Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday P'ball and Annual Picnic - May 22, 2012

Beautiful Pickleball day. Another good crowd of players were on hand to romp around the courts and socialize at will. There were 20 players - more or less. This the list that the UPG Publications Conglomerate, Inc. came up with: Bob T, Bob H, Lynne, Anne, Sharon, Jan, Mike, Steve, Gary A, Gary, Walt, Bill S, Sandy F, Ray, Ralph, Johnny, Claude, John, Gene and Ron. The matches were fast and furious and we kept at it for almost 3 hours with the crowd dwindling as the time went flying by. Our new players are coming along just fine and most now mingle in matches with more experienced players. They all have their own paddles. Gary A has been hounding them, with considerable success, for a contribution toward our ball fund. - Ray had to quit early today with a bum foot. Unlike some of us, he has the good sense to stop playing when his body tells him to. - Where is Joe M you ask? He kind of disappeared a few weeks ago. The UPG Player Representative liaison consulted w/ Joe. During his last p'ball session he somehow stubbed his toes and managed to fracture two of them in the process. So, he'll be out of commission for a while. - Gene is heading to the Granite State for the next few months so we'll have to find someone else to pick on in his absence. Any ideas?
Below: Jan on the move.
Below: Bob T and Johnny both going for the ball. Who got it?
Below: From Top Left clockwise: Ralph, Bill S/Sandy F, part of the City of Greenville fleet, Lynne and Gene.
Before we broke up at about Noon, the entire parking lot was occupied by virtually every heavy truck owned by the City and mostly men in orange safety vests were milling around - some watching our matches, others had a beefy, pick-up basketball game in full swing and two men started a tennis match on court 5. Apparently the workers and family members (or, office staff) were having some sort of outing.

They seemed to be having a good time and probably well deserved. Good for them. We had a good time too. So, we are even.


Monday, May 21, 2012

May 18, 2012 - Friday P'ball report

Yon editor was roaming in the NC mountains, so Gary A was kind enough to provide the names of Friday's 16 players: Diana L (a new player; welcome to the UPG), Ray, Hank, Ralph, Johnny, Carol, Claude, Peter, Gene, Sandy F, Walt, Bob T, Mike, Jan, Steve and Gary A.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TuesdayBall - May 15, 2012

This photo is the first attempt at a grope group picture since the last one taken on October 12, 2010. The players very kindly stopped their matches and lined up as requested. It would appear, after a close examination that - tempting as it may have been - no one put up 'rabbit ears' behind anyone's head. The photo will liven up a bit if you click to enlarge it. We had 21 players on four courts and things went smoothly. Don and Hank, our most exuberant new players, both made running/lunging attempts at out-of-reach balls, but thankfully they did not take any divots out of themselves or the courts.
Players: (All included in the group photo above): Gary A, Bob H, Mike, Jan, Karen, Lynne, Sharon,  Bill S, Don, Sandy F, Dan L, Barbara L, Bob T, Johnny, Carol, Gene, Hank, Peter, Ray, Steve and Ron.
Goodies: Bob H brought a nice batch of brownies lovingly prepared by his darling wife Geri. As always, Hoppy brought a little table for the brownies, napkins and baggies so players could bring some of the treats home. The goodies were NOT extorted from Bob for leaving a folding chair on the court last week. The chair was absolutely NOT held for ransom as some people hurtfully implied. In the past, items left behind have been held for a FINDERS FEE, but in no way would that be considered a bribe.

Pickleball: Nothing unusual here. Many fine doubles matches and a good mix of players. Near the end of the session about 6 singles matches were also held. As everyone knows, there is a lot more running around in singles matches than in doubles. Here, you have to work on ball placement and strategy. Everyone should try playing singles - you may take a beating if you are out played, but you'll improve your skills if you don't wear yourself out first.

Also: We were paid a visit by two Greenville Rec staffers. As already mentioned, we had a full house so they got to see our group in full force.

See you on the courts.
Hammered Head (Not hammerhead!)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friday P'ball - May 11, 2012

A bright day, gusty winds and 21 P'ballers added up to an exceptional day at Gower. We occupied all five courts and kept at least one of them smoking for almost 3 hours. Players: Bob T, Claude, Steve, Mike, Karen, Johnny, Carol, John, Gene, Lynne, Anne, Sandy F, Don, Sharon, Hank, Bill S, Ray, Joanie, Barbara L, Dan L and Ron. The wind caused some wayward serves, but most players figured it out and compensated accordingly.
Below: Reflecting. Self portrait in Lynne's shades.
                                                                Below: Kibitzing.

                               Below: Returns. From Top Left Clockwise: John, Johnny, Don, Bill S.
Below: From Top Left CW: Bob T, Sharon, Karen, Barbara L
Below: Anne. aka - Pit Bull or Duchess - your choice!
Not too much to report. The pictures say it all (each picture is worth a thousand words. Remember?). We had loads of players, lots of matches, good weather. Any questions?

Hand Extruded 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rain Date. Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The courts were wet when players started to arrive at about 9:15. So, we went to work with a push broom and quickly made two courts serviceable and started playing. Eventually we had 12 players: Gary A, Steve, Sandy F, Ray, Hank, Don, Bob H, Claude, Peter, Lynne, Gene and the Birthday boy Ron. John F was also on hand, but he had a note from his Doctor so he was allowed to sit out. After about an hour it started to sprinkle, then drizzle, then rain in all its glory. It was about that time that Peter arrived. Most people would have made a subtle u-turn in the parking lot and headed home - the rest of us wet dogs - none the wiser. But, Peter joined us when we were enduring a genuine rain. Long lost (but never forever) Claude returned from his annual Beaufort, Sc hiatus and got into the swing of things as seen below R with Steve.
Below L-R, Top - bottom, intermediate. Counterclockwise and in between: Gary A
The hard-nosed group continued playing for about 1/2 hour after the rain started in earnest. We finally called it quits when the balls quit bouncing due to the puddles that covered the courts. No softies here.
Below: Spike. Where'd everyone go?
Gower is where it's happening.
Be there or be square.
The Birthday boy. Harry Truman, too.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quatro de Mayo - 5/4/12 - Friday P'ball

Another sparkling day at Gower. Favorable weather and wind and a big crowd of players including two new to our ranks: Sue P and Gail pictured somewhere below. We had 19 players unless you can prove otherwise. Count them: Mike, Steve, Gary A, Gene, Lynne, Anne, Sue, Bill S, Bob T, Walter, Don, Hank, Ray, Sue P, Gail, Dan L, John F, Sandy F and Ron.
Welcome to our new players Sue P and Gail. Congratulations to Bill S. for his very exciting court slide. About 10 feet - on his back. A maneuver that should not be attempted, unless you are wearing protective gear - and, never by mature adults. But, if there is a good crowd...?
Newsy stuff. Gary A has taken over the weekly notifications - a chore that Steve has been doing for about a year. Thanks from all to Steve - aka, Stevie Wonder.
Above: L. Ace and Spidy; Top R: Steve: Gary A

Below: Sue at the ready.

Below. Top R: Dan L. Bot L: Gail/Sandy. Bot R: Sue P

This report should have been posted in the May Day Blog.
On May 1, Bob H (Buckeye to his friends and enemies) started a match. What follows are his words as extracted from an email he sent to Sharon explaining why he would have forgotten a chair that was inadvertently left under a tree at Gower when the players cleared out on Tuesday: "The cause of this was due to the last game I played in which my partner and I scored an 11-0 shutout. My partner was some guy named Ron. I served all 11 points. This Ron dude never got a chance to serve. He just had to stand there and watch the show develop. In fact as the game was nearing the end I asked Ron that if he wanted to he could go sit in my chair and rest till the game was over."
Below is an excerpt from the 5/14/2010 Blog report.
...Most importantly: Carol started a match @ "zero, zero only" and never gave up the serve winning the match almost single-handedly 11 - 0. I (Yon Editor, Ron) was lucky enough to be her partner and barely had to move during the shellacking of whoever the opponents were.

See u @ P'ball.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day - not mayday. Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It seemed like a 'mayday' might have been called for by the way folks were invading the courts. Twenty five players to be exact. But, for the most part pandemonium was averted and order prevailed. Some folks were on the courts for 3-1/2 hours still slamming away. These new players joined us today: Eddy S (Carol's brother), Walt J,  John and Sandy F and Don D. They have all played p'ball or other paddle sports and did well during their first session with the UPG brawlers at Gower Pickleball Stadium. Welcome to Uptate Pickleball. Notice about all photos posted in this Blog. They can be enlarged somewhat by left double-clicking on them. Also: If anyone wants any of the images yon Editor will glady email copies. And: If you are mis-identified, or are not included in the text please let the Publishing Division know via email c/o Spike.
Above: From Top L Clockwise: Sue, Mike (Spidy), Sandy, Bill S.
Below: From Top L Clockwise: Karen, Sandy/Pop, Walter, Pop/Gary A, Lynne (Ace).

Below: From Top L Clockwise: Bob T, Pop, Sharon (Cupcake), Steve E Wonder, Carol (Lash)
Today was a banner day, not just because we had one of our largest crowds of this century, but we also had 60 spankin' new, yellow balls delivered by Purchasing Agent Gary A. So, our satchels are full of balls and we are good to go for a while.
Note: With four courts in action folks may end up sitting around when they would prefer to be playing. You are encouraged to rustle up some players and start a match. Best to chose folks who are in your general skill range to assure a competitive and enjoyable match. Experienced UPGers are encouraged to work with new players and new players are encouraged to gradually work their way into the stronger matches.


See you at Gower.