Friday, October 30, 2009

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A good time was had by all today. It was perfect weather..... cloudy, 70's and no wind and there were 14 pickleball players. The games started about 15 minutes till 1:00. The scheduled time was 1:00 but there were 7 players there before 1. Steve, Bob T., Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Mike, Ann K., Johnny, Carol, John, Jan, Catherine, Ken and I were the players of the day. The last game ended about 15 minutes till 5:00. We were pleasantly surprised to see Mike's wife, Ann, come to play today. I hope she will make a habit of it. Ron and Sharon were back. We really missed them while they were away. We've schedule pickleball for tomorrow morning but the weather is looking iffy. I hope we will be able to pull it off. Maybe that rain will pass on over us.
Anyway I'm looking forward to more pickleball games soon. Lynn
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pickleball Wednesday Afternoon 10-28-09

Ralph airborne

There were 8 pickleballers today....... Steve, Bob T., Ralph, Catherine, Dorothy, Lynne S., Ken & I. Ken and I got to the courts about 12:30 to find Steve and Bob already working on the puddles. We went down and joined them and soon had the courts in shape to play. Since there were 8 of us I wasn't able to take many pictures. I did get a few shots though of a game with Ken & Bob playing Steve & Ralph. No one else was there yet so I was out of the game. Catherine and Dorothy arrived so we were going to go over to the other court just to hit some balls till the game ended. Lynne S. came and we were glad to see her as we had 8 players then and were able to have 2 doubles games going. The weather was great today, especially after having such a day as we had yesterday. It rained all day and into the evening yesterday. Today the sun was out, the temp was in the 7o's and there was a bit of a breeze that at times tried to mess with our balls. Jan came by late in the session with her dog to visit. She and the dog really got Bridget excited. Bridget barked and barked till she ran them off.

Thanks everyone for coming today. We had a great time and also thanks Bob for the sweet potatoes. Hope to see everyone on Friday and Sharon and Ron too. Lynn

Bob & Ken

Ken putting on the brakes

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Pickleball Monday Morning 10-26-09

There were 8 of us for pickleball this morning. It was on the windy side
and kind of chilly at first, but moving around we warmed up pretty fast.
I didn't get to take any pictures today as it was continuous playing which
was nice but no time for picture taking. Those players that were
present today were Steve, Ralph, Johnny, Carol, Joanie, Mike, Ken and I.
Mike was back from his trip down to the Villages in Florida so it was interesting hearing about his time there. He got to play pickleball and found out that it is a game that is taken very seriously there. Sounds like he held his own and played with some very formidable players.
We missed our other players that didn't come today. We're looking forward to Ron and Sharon coming back on Friday and hope some of our other missing ones will show back up too. We're hoping to play on Wednesday afternoon if we can get a group together. Hope to see you on Wednesday for more fun and pickleball games..... Lynn

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pickleball Thursday Morning 10-22-09

Jan, Bob T., John, Ken, Joanie & Steve taking a break between games
We played pickleball this morning because the forecast for rain for tomorrow was getting pretty high and we didn't want to gamble on not being able to play at all. There were 9 pickleball players today, 7 regular players and 2 new players that arrived towards the end of our session. Those present today were Bob T., Steve, Joanie, John, Jan, Ken and I plus our new players Dorothy and Catherine. We played canadian doubles on one court and regular doubles on the other so there wasn't much resting today. We enjoyed having Dorothy and Catherine join us today and they seemed to enjoy playing pickleball. They also are tennis players. We hope that they will come back again soon. Looking forward to more fun and pickleball games next week and I hope the weather will behave. Lynn

Jan going for the ball

Jan & John playing Steve & Bob T.
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pickleball Tuesday Afternoon 10-20-09

Ron & Sharon

We had a nice afternoon for pickleball. In the 70's, sunny and the wind wasn't too bad. There were 10 players ...... Bob T., Steve, Ralph, John, Lynne S., Johnny, Ron, Sharon, Ken & Lynn(me). We missed all of our vacationing p'ballers today but we did have a good group and lots of fun. We hate to see Ron & Sharon leave tomorrow but they'll be back next week in time to play with us Friday of next week. They are headed for the cold country.

Right now Friday is up in the air. The forecast doesn't look so good. We'll just have to wait and see. Lynn

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John & Ken


Bob T. & Steve

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Pickleball Friday Afternoon 10-16-09

We switched to the afternoon today to play pickleball. The sun did come out for a little while but it was nicer when it was cloudy. We had to do some squeegeeing of the courts after the rains on Wednesday and Thursday but it wasn't too bad. There were 11 pickleball players today for the session starting with who got to the courts first after Ken and I...... Lynne S., Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Jan, Johnny, Carol, Bob H., and Mike. We were pleasantly surprised to see Mike as he has been gone all week to an Elder Hostel. He said he got home today and was eating lunch, decided to check his email and saw that we were playing at 1:00 this afternoon. So he knew what he was going to do this afternoon! He came right over! It was nice to see everyone else too.
It looks like we might be done with the rain for a few least through Tuesday so we are looking forward till then for more fun and pickleball games. We should have Steve and Joanie back from their vacations but Mike will be taking off again on Monday to go to the Villages in Florida. Hopefully he will be playing pickleball there and we are anxious to know the outcome of that. He should be back the following week and will tell us all about it. I hope everyone else can come next week. Lynn

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pickleball Tuesday morning 10-13-09

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We had a good morning for pickleball but of course the morning started out with squeegeeing the courts after the rains that we had on Monday. There was a total of 12 pickleball players today. 10 were there for the whole session and 2 came at the end. The players today were Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Carol, Johnny, Ed, John, Bob H., Jan, Steve T., Ken and Lynn(me). Jan had a tennis match today but came over to the courts when Ron, Sharon, Ken & I were packing up to go home. We were easy to talk into playing one more game so Jan got credit for today. Then Steve T., the tennis instructor arrived and was waiting for his student so we played another game with him. So Steve T. got in one more game and Jan got in 2 games for the session today.
The weather was wonderful today. It started out foggy and damp but the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful fall day. We are missing several players to vacations and traveling this week but thankfully we had enough players to take up the slack.
It was Ed's first time to play pickleball today. He is Carol's brother and also a tennis player like Carol so he picked up the game quickly. He is a very good player and we hope he'll come back to play with us again soon.
Several items were left at the court today. John left his paddle and Ed left his sweater and wallet. We picked up everything and got Ed's belongings back to him. John, we'll bring your paddle next time.
Thanks to Sharon for bringing cleaning supplies and cleaning up the sink in the women's bathroom. It was a mess after the kids painted the bathrooms a couple of months ago. They got paint everywhere.
We're switching to afternoon play on Friday as it is getting colder in the mornings and seems to be a nice temperature in the afternoon to play. So hope to see everyone for more fun and pickleball games Friday afternoon at 1:00........ Lynn
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Friday, October 9, 2009

Pickleball Friday 10-9-09

Lynne S. took this group shot.
(back row)Johnny, Mike, John & Bob T.
(middle)Ken, Lynn L., Linda, Ron & Sharon
(front)Jan, Ralph, Lynn(me) & Bridget the doggie
When Ken and I got to the courts this morning we were horribly surprised to see that they were soaking wet. No dry spots at all. It had only sprinkled some up where we live so we did not expect this. Well we started working on them and Bob T. joined us shortly after we started. Ralph, John & Mike helped out too when they got there. The courts were so wet that we really couldn't get them dry but I think they were better and a little less slippery. Lynn and Linda, our visitors that winter in Arizona, arrived shortly after 9:00 when most of our other players were arriving. No one seemed to be put off by the wetness of the courts and came ready to play. We got the games going and had some good competition. There were 13 hearty pickleball players today......Bob T., Ralph, Mike, John, Lynn L., Linda L., Ron, Sharon, Johnny, Jan, Lynne S., Ken and Lynn(me).
Bob T. brought homemade oatmeal raisin cookies that just hit the spot this morning. Bob made them himself last night. Thanks Bob!!! We sure did enjoy them!!
Lynne S. surprised us this morning. We thought she was out of town till the 15th but she came. Lynne did not plan to play because of her knees and had planned to just come and visit.....but she just couldn't stand it and had to play!!
We really enjoyed having Lynn L. & Linda L. visiting and playing pickleball with us today. I hope they will put us on their route again. They are really good players and we all really enjoyed having them join us this morning. And I'm so glad that the weather behaved and let us play.
Tuesday is looking good right now so we're looking forward to more fun and pickleball games then....... Lynn
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In the top shot of Mike he is having second thoughts about going on his vacation for the next 2 weeks. He's thinking about all the pickleball he is going to miss!!!