Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pickleball Tuesday 9-29-09

It was a GREAT day for pickleball! Started out a little chilly but warmed up nicely to a comfortable temperature this morning. Those of us that started out in light jackets quickly shed them when the sun took over the courts. There were 15 pickleball players today. Those that were accounted for were Joanie, Bob T., Steve, Lynne S., Mike, John, Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Johnny, Jan, Bob H., Anne, Ken & Lynn (me). Bob T. was back today after being out for several weeks with a pulled calf muscle. It was great to have him back and I don't think he was rusty at all. He played as good as ever. But we lost Johnny today to a pulled hamstring. I hope he won't have to take off too much time for that. As you can see above Ron put everything into his game. He took 2 falls in the same game. I'm glad I got one on camera so that you can see how a real pickleball player plays! Fortunately he bounces right back up and no harm done.
We'll be losing Anne for about 6 weeks as she is taking off for Spain to go hiking. Jan is done for the week as she is headed to Virginia for a reunion. But she'll be back next week I hope. Bob S. made an appearance but didn't come to play.
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Pickleball Friday 9-25-09

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There were 14 pickleball players today accounted for. Those present were Steve, Lynne S., Mike, Joanie, Ralph, Johnny, Carol, Ron, Sharon, Bob H., Jan, Anne, Ken and Lynn (me). Steve was the first to arrive after Ken and I got to the courts this morning. We played some canadian doubles until another player showed up. Lynne S. came next and joined our game to make it regular doubles.
Thought Bob T. would come back today but he didn't. We'll be missing Anne soon as she will be taking off for Spain towards the end of next week and will be gone for over a month. Hope she'll come to play on Tuesday for one more time before she leaves us, especially since we have her paddle as she left it at the court today.
Looks like Sharon has settled into the nickname of Cupcake and now Carol has acquired the nickname of Smash.
I had fun today and hope everyone else did too. We really got lucky with the weather today and didn't have to squeegee courts either.
Looking forward to more fun and pickleball games on Tuesday. Right now the weather is looking good for then. ..........Lynn
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Lynne S. & Steve playing Sharon & Mike
Steve, Mike & Sharon
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Ken, Anne, Steve & Sharon
Ralph, Ron & Carol
Posted by PicasaRalph, Jan, Ron & Carol
Jan, Steve, Ken & Carol

Ralph & Ron
Posted by PicasaRalph, Ron, Mike & Bob H.
Joanie & Lynne playing against Johnny & Ralph
Lynne & Steve
Lynne & Bob H. playing against Joanie & Ralph
Bob H. going for the ball, Joanie & Ralph on the other side
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pickleball Thursday 9-24-09

Ken and I thought we would go to Timmons Park this morning and play some half court pickleball and then throw a round of disc golf. The tennis instructor, Steve, who we see sometimes there, was waiting for his student to come. Ken invited him to play some pickleball with us. So we played a couple of games of canadian doubles. Then his student, Gretchen, arrived and he talked her into playing a game of pickleball with us. Well we ended up playing 3 more games of pickleball and they seemed to really enjoy it. I think Steve was ready to ditch the tennis lessons and continue playing pickleball. Being tennis players they really picked up the game fast. Maybe they will join us again in the future sometime.
Looking forward to our pickleball session tomorrow...... Lynn

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pickleball Tuesday 9-22-09

We got to the courts this morning with our court swabbing tools in hand. After 4 days of rain they were in pretty bad shape.....but we've seen worse. Ken and I started working and were joined by Steve and Lynne S. When we thought we had them in good enough shape we started a game. That was a little before 9:00. Mike arrived, while we were playing our first game, and picked up one of the push brooms and worked a little more. Thanks for the help today everyone!!! It was a great morning for pickleball as the sun stayed in for most of the time. There were 14 pickleball players today. A good showing after all the bad weather that we've had. Those that attended today's session were Steve, Lynne S., Mike, Johnny, Ralph, Anne, Ron, Sharon, Bob H., Joanie, Jan, Carol, Ken and Lynn (me). We had some pretty tough competitive games today but they were all fun.

We had a call yesterday from Bob T. Sounds like we can expect him back when we least expect him. He's still a little afraid of making those quick moves on the court. But it sounds like he'll be back soon.

Ken and I want to say thank you so much for the card and Sports Authority gift card that you guys gave us today. We know you are thanking us for what we've done but we definitely couldn't have done it without you!!! The pickleball group means so much to us and we really appreciate all of our pickleball pals!!!

Hope to see everyone on Friday for more fun and pickleball games.......Lynn

Ooops.....I forgot to mention that Sharon's new nickname is Cupcake!!

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