Saturday, April 25, 2015

Greater Greenville Senior Sports Classic - Pickleball Tournament - April 22 & 23 2015

We had 67 contestants in various matches at Gower Park Estates, Greenville, SC on Wednesday and Thursday - April 22 and 23. The weather was bright and very windy at times. But, that didn't stop the action - in fact, the wind spiced up the games. There were competitors from Fort Mills/Sun City, SC, Henderson, NC, Connestee Falls, NC Keowee Keys, SC, Stillwater, Seneca, SC, GA, and of course the Greenville area.

Kudos to Gary Allen for all of the work he did organizing the event and thanks to Kaye Allen and Jan Armacher for helping out.

Joni Dillworth and her crew and the Walgreen volunteers did a great job. Their combined effort and enthusiasm helped make the tournament a huge success. Thanks also to all of the ball shaggers.

                                                 TOURNAMENT RESULTS - Submitted Gary Allen

Winners Advanced, Advanced/Intermediate Tournament
Men’s Doubles:
1st Place: Larry Formichella and Jim Wilke - Hendersonville, NC
2nd Place: Bob Bringas and Bob Kiener – Ft. Mills/Sun City, SC
3rd Place: Mike Kaplan and Steve Johnson – Upstate Pickleball Group – Greenville, SC
Women’s Doubles:
1st Place: Susan Flynt and Jenny Kemp – Connestee Falls, NC
2nd Place: Sharon Davis and Sharon McKenzie – Ft.Mills/Sun city, SC
3rd Place: Wendy Evans and Tricia Phillips – Stillwater, Seneca, SC
Mixed Doubles:
1st Place: James Wilke and Lora Mason – Hendersonville, NC and Connestee Falls, NC
2nd Place: Walter Straus and Emily Rudow – Athens, GA
3rd Place: tied: Chris Williamson and Susan Flynt – Connestee Falls, NC
Paul Aaron and Jennifer Kemp – Connestee Falls, NC

Winners – GGSSC Intermediate/ ovice Pickleball Tournament
Thursday, April 23, 2015, 10 teams competed
1st Place: Howard and Dianna Poland - Ft. Mills/Sun City, SC
2nd Place: Tom Brophy and Pat Mertes Ft. Mills/Sun City, SC
3rd Place: James Cameron and Mike Saunders - Upstate Pickleball Group – Greenville, SC
4th Place: Geraldine O’Brien and Cathy Zugel – Upstate Pickleball Group – Greenville, SC

Captions refer to the photo above it. Individual photos can be enlarged by right-clicking on them.
Mike Kaplan in fine form.
                                       Mike Kaplan and Steve Johnson                                        
                                             Kaye and Gary Allen tending to the match scores.
                                                         Eric Thomas w/ partner Gary Hayler
                                                                             Gary Hayler
                                                           Much welcomed shady spot.
                                         Kathy Zugel and Geraldine O'Brien battling at the net.
                                                          Backhand with an attitude!
                                                           Kathy Zugel at the baseline.
Gary Hayler
Mike Westfall
                                                       An underhand shot from the baseline.
                                                                   Jerry Schmitt on serve,
                                                 Marion and Mike Westfall guarding their turf.
                                                      Bob Taylor and Jerry Schmitt
                                                       Mike Saunders and Jim Cameron
                                              Jim Cameron: Red Shirted and Suspendered!
                                             Mike Saunders digging one out at the baseline.
                                                                          Walt Jacobs
                                                       Walt Jacobs and Peter Fallon
                                                                       Visitors in red.
                                                    Bob Taylor, Mike and Marion Westfall

Photos, captions and  blurb by yon editor.
Ron Blake