Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Windyday Tuesday P'ball - August 23, 2011

Twelve players were in action today including Richard Stone who came 'a visiting all the way from Keowee Keys. Players: Ray, Mike, Steve, Johnny, Carol, Richard, Anne, Jan, Peter, Claude, Sharon and yon Editor.
It was our first windy day in a while, so it took a little getting used to. Lobs turned out to be problematic and loose balls kindly formed up together against the southern fence due to the NE wind. Unfortunately that fence is furthest removed from where resting players sit out, so the enthusiasm for volunteer ball-shagging was greatly reduced. Hint hint.

Richard (pictured below), got to play several matches. He left early with a long drive ahead of him, and presumably, to save his energy for the upcoming Lake Lure Games. Thanks for joining us.
Newsy stuff: Our logo shirts have been pretty much distributed. Thanks to to Peter for coming up with concept of the logo, to Sharon and Steve for getting the order together and to Steve for finishing the job by picking up the shirts in NC and delivering them to the troops. PS: Additional shirts can be ordered in different colors and material. We have several teams that will be heading to the lake Lure Games on Friday, 8/26/11. Some car-pooling has been arranged. Other folks should make their own arrangements if you haven't already done so. NOTE: We will not be playing local pickleball on Friday due to the tournament.

Good luck at the lake Lure Games. We will return to local action the week of August 28th.
Bent Spike

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fridayball - August 19, 2011 - Gower Park

Only 10 were on the scene today, but we scattered the balls, chairs, satchels and ourselves around so it looked like were occupying all five courts. Players: Mike, Steve, Jan, Johnny, Claude, Ralph, Gary A, Peter, Sharon and Ron. A bright day, 'warmish' with an occasional and much welcomed breeze. Steve delivered our new UPG logo T-shirts and they look very spiffy. Thanks, to Steve for doing the ordering, collecting the cash - and for driving to NC to pick up the shirts, They will be on full display at Lake Lure next week.
Peter and Claude above.
Spidy and Stevie Wonder  below.
Below: Hoot and Rambo
We played a bunch of matches - several hard fought. Some of the teams that are going to compete at Lake Lure got together and worked on their games. None of the teams are as finely tuned as a Swiss watch - maybe, more like a Timex. But, we had a lot of fun. It took just over 2-1/2 hours to fully wear ourselves out. See you next week at Gower and Lake Lure. Spike.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ball, Pickle - Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We had a beautiful day on the courts and the fine weather brought out 14 players: Mike, Steve, Gary A, Sharon, Anne, Lynne, Ralph, Johnny, Carol, Ray, Claude, Jan, Bob T and Ron. We occupied 3 courts for a while and it worked out well. No waiting to play, but folks did rotate so there was a pretty good mix of players - and play. That's Dutchess below. Can't account for the ball location. Can you?
It was a little noisy during most of the session because workers were busy with mowers, weed-whackers and leaf blowers. Fortunately, none of this activity was taking place on the courts. A few planes buzzed us too. But, we played through the distractions and kept at it for 3 hours, although the crowd slowly dwindled as the session progressed. The last two standing were Stevie Wonder and Rambo who were in the midst of a singles match. Below: S. Wonder and Ace relax between matches,
Below: The Lady in pink.
Newsy Stuff: Stevo will be picking up our logo shirts on 8/17. They will be delivered to whoever shows up next time we play. Some of the teams for the Lake Lure Tournament have been shuffled around due to personal schedule conflicts. Gary A is taking care of the arrangements. There will be car-pool arrangements for the ride to Lake Lure. You will be advised.   Spike

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friday Pickleball - August 12, 2011


We did play pickleball on Friday and we had 11 players. We had a lot of fun. The players were Mike, Jan, Anne, Johnny, Carol, Ralph, Claude, Bob T, Lynne, Pete and me. The weather was overcast, not too humid, so we played for two and a half hours.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

P'ball session - Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - Gower Park

The short and sweet of it: Players - Mike, Gary, Gary A, Jan, Anne, Peter, Lynne, Ray and Steve.

Alexandria (not the one in Egypt!)

Our logo will be the one on the left.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

P'ball report - August 5, 2011

Steve reports that 9 players were in action at Gower Park. As follows: Mike, Gary, Johnny, Anne, Joanie, Peter, Ray, Bob T and Steve. The squad played for about 3 hours. No mishaps were recorded. We'll be at it again next week. Stay tuned.

Sorry for the brief BLOG.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tuesday P'ball @ Gower - August 2, 2011

Eleven players were on hand for p'ball on another _______  _______* day. They were: Mike, Claude, Jan, Anne, Johnny, Carol, Bob H, Peter, John, Bob T and Steve. Welcome back to John who has been on the mend after a hip replacement. He came back in fine fashion, by taking a digger and scuffing his knee. But, not much harm done; he carried on for the rest of the session. Otherwise, the ________* wore some players down and led to a few early departures. But, I'm advised by Steve that there were plenty of good matches.

* Fill in at will.

Spike. Roving reporter
Manchester, CT