Friday, August 28, 2009

Pickleball Friday 8-28-09 Wet Courts

Well this is how our pickleball session started today. Rain in the night and this morning soaked our courts. Ken and I got to the park this morning early and started squeegeeing, thinking that no one else would come. We thought we would play some half court when we got the court dry enough.
To our amazement Steve showed up with push broom in hand to help.
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Stevie Wonder, the Sheik, Jan, and Spidey These were the players of the last game which ended at 1:00 PM.
We had a fantastic turnout for pickleball today!!! Just amazing. There was some true commitment to the game displayed today. There were 12 pickleball players for the session!! Steve, Joanie, Mike, Ron, Sharon, Ralph, Bob H., Claude, Jan, Johnny, Ken and I. Joanie came early so 4 of us started a game. Soon Mike arrived too and then the rest started coming. It was great!! The sun didn't come out but the courts dried and our pickleball session turned out to be a good one. Play didn't stop till 1:00! Johnny brought his daughter, Saxton, and grandchildren. The grandchildren played on the swings and playground while Saxton watched us. We invited her to play but she said "next time". Ken and I found out some impressive news this morning in the USA Today. There was an article about Bill Gates and his father. They play pickleball!!!
Hope to play again on Tuesday...... Lynn
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Steve & the Sheik

Jan & Spidey

Spidey & Jan
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Spidey & Sheik

Ron & Claude
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Jan & Steve

Sharon & Johnny
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Ralph & Joanie

Ken & Spike (Ron)

Claude & Lynn

Steve & Sharon
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pickleball Tuesday 8-25-09

Ralph & the Sheik

Spidey & Spike

Spidey & Spike
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Who is in the KITHCHEN (no volley zone) ???

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Ron, Spidey, Ralph & Ken
Another nice morning for pickleball. Jan and I played Ken and Ralph in the first game this morning. It was a close one. We ended up with 12 pickleball players today. Those that were present for today's session were Jan, Ralph, Lynne S., Mike, Johnny, Carol, Bob H., Bob S., Ron, Sharon, Ken & I. It was nice to have Ron and Sharon back from their trip to NY. Carol's brother Ed came to watch. He'd never seen pickleball played. He lives in Bradenton, FL. Our friend Bill stopped by to bring Lynne S.'s knee supports to her and to visit. We had some great competition and great fun this morning. Hope to do it again on Friday...... Lynn
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Spidey & Lynne S.

Johnny & Ralph

Jan & Carol
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Bob S. & Bob H.

Jan & Ralph

Ralph, Jan, Bob S. & Bob H.

Sharon & Ron
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Pickleball Friday 8-21-09

(back row)Pete, Ken, Spidey, Carol, Johnny, Bob H.
(front row)Joanie, Ralph, Jan, Lynn
This picture was taken by Lynne S. so I could be in it.
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