took mercy on us because we suffered a few crushing defeats. Hot today, but that didn't stop a baker's dozen from showing up - and they came out swinging. Players: Mike, Johnny, Jan, Joanie, John, Steve, Bob H, Ray, Sharon, Gary, Lynne, Ralph & yon editor. One match went to 14-12, several were tight and there were a few blowouts as well. But, fun we had and that's what it is all about - plus the exercise, of course and don't forget the camaraderie and the good-natured bantering and stuff like that.
Looks like we'll be playing on Friday, July 9th - but, check your E-mail to confirm. The UPG Camera Team and Associates, LLC, advises that they (it) will be on hand for our next p'ball session to take more stunning photographs - the kind of photos that the UPG players have come to expect. And, they (you) shan't be disappointed!

See you on Friday

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pickleball happenings - July 2, 2010

Stevo allowed as how Friday was a little cooler and there was a slight breeze and those elements made for a nice day for P'ball. Eleven players showed up: Mike, John, Johnny, Gary, Muriel, Jan, Joanie, Ralph, Bob H, Pete and Steve.

The paddle that was inadvertently left at the courts has been retrieved by its owner. However, Mr. Wonder, failed to divulge the name of the party who left it behind and whether or not a ransom amount has been levied. The Upstate Pickleball Group Investigative Team (TUPGIT) will look into this matter and will report accordingly.

In the mean time, have an enjoyable 4th, drive safely, and check your email for the next match. And don't forget to thank Steve and Lynn for keeping the schedule going while we were gallivanting around the Good Old US of A. Brush up on your game, 'cause we are back in town and are pining to get back in the swing of things - so to speak.

Spike & Cupcake
Greenville, SC
July 3, 2010