Friday, May 30, 2008

Pickleball Friday 5-30-08

There were 8 players today for pickleball. Friday seems to be our best day for everyone to come. Some of us met at 9:00 and some came soon after. We had some good games. Anne took a fall and skinned her elbow but seemed ok otherwise.
The players were Bob T., Steve, Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Anne and Ken and I. Lynne S. came by to walk Bridget, her dog and visited with us. She could not play as she was having a shoulder problem. But we enjoyed her visit anyway.
Bob H. is still out with the pulled calf muscle. We look forward to him joining us again when he can.
Someone must have had a party on the courts last night as there were lots of spills and popcorn was all over one of the back corners. Frank had one of the park guys to come and blow off the courts so they didn't look so bad.
We hope to play on Tuesday. The weather looks pretty good right now for then.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 5-27-08

The pickleball session was scheduled for 9:00 or when everyone could come. We ended up with 7 players today....... Bob T., Steve, Ralph, Anne, Lynne S. and Ken and I. We really didn't have to do any chalking. Ken and I did kind of reinforce the back lines on the courts. Bob T., Steve, Ralph and Ken and I played with tennis scoring till Anne and Lynne came. We played till 11:30 today. Lynne and Steve played Ken and I in the last game in which we played with pickle scoring. We beat them 13 to 11. It was a really good game. I was running out of fuel though by that time.
Ron and Sharon couldn't make it today and Bob H. is still on the mend with the pulled calf muscle. We hope to play again on Friday. Lynn

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pickleball Thursday 5-22-08

Pickleball was scheduled for 9:30 this morning but Ken and I got to the courts about 9:00 to chalk and set the nets. It had rained on Tuesday wiping out our chalk. About 9:15 Claude, Steve and Ralph came. They each grabbed a piece of chalk and helped to chalk the second court. We started hitting some balls to warm up and Ron and Sharon arrived. After warming up we started playing with a doubles game on one court and a canadian doubles on the other as there were 7 of us. It was a really nice morning to play. We quit about 11:30 or so.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pickleball Monday 5-19-08

We scheduled pickleball for this morning as the weather didn't look too good for Tuesday. So we got to the park about 8:45 and had to clean up the courts after the rain last night.
There were 6 of us today. Anne was number 6 and she came late after her aerobics class. We did tennis scoring and rotating the server out except for the last game. The last game we played pickle scoring .....Ken and Anne played against Steve and I.
Bob T. and Ralph sat over on the side. They'd had enough so they sat and talked.
We played over 2 1/2 hours. Ron and Sharon couldn't make it and Bob H. still has problems from the pulled calf muscle. The players today were Steve, Ralph, Bob T., Anne and Ken and I.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Pickleball Friday 5-16-08

We scheduled pickleball today for 1:00 but Ken and I got there at 12:30 so that we could sweep up some of the water in the puddles on the court from the rain last night. We also had to re-chalk. Bob T. was already there and he helped us to get things ready. Ron and Sharon came next and then Ralph and Steve. Lynne S. came too so we had 8 players. That was really nice. It was cloudy for the most part with the sun kind of coming in and out. It was also very windy. The wind really gave us an extra challenge. We played about 2 hours and then I think everyone was getting tired of the wind. So we went home a little after 3:00. Everyone is really playing well and Ralph has really got a good serve now.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 5-13-08

We were scheduled to play pickleball at 9:30 but we got to the courts at 10 till 9. We knew we would have to rechalk today as we had rain over the weekend. Bob T. got there about the same time as we did. So the 3 of us worked together and marked our courts. It was a cool morning in the low 50's. Ann was next to arrive so after warming up some we started a game. Lynne S. came next (with her new paddle) and then Ralph and Steve so we ended up with 7 for the day. We kept a doubles game going on one court and canadian doubles on the other. About 11:00 everyone was getting a little tired and hungry so we started playing just doubles on one court and using tennis scoring and rotating the server out. So the games went fast and everyone got a little break sitting out.
We are hoping to play on Friday, weather permitting. We may have to do some drying on the courts. We missed Ron and Sharon this morning but they will be back by then.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pickleball Thursday 5-8-08

We met at 9:30 this morning to play pickleball at Timmons Park. There were 7 of us for a while. Bob H. pulled a calf muscle in his leg so that was it for Bob. The other players that were there today besides Ken and I were Bob T., Ron, Sharon & Steve. After Bob H. left we played doubles using tennis scoring and rotated the server out after each game. That seemed to work pretty well as no one had to sit out for long. This was something new that we had learned in Seminole, Florida when we played with the group there.
It was Ron's birthday today so we tried to take it easy on him. Heh...heh...heh
Steve really wants it known that he and Bob H. beat Sharon and I 11 to nothing. So I hope he is satisfied now. Ha!! Of course that is the last time that's going to happen!
The weather was great this morning but towards the end the wind was starting to pick up.
We had good times and great comraderie.

Pickleball Vacation in Florida

Ken and I got back from Florida last Saturday. We played lots of pickleball in Florida. We spent 2 weeks in Highland Lakes community where we played 4 times a week indoors. They have 4 indoor courts. We also went down to Indian Rocks Beach where we found pickleball being played in Seminole which was close by. In Seminole we played at the Seminole Recreation Center. We played inside there also. They had 3 indoor courts. Ken played 5 times during the week and I played 3 times there. It was really interesting to play with different groups. We learned different ways of playing and that was fun and we've tried some of the things that we've learned with the Greenville group since we've been back. It was also fun meeting and playing with new people.
On Sunday April 27 Ken and I went to the Villages and watched the championship games of the Masters Athlete Pickleball Tournament. That was great to see such good players play.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 5-6-08

Our plan was to play pickleball at 10:00 but we got there before 9:30 as we thought there might have been some rain last night and that the chalk might need some freshening up. Claude was next to arrive so Ken and I and Claude hit some balls back and forth to warm up. Ron, Sharon, Steve and Ralph came so we started with a doubles game on one court and a canadian doubles game on the other. Bob H. came a little late and then helped to make another doubles court.
It was a nice morning with a little breeze. We had some fast games. Steve about took my nose off and then later on gave me a big red spot just above my knee. We had some really good rallys and volleys this morning though. We may have to play this coming Thursday morning instead of Friday because rain is predicted.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pickleball Friday 5-2-08

We had 7 at P'ball on Friday. Very windy much of the time, but nice anyway. Players in addition to Sharon and I...... Bob H., Ralph, Bob T., Steve and Ann. Everyone played well and we had some very good games with long volleys and rallies. I told everyone that we'll probably be playing Tue at 10:00, but that you guys would be sending out the notices. I bought a refill for my chalk line today and we'll be there early on Tuesday so we can reline the courts if needed.
Ron & Sharon