Friday, June 15, 2012

FriBall - June 15, 2012

Below: Jacob-the-younger and Stevie Wonder
We had a sparkling day and enough warm bodies to fill all five courts and we had a few bench-warmers too. Twenty-four in all. Sorry to say the UPG Staff Bloggist of dubious renown, can only come up with 21 names. Some were new folks - so, forgive the forgetfulness. Present: Mike, Steve, Gary A, Gary, Bob T, Johnny, Anne, Walt, Jacob, Lynne, Sandy, Jack, June, Claude, Don, Ray, Mick, Bob D, Julie, Sharon and Ron.
Above L: Johnny and Claude; Top: ? and Walt; Bottom: Don and Spidy.
Below: From Top L clockwise - Bob T, Don, Jacob, Spidy (Mike).
Our new players keep on improving their games and some of the most recent arrivals are on their games as well. Experienced players are doing a good job working with the new crowd and getting them into more competitive matches. It is best for beginning players to not move too quickly into matches that are well above their skill level. There are plenty of playing opportunities during our regular sessions Everyone should be able to get into competetive games. There is no harm in setting up matches with players around your individual level of play. Don't hang around waiting to asked to play.Take the bull by the horns and set up your own matches. But, don't forget to rotate other players in.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday Pickleball Report - 6/12/2012

Due in part to an 'equipment malfunction' often referred to a 'brain cramp' no photos were taken during this session. Yon Editor-in-Chief was not able to locate the UPG camera even though it was in a paddle-bag that was searched 3 times. As luck would have it, somewhat related photos became available and are shown below with wordy explanations. But first today's 13 players: Johnny, Carol, Sharon, Lynne, Karen, Sandy, Steve, Gary A, Gary, Mike, Hank, Bob T and Ron.

The day was warm, sunny and very humid. But, that didn't stop folks from playing long and hard. Activity included doubles, at least one Canadian Doubles match, singles practice - including dinks, individuals battling against the backboard and occasionally winning. So, we had it all - but, none of it recorded for posterity.

NEWS: We heard from Richard W of the Keowee Keys crowd. Construction had begun on their 4 dedicated Pickleball courts (photo below). They will be lighted and at least partially fenced. The courts will be ready for play in September. Once the courts are operational and broken in by the KK Crew we just might get an invitation to give them a try. Richard will keep us apprised of the progress.
Gary A has beens sending email info about the upcoming tournament at Lake Lure. A very exciting and well run event. So, be sure to read related emails and plan on attending either as a participant or perhaps you can do some volunteer work as a ball shagger; or, just attend as a spectator. If you plan to compete, you might want to rustle up a partner, or partners if you plan to enter more than one event.

We have also received an invitation from the Mountain Picklers Pickleball Club. The group is hosting the: 2nd Annual Student Scholarship Fund Invitational Pickleball Tournament
July 13 and 14, 2012 :  Detailed info will be emailed to all UPGers.
Last but not least:  One of our pickleball players left this darling hat at the Gower courts - probably on 6/11. Mike, Steve and the two Garys vehemently deny ownership of the hat, but that flies in the face of some of the rumors that are circulating. If you know its owner, please advise and your identity will be protected.
Next up: FridayBall. June 15, 2012.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Friday P'ball - June 10, 2012

We had 17 warm bodies on the courts. That crowd played some hot matches including more than a few'guts' matches. Players: Gary A, Gary, Steve, Mike, Claude, Johnny, Peter, Lynne, Jack and June, Bob S, Sharon, Ray, Sandy, Don, Joanie and yon editor. Not too much to report because everyone was on their best behavior. We are happy to report that Peter and Margot have returned from a trip down the Danube - and, Peter at least, seems none the worse for the wear. He sidestroked most of the way. Johnny and Carol conducted their first OLLIE Pickleball session on June 7th at Furman University. They had 9 students. They all demonstrated a knack for the game. We will more than likely end up with some of the players from that group.
Below. Top L-R: June and Gary; Bottom L-R: Jack and Mike (Spidy)
Below: UPGers also know how to relax: That's Don on the left, Johnny/Peter/Lynne (Ace) top R and under the tree Sharon (Cupcake) and Bob S.
We'll be back at it next week. See you then. Bring these things: your paddle, your best game and a sense of humor. Or, come empty-handed and take your chances.
Hot Dipped

Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 5, 2012 - P'ball report

We were rained out for our morning session, so Gary A, after consulting with the UPG Board of Directors and Weather Arrangers BoDWA), rescheduled the session for 1:00PM. Twelve players presented themselves. Johnny, Carol, Lynne, Gary A, Gary, Steve, Jacob the younger, Don, Claude, Mike, Ron and Sharon. Weather: Warm and very humid. Steve did some squeegeeing when he first arrived (or, arrived first) and the courts self-dried soon after.
Below: Claude showing off his maximum vertical leap (4 inches with his left foot!).
We played several doubles matches (UPG's standard fare) and a few singles matches as well. The most exciting event to take place (sorry, no video coverage) was when one of the long Garys took an uppercut shot at a ball that was also being played by his somewhat closer-to-the-ground, partner. Gary, sometimes known for his savagery, struck the ball and his partner's grimacing face at the same time. Unfortunately, the ball didn't clear the net so the point was lost. The unintended? victim babbled incoherently for a few minutes, but was able to resume playing. Gary's paddle is OK.
Below: Spidy about to blast a forehand.

Below: Jacob letting one go by for his partner.

Excellent weather is predicted for Friday, June 8. Hope to see you there.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday P'ball - June 1, 2012

You can all relax now. The UPG Chief Photographer and his/her able assistant: 'Yon Editor" are both back in town and back in the groove. And, just in the nick of time, too by the looks of the two previous Blogs!.

We had 16 players in action: Gary, Gary A, Mike, Anne, Sandy F, Ray, Don, Bob D, Jack E, Johnny, Jacob, Walt, John, Karen, Sharon and Ron.

Welcome to Bob D and Jack E. Both former paddlesport players. This was their first P'ball session with the UPG. Looks like it won't take them long to get the hang of it. Also: Young Jacob the Grandson of new player Walt played his 2nd session with our crowd. This may be he first time that we have had a Grandfather/Grandson duo playing as a team at a UPG function. Jacob brought the average age of our players down by 1.5 years to 65.3 or something like that.
Below: Gary and Gary A.

Below: Jacob and his Grandfather, Walt.

So, here's how it went: We had good weather, plenty of feisty players, loads of good matches and a heck of a good time. Any questions?

R. R. Spike

Tuesday P'ball - May 29, 2012 - Even briefer.

Once again your roaming reporter received no info about this session except that it did occur. Hope you had fun and won at least one match. If not, sorry. Next time.


May 25, 2012 - Friday - Brief report

There were no active journalists present during this session - consequently there are no photographs - and there is no report of the activities that took place - however exciting they may have been. There was an unofficial report that "about 12 players were there."

Fear not if you are concerned about the tally of "labels" - it is the list where the number of sessions you have played are counted. They will not be tallied from this day forth. If you care about how many sessions you have played in - you'll have to keep track of them on your own. It's too cumbersome to keep track of the players and we can only record 20 "labels" anyway.

Sharpened Point