Monday, March 30, 2009

Carol is our Pickleball Player of the Day!!

Pickleball Monday 3-30-09

It got to 67 degrees today, the sun was out and the wind wasn't too bad. There were 10 pickleball players today including a new player named Dan that we lured down to the courts to come and try the game. The rest of our players were Ron, Sharon, Ralph, Jan, Mike, Carol, Johnny, Ken and I. Ron and Sharon came a little before 1:00 and the 4 of us got in the first game. I apologize to all my partners today for the way I played. I have to admit that I am sort of handicapped in the arms now. I have the bad arm which is the left arm, and now I also have the worse arm....the right one. It was great to have Jan back today! I'm so glad that she is feeling better. We hope that we will be able to play again towards the end of the week, weather permitting of course. Remember, if you have any friends that would like to try pickleball ask them to come. Hope to C U on D Courts again this week !!! Lynn
P.S. Carol is our player of the day!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Steve, Ralph, Ken & John

Pickleball Tuesday 3-24-09

There were 6 of us for pickleball until Steve showed up about 2:30 to make it 7 today. It was another nice day....sunny, upper 60's and the wind wasn't bad. We played from 1:00 till a few minutes past 4:00. The players were Ron, Sharon, Ralph, John, Steve, Ken and I. We were missing a lot of our players today. The big question is Where is Jan?!!! Has she forgotten about us.
Remember.....if you know anyone that might like to try pickleball invite them to come.
It doesn't look good for the rest of the week. Rain, rain, rain. But if the forecast changes we will surely try to get in another pickleball session this week. We are flexible. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for a better forecast for Friday. Lynn
P.S. Ron and Sharon, I apologize for not getting your pictures today.
Steve & Ralph
John & Ken

Monday, March 23, 2009

Johnny & Ralph in action!

Pickleball Monday 3-23-09

Another great day for pickleball. It was in the low 70's, sun was shinning and very little wind. There were 8 pickleball players today......Ron, Sharon, Ralph, Mike, Carol, Johnny, Ken and I. We were able to keep playing today and no one had to sit out.......but I couldn't take pictures either. I did manage to get a couple of Johnny and Ralph. Our missing pickleball players missed a good day on the courts.
Don't forget that we are playing pickleball tomorrow afternoon. And don't forget to invite a friend to come and try pickleball. Hope to C U on D Courts!! Lynn
Johnny bending for the ball and Ralph on the ready!

Friday, March 20, 2009

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Anne, Mike, Ken & Steve
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Pickleball Friday 3-20-09

Once again the beautiful weather that we're having brought the pickleball players out. There were 13 of us all total after Steve finally arrived from his part time job. The players today were Ron, Sharon, Ralph, John, Mike, Carol, Johnny, Bob H., Anne, Lynne, Steve, Ken and I. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and didn't seem to mind sitting out when it was their turn. We had some fun games and a good social time. Lynne hasn't played in a few weeks and it was nice to have both her and Anne back out with us as Anne hasn't played in 2 week. Nice to see Carol out there too. Some of us played for over 3 1/2 hours today. We were about dead by the time we left the courts but we were happy. Looking forward to more Pickleball next week!! Lynn
Mike & Anne
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Mike & Anne
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Steve & Ken
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mike & Ron
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Pickleball Tuesday

The good weather really brought out the pickleball players today. 11 of us turned out for some great pickleball games. The players were Ron, Sharon, Ralph, Mike, John, Johnny, Joanie, Bob H., Steve, Ken and I. Steve came late after he got off from his part time job. Ron and Sharon got to the courts early and started cleaning up the puddles from all the rain that we've had over the last 3 days. We really appreciated that. The temperature got to at least 70 today with sunshine and the wind wasn't too bad. We're glad some of our missing players found their way back today. We hope to play again on Friday. It looks like it will be a good day.
Remember to be on the lookout for new picklers. If you have any friends that might like to try pickleball please ask them to come. Hope to see you on Friday if the forecast holds. Lynn
John & Steve
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Pickleball Today 3-17-09

We are playing pickleball this afternoon at Timmons Park.
We will be there from 1:00 to 4:00. Drop-in at anytime.
Hope to see you there.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pickleball Thursday 3-12-09

Sharon, Ron, Ralph & Steve after the game
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Well where was everyone today?? 5 of us had a great time playing pickleball and the wind wasn't even too bad. We were playing in t-shirts and shorts. 4 of us started playing .....Ron, Sharon, Ralph and I (Lynn). We played 6 games and then Steve showed up after 2:00 when he got off from his new part time job. Then we all played till about 3:15. Ron and Sharon had to leave as they had to go to the annual meeting for our hiking club and Ralph left too. So Steve and I stuck around and play a game of singles. Of course Steve beat me but it was fun. Ken couldn't make it today because he still has the upset stomach problem. He had a relapse yesterday. So hopefully he'll be over that soon. The weather for next week keeps changing and changing. So we'll just have to watch it for the next few days and figure out some good days for pickleball. For our missing players there was no bright sun in our eyes and very little wind. The temperature must have gotten near 60 or better as we were comfortable. You really missed a good day!! Hope to see everyone next week. And thank you to Ron, Sharon, Ralph and Steve for coming today! I really enjoyed playing with all of you. Lynn
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Pickleball Thursday 3-12-09

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pickleball Tuesday 3-10-09

Well as you can see from the pictures below we had a great time playing pickleball today. The sun was out, it was 75 degrees and not too much wind. This morning it was windy but by the time we met to play at 1:00 the wind had died down and we were good to go. We had 9 pickleball players today.....Ron, Sharon, Steve, Ralph, Jan, Johnny, Mike, Ken & I. Jan suggested that she and I take on Mike and Steve. I knew we were in big trouble! I don't think we even got a point. Those 2 were all over the net. I think it was a total shut out.....11 to 0. Ken managed to play most of the session even after having some kind of food poisoning that kept him up most of the night. We missed all of our missing players today. Wonder what else they could find to do on such a nice day besides pickleball. It looks like we'll try to play on Thursday afternoon. Hopefully the rain won't come till later. It will be cooler though.
Hope to C U on D courts.....Lynn
Jan & Ken
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Lynn & Ralph
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Ralph & Steve playing Jan & Mike
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Johnny & Ron
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Ralph & Steve just finished a game with Mike & Jan
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Friday, March 6, 2009

Pickleball Friday 3-6-09

We had 11 today for pickleball. Thankfully no one paid attention to the wind. Ron says he likes playing in the wind but even this wind was wearing Ron out. The pickleball players today were Ron, Sharon, Mike, John, Jan, Anne, Carol, Johnny, Terry, Ken and I. I must say we had some wild games and they were very challenging with the wind. It was Terry 's first time to play pickleball and she did very well. She has a tennis and racquetball background so she knows her strokes. Both Mike and Anne were back and it was great to see them and have them back on the court again with us. I was disappointed that I didn't get to take any pictures today. I guess I was enjoying playing too much.

Looks like there is some rain in the forecast for next week but we hope to work around it. Lynn

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pickleball Wednesday 3-4-09

The high temp today was 48. We had some sun most of the time but it was a little chilly. There were 7 pickleball players that turned out for the pickleball session today. There was Ron, Sharon, Steve, Jan, Peter, Ken and I. It has been a while since Peter joined us on the pickleball court and it was good to see him back out there. We were missing lots of others that didn't make it out today. I hope we'll see them back out there on Friday. We had some good games playing both doubles and canadian doubles. We won't talk about that game though where Ron was the only server and Steve got beat 11 to 0. We hope to play again on Friday. The temperature is going to be around 70 degrees. Boy does that sound good after the weather that we've been having. I sure hope we don't go back to cold weather.
Keep on pickling......Lynn