Tuesday, October 22, 2013



Starting Friday, 10/25/2013, we will change to our winter session times - 1 PM. The Greenville City Parks and Recreation Saturday session will remain at 9:00AM. The first Monday session, yesterday, had 7 players.

UPG schedule:
Monday, Tuesday, Friday at 1 PM, Gower Park

Rec Dept schedule:
Saturday 9:00 AM, Gower Park

Greenville, SC

Friday, October 18, 2013


The UPSTATE PICKLEBALL GROUP (UPG) has added another day each week to play Pickleball. We will now have sessions Monday, Tuesday and Friday beginning at 9:00AM. The addition of a Monday session will be on a trial basis until further notice. Players are welcome to attend any or all sessions.

All matches take place at Gower Estates Park in Greenville, SC.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - UPG ACTIVITY REPORT

This is an: ___Occasional, ___ Semi-annual, ____ Quarterly, ____ Bi-Weekly, ____Almost never UPG Activity Report. Check one only. Then, initial and send $10 cash to Spike or his legal representative.
One reason for this post is to advise UPGers that Peter Fallon has not left the country permanently as has been suggested. He and Margot did travel to Canada, but were allowed to return the the US based on good behavior. Peter had carpal tunnel surgery on his hand then, a little later, had a surgical procedure just above his knee that required stitches. That event immobilized him somewhat, but not enough to prevent he and Margot from going on another trip. Anyway Peter advises that he will be reporting to P'ball in the near future.

The other reason is that I took a bunch of photos and didn't know what else to do with them. And, when one of our players doesn't show up for a while - we should look into it. Spike

INFO: To all interested parties: We are on our Fall Time Schedule. Sessions are held every Tuesday and Friday beginning at 9:00AM. Location: Gower Estates Park, Greenville, SC.

Sunday, September 8, 2013






See you there.

Friday, August 23, 2013

New hours:

Beginning on Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 - the weekly p'ball sessions will begin at 9:00AM. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Pickleball Tournament - April 15, 2013

Greater Greenville Senior Sports Classic - Monday, April 15, 2013
Gower Estates Park - Greenville, SC.
The Annual Games are conducted by the Greenville County Recreation District (GRCD). This is the first year that Pickleball was was included as a competitive event. Gary and Kaye Allen  organized and orchestrated the event and deserve a lot of credit for their hard work. They fielded all of the calls and emails from various participants, organized the 4 groupings, did the pairings and ran the event that went off without a major hitch.
There were 34 teams which included 42 players. Most players competed in two events. Congratulations to UPGers who took places in 3 events (see results below). We had use of 5 courts. Registrants all received packets that included a T-shirt, a programs and other goodies. Below is a write-up that Gary Allen sent out to the UPGers. 

Many thanks to all of you who helped make the Greenville County Senior Sports Classic Pickleball event a success, especially those who travelled great distances to compete. We had a great time and made many new friends. Hopefully, this tournament will act as a springboard for future Upstate pickleball get togethers.

A special thanks goes to Joni Dilworth and the Greenville County Recreation Department for all their help. The administrative support, drinks, food and loan of tables was much appreciated.


Tournament Winners:

Men's Doubles:
1st place: Frank Kinder/Greg Harabin - Sun City
2nd place: Bob Bringas/Frank Maguire - Sun City
3rd place: Steve Johnson/Don Daniels - UPG

Women's Doubles:
1st place: Deb Richter/Rene Wilson - Connestee Falls
2nd place: Carol Gibson/Lynne Scoggins - UPG
3rd place: Marge Brockway/Karen Wolf - Connestee Falls

Mixed Doubles:
1st place: Frank Kinder/Sharon Davis - Sun City
2nd place: Greg Harabin/Sharon MacKensie - Sun City
3rd place: Dick Stone/Nancy Lenkowski - Keowee Key

Novice/Intermediate Draw:
1st place: Leslie Sprogis/Doug Crenshaw - Keowee Key
2nd place: Walt Jacobs/Pete Fallon - UPG
3rd place: Leslie Sprogis/Eric Sprogis - Keowee Key
4th place: Johnny Gibson/Sam Knowlton - UPG

Spike 4/22/2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tuesday P'ball session. April 9, 2013

Today was the warmest day this season, topping off the Official UPG Thermometer at a comfy 83 degrees. Sunny with a fresh breeze, too. We had 18 players on the courts. Every imaginable skill level was represented. Players: Gary A, Gary H, Mike, Steve, Johnny, Tom, Carol, Mary Kay, Bill M, Bill S, Ralph, Ray, Anne, Jan, Lynne, Walt, Barbara and me. We also allowed two disc golf players give p'ball a try. They had never heard of the game but though it looked like fun. He and she - or, her and him - didn't catch their names - hail from Lynchburg, Va which would be a 295 mile, 5-1/2 hour one-way haul just to play with us. But, it would be worth the effort.

A few more teams have been formed among UPGers for the upcoming Sr Games P'ball event. Those teams have been getting playing time together during our regular sessions. Putting the finishing touches on their playing techniques. About 40 players (UPG and others) will be competing. Gower Park, Monday, April 15th, at 2:00PM. Be there.

Below. UPGers arrive in all kinds of vehicles.
See you there.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

PicklePost: Friday, April 5, 2013

We had 17 players on the courts today so the place was hopping. Players: Ralph, Lynda, Glenn, Julia, Steve, Johnny, Carol, Gary A, Gary H, Peter, Lynne, Ray, Anne, Mike, Sam, Don and Ron. Wx: Sunny and windy.

Below: That's Gary H on the left, Gary A top R and Mike bott R.
Below: Steve and Mike on  the L; Lynne top R; Johnny and Sam bott R.
Mucho fun as always and a whole batch of exciting matches. Players who have formed teams for the upcoming Sr games have been to pairing up. Getting some team practice in. It's a sight for sore eyes! The only notable event that took place during today's session was when Peter hit Don in the head with a smartly drilled overhand. Don took it in stride. Hoping for Peter's sake that Don doesn't hold a grudge.

See you next week.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One point five dozen. April 2, 2013

It was great to have Jan, Anne and Joanie back on the courts after a long hiatus - especially Joanie and Jan who have been on the lam for several months. They got right into the mix and played well. Eighteen players showed: Gary A, Gary H, Steve, Kim, Ray, Johnnie, Barbara, Julia, Glenn, Lynda, Walt, Ralph, Don, Anne, Mike, Joanie, Jan and Ron..
 Below: After tapping paddles Kim, Gary H, Steve and Mike move out smartly. Already gearing up for another match.
Below. Top: Lynda and Julia. Bott: Ralph and Steve.
Below. Top: Walt and Anne, Gary H and Kim; Bott: Gary A and Gary H, Don and Mike.
Below. Top: Joanie and Jan, The Shadow; Fenced In, Ray and Johnnie.
It looks like there will be a good turnout for the Pickleball Session of  the Greater Greenville Senior Sports Classic. About 40 players have registered - several from the UPG. Players from Connestee Falls, Ft Mill, Keowee Keys and other locations have also signed on. So, this event will give us all an opportunity to compete with players from outside our little group and to renew friendships with folks we have played with and against in past events. You must register by April 5th. The event will take place at Gower Park on Monday, April 15th starting about 3 PM. If you don't want to compete, why don't you stop by and cheer on the players. Check in with Gary A for pairings, etc.

Spring has sprung. Dust off your paddle and join us at Gower. Watch your UPG e-mail notifications. We will be changing to our Summer time schedule soon.


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Good Friday P'ball. 3/30/2013

This bright, breezy day brought out a lot of players. The session started at 1:00 PM; by 2:00 we had four courts fully occupied. We UPGers, well known for our benevolence, generously allowed Coach John and his student to occupy Court 5 where they played a game called tennisball (I think). There were 16 players: Newbies Lynda and Glenn (probably the only players who were equally happy when they hit or missed the ball or gained or lost a point), Ralph, Sam, Ray, Kim, Patty and Tim (Mom and son - both exceptional players - who contributed greatly to several fiercely contested matches), Peter, Don, Walt, Steve, Mike, Julia, Gary A and me (often called Ron). 
Below: Patty and Tim.

Below: Kim and Mike (aka Spidy)
Below: L. Peter and Julia; R. Patty and Tim again; Bott. Walt and Lynda.
Below Top: Peter, Glenn; Bott: Sam, Kim
Kudos to Don (age unknown, but a senior citizen for sure) for challenging youngster Tim (at 25 years young) to a singles match. Don gave Tim a run for his money, but came up just a few points short of a victory.
We stayed at it for about 2-1/2 hrs, but the number of players dwindled as time marched on. As always there were many fine matches. Our newer players keep improving. Our seasoned veterans keep getting a little tougher, too. Makes for exciting matches.

The Senior Games are coming up soon. The Pickleball Session will be held April 15, at Gower Park beginning at 6:00PM. Gary A has sent everyone info about the Games and he sent registration documents as well. The application deadline is April 5th. Read the documents for full details. Several teams have already been formed. OK? Check YES_____ or NO______ here. It really doesn't matter what you check. But, do it anyway.


Monday, March 25, 2013

P'ball Event - Friday, March 22, 2013

Sorry. No pictures were taken at this event, that turned out to be an uneventful day - which is not necessarily a bad thing. It was cold for March, and windy. That's why they call it MARCH.

Twelve players toughed it out: Sam, Ralph (a new Ralph), Kim, Julia, two Garys, Steve, Anne (Pitt Bull), Mike, Bill S, Walt and Yours Truly.

Briefly: We came, we saw, we competed. Matches were won and lost. About 50% of each.

Will try to do better next time!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Pickleball Official Report - Fri. Mar. 15, 2013

Friday: Sunny, warm and windy. We had a full complement of players. Vets, rookies and newbies. Seventeen players total. Here goes: Mike, Gary A, Shirley and Bill (returned after a one-year leave of absence), newbies Ed and Janet, Tom, Ralph and maybe Sam, Johnny and Carol, Peter, Steve, Julia, Don, Kim, Ron. It was very windy so, it was hard on the newest players, but they toughed it out. They were given instructions, and got to play several matches among themselves and with advanced players. Welcome to the new players and thanks to UPGers for working with them. Otherwise, the veteran players kept the courts smokin', mixed it up and logged a bunch of good matches.

Below. Top L-R: Bill; Carol and Mike. Bott: Steve hitting/Gary A watching; Ron (Tnx Carol).

 Below: New & returning players.
Will work on putting names to the faces. That's Bill at bottom center, though.
See you on the courts.

Monday, March 11, 2013

P'ball Report. UPG. Fri. 3/08/2013

It was a premier day so we ended up with a whole flock, covey, mob, herd bunch of players of every skill level and each with at least a moderate degree of enthusiasm. Soon after action commenced, the wind arrived. This weather event added considerably to the direction and velocity of the balls - especially high lobs of which Steve and Mike are rather fond. Sixteen players attended, Mike, Steve,  Gary A, Lynne, Kim, Judie, Walt, Don, Johnnie, Carol, Peter, Julia, Karen, two new tryouts Rebecca and Carol X; and Yon Editor Ron.
Above: Spidy and Don, Lynne and Kim, Johnny and Walt.
Below: Don, Spidy (aka: Mike)
Below: Carol demonstrates her signature behind-the-back-slap shot, which in this case was ineffective. Notice the ball just below her bu beside her leg. Do not attempt. Professional player on a closed court.
Below. Newbie i.e.: Judie is playing with he partner The Shadow who is just about to hit a left-handed shot. We didn't have any southpaws playing on Friday, so we can't account for the image? Who knows? You must be over 60 to get this one.
Highlights: 1. Biggie: Johnnie executed a personal best, (and UPG 2nd place) vertical leap of 3.6 inches. His previous best was 3.45 inches during a college playoff basketball game in 1968. Congratz.  2. Don (Listed among UPG's top-rated Curmudgeons) brought a tripod mounted video camera to the courts to film himself serving to himself. This amounted to quit a feat of dexterity and fleet-footedness*. He won 2 of the 3 matches against himself and he also beat the backboard in one match 11-8. The video will be featured in a future Blog.
Anyway. We had a good crowd and loads of fun. Join us and you too, might just be featured by our Highlights Division. And, if you are real fortunate you may even be the subject of an embarrassing photo published right here in this Blog which receives about umpteen hits/week.
footedness (Noun) - the property of favoring one foot over the other (as in kicking a ball) Or, both feet over the other; asymmetry, dissymmetry, imbalance ...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

There was so much action on this day that the Blog staffers were unable to take the usual array of stunning photos and they (the staffers) were also unable to take the copious notes that would enable him/her to write a proper information-filled Blog post. The Editors had to resort to outdated file photographs and plagiarized images to fill the pages of this presentation. Sorry if this failing causes any one of the hundreds of Blog subscribers undue stress and hopefully there are no long-term physical or emotional conditions that arise. If so, please submit written documentation... .
'twas a nice day: Cool cloudy without a whisper of a breeze.  Nine players: Gary A, Julia, Kim, Mike, Steve, Jim, Ron, Ray and Walt.

The courts were a little wet upon arrival but Mike and Julia made short work of the puddles. Matches commenced immediately and kept going hard and fast for a straight 2-1/2 hrs. As the session came to a weary end - 4 players were left on the court. All upright, too.
Official report from Bob D. He has a broken bone in his right arm near the rotator cuff. Will be in a cast 4-6 weeks, then will have to have physical therapy. Wish him well and a speedy recovery.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Friday P'ball - March 1, 2013

Back for another try and hopefully off the DL permanently. A brisk day brought out 10 players: Mike, Gary A, Steve, Don, Tom, Barbara, Julia, Peter, Walt and yon Bloggist. Many fine matches followed and we kept 2 courts busy for about 2 hours.

Sorry to hear that Bob D had a p'ball mishap a few weeks ago and will be out of commission for a spell. Will give the full details when I hear directly from Bob. The unofficial word is that he charged a drop shot, tangled with the net and ended up losing to the net. We hope he makes a speedy recovery.
Below: Gary A, Steve, Mike and Don finish a match.
                                 Below: Top. Gary A; Julia and Tom. Bott: Peter; Walt and Tom.
Below Top: Steve; Barbara. Bott: Don; Tom. 
Not too much to report, so this blurb will be short and sweet, like Yon Editor. Come on out and get back in the p'ball groove. The days are getting warmer and the competition is too. See you soon. How about on 3/05/2013? Spike

Friday, February 15, 2013

Windy Friday. February 15, 2013

There were 16 players on hand today. Bright sun and brisk winds were our company. 16 Players: Lynne, who stopped by to say "hey", but decided to play a few matches even though she was wearing jeans and hiking boots, Mike, Gary A, Steve, Sue (2nd annual visit all the way from Michigan), Evan, Ray, Bob D, Julia, Barbara, Kim, Walt, Don, Johnny, Carol and me (Spike). The wind got stronger as the session worn on and it chased loose balls all over the place - sometimes to the chagrin of the 2 tennis players on Court 5. We kept 4 courts busy for much of the session, but there were occasional rest periods allowed  as indicated in the photo below. L-R: Gary A, Sue and Barbara.

Below. Top L-R: Evan and Johnny; Barbara. Bottom L-R: Carol; Mike and Kim!
Below. Top L-R: Evan; Ray. Bottom L-R: Stevie Wonder; Bob D.
Another fun day on the courts at Gower. Get off your carcass, dust off your paddle and get on out to the next session. You'll be glad you did.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tuesday P'ball @ Gower - Feb. 12, 2013

OK. Here's the scoop. Please take notes. Don was back for his 2nd day on the courts since he had right shoulder surgery a few months ago. And, I played several matches after right shoulder surgery 5 weeks ago. I don't want to speak for Don, but the way he was practicing and playing - he was definitely glad to be back. Me, too and thanks for the welcomes.

Eleven players: Mike, Gary A, Steve, Don, Johnny, Carol, Evan, Julia, Barbara, Kim and yours truly (some of the time).
It was a beautiful, windless day. Many fine games followed. Unfortunately, Barbara took a backward tumble and banged her head. After a few unsteady moments she got back onto her feet and into the fray, none the worse for the wear. That's a good thing. Evan, fairly new to the UPG, but an experienced Michigan player, was on hand and played a strong game. She's a lefty, but plays with her right hand at will. So opponents, and partners have to be on their toes.
Below: Carol, dressed to the nines in her faux leopard skin tunic prepares for a return shot as Spidy keeps tabs on the ball. 
Below: Johnny delivers (L) and Johnny/Evan (R) team up. Evan manages to fly out of the picture.

Below: Top L: The come-back kid (Don) and Julia; T.R: Julia and Barbara; B.L: Steve and Gary A; B.R: Kim and Mike.
It might seem a premature to be talking about spring weather, but here in SC it's on the way. Hopefully more players will be coming around. There are now, and will be, plenty of opportunities to play in matches with players of your individual caliber and with players who may be a step above. So, come on by and get back in the groove. Have some fun, improve your game and join in on the camaraderie and occasional sharpshooting.


Sunday, February 3, 2013

P'ball report. Friday, 2/01/2013

The p'ball BLOG postings have been far and few between. Sorry to say. But there is plenty of p'ball action at least twice a week. And, as anyone in the know knows, we play in almost any weather. Cold and wind are not, and should not be a factors. I stopped by, but within 5 minutes had to quit. Hope to get back in to playing soon. Anyway, 7 other players were on site and in action. Not inaction: Mike, Gary A, Gary H, Steve, Julia and Barbara. Ray appeared out of nowhere. He's been on UPG paid medical leave for about 6 months. He also had a note from his Mother, so he was allowed to play.

The UPG BLOG staff was without a camera for a while and then had all kinds of problems attaching photos. Those problems are now resolved.
Above: Walt standing in the kitchen. Don't get all worked up. It was just a warm up session.
Below: Gary A and Mike.
Below: Julia and Barbara.
Below: Gary H and Steve

 Below: Mike executing a delicate return, and Gary A.
That's it. Let the BLOG Division if you find any speling errors.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Twothousandthirteen - 1st P'ball session

The first P'ball session of 2013 took place on a 'marginal' day. Kinda' cold and raw. But 9 players were on hand: Mike, Gary H, Gary A, Steve, Lynne, Jim, Peter, Walter and yon editor w/ a new  camera. So, why no photos you are probably asking? Well, it seems that the BLOG gurus have changed the way photos are uploaded to the BLOG page. There is no longer an option to upload directly from the camera or from picture files. Somehow it has to be achieved via Picasa Web Albums - a chore that the Staff is unable to accomplish. So, hopefully it will work itself out and yon editor will calm down and stop uttering adult phrases. The last stream of expletives has driven Sharon from the house. She's been gone for half an hour. Think she heading back to Plattsburg, NY. I'll miss her. Wish she took the cat.

Anyway: I had a great photo of Pistol Pete which was going to the the Poster Picture, because Peter was on fire - chasing down any ball within 20 feet of him and firing back rockets at his sorry opponents. Had a good one of Stevie Wonder with his new UPG hat. Maybe next time. Lynne came up with a great one-liner when she blew a guaranteed, point-gaining- kill-shot by drilling the ball harmlessly into the net instead of the unguarded court a few feet away. She said, with much vehemence, "I'd rather get snakebit than miss a shot like that."

Lynne insisted on calling the surgical scars on my knees "racing stripes". She forced the camera  from me and took a picture of the stripes for posting with the rest of the pictures that are not posted. Somehow that photo was mysteriously deleted. Scuffed-up, 70 something year-old-knees are best left covered. Too bad the picture was deleted, though.

Jim played the entire session without stopping for a rest. Hope he had enough Ben Gay and 'Vitamin I' to carry him through the night.

In addition the Shenanigans described above, there was plenty of serious pickleball. Cold and raw or not, the matches heated up to the point where some players, so adorned, stripped off their sweatpants. Luckily, most remembered to put on shorts before donning the sweats.