Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 12-30-08

Five showed up for Pickleball on this 65 degree, breezy day. And, the last Pickleball event for 2008! Present: Jan, Bob H., Elaine, Sharon & Ron. We played games of seven so the 'odd man or woman out' could rotate in without sitting too long. Elaine left early, so we - the remaining four - played games to eleven and changed partners and sides at the end of each game. The team facing west had to contend with the sun - now low in the sky and a challenge when receiving high serves or lobs from those with the sun at their backs. Of course, no one would do such a thing on purpose?
Ron & Sharon

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pickleball Friday 12-19-08

Today it was about 65 degrees and very, very windy. According to Weather.com: winds were at 26 MPH with gusts to 35 MPH.
Present: Mike K, Bob Hopp, Steve, Sharon & Ron.
The wind was from the west, so we played on the easternmost court so we wouldn't have to go so far to shag balls. The wind was so strong that we had to make a lot of adjustments during the games to keep the balls in the court. This was especially true while serving. We played several games and rotated the 5th person in at the end of each game. In spite of the wind, we had about 3 games that went 10 to 10. We also had a few blowouts.
The wind managed to blow our chairs down more than once.
But, we had a good time.
Because of everyone's busy schedule and travels, no matches are going to be scheduled for the week of Christmas.
Ron & Sharon

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pickleball Wednesday 12-17-08

We rescheduled the regular Tuesday pickleball matches for today (Wednesday Dec. 17th) because it seemed to be the best day - according to the weather forecasts. But, it was foggy, and the weather didn't look especially promising. Sharon and I went to the courts in case anyone showed up. We tried to dry one court with limited success, because it was drizzling at the time. Sharon & I warmed up by playing singles. Steve showed up after a one-week hiatus having been on a cruise. We played 3 games of "Canadian doubles" each taking a turn "in the box". We started to slip around on the courts, so decided to call it a day.
Friday looks like we'll have good weather, so we'll schedule a match for then.
Ron & Sharon

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pickleball Friday 12-12-08

Some of our missing pickleball players showed back up today. We were pleasantly surprised. Claude has moved back into the area and Lynne S. came back today. We hadn't seen Claude since last spring. It was great to have both of them back.

There was a good group for pickleball today. There were 11 all total. The most we've had in a while. The players were Ron, Sharon, Elaine, Jan, Ralph, Mike, Claude, Lynne S., Bob H., Ken and I. Ron and Sharon were already working on the courts when we got there. We've had a lot of rain over the past 3 days so there were lots of puddles on the courts. So Ken and I hurried on down to the courts with our squeegee and broom and started helping them to spread the water out. It didn't take too long to have the courts playable. The sun was out for the first time in 3 days and it really wasn't too cold. Some of us were in shorts. The wind wasn't too bad at first but seemed to pick up as the afternoon went along.

Ron and Sharon are going to organize the pickleball sessions for a couple of weeks now so I hope they get some good turnouts for play. We really appreciate their willingness to keep things going.
Remember to always be on the alert for potential picklers.
Hope to C U on D courts!!!......Lynn

Monday, December 8, 2008

Pickleball Monday 12-8-08

Ron was able to play today after his 6 weeks off for the shoulder surgery. Yeah!!! We were so glad to have him back on the court with us. It was a pretty nice day for pickleball.....sunny, about 50 degrees and not too much wind. We had 8 pickleball players today. They were Ron, Sharon, Ralph, Jan, Bob H., Mike, Ken and I. Ralph was also back from being sick last week.
We all had some good games and Bob H. was really hustling today and playing good. Jan is really playing well too after just having played a few times. During our last game the temperature was really cooling down.
We missed Steve today and hope he and his wife are having fun on their vacation. We are also missing our other pickleball players and hope they will find their way back.
Remember.....if you have any friends that would like to try pickleball bring them along.
Ron and Sharon are going to be sending out the pickleball messages for a couple of weeks. We hope to play on Friday again. Looks like rain for Tues, Wed, and Thurs.
Hope to C U on D Courts......Lynn

Friday, December 5, 2008

Pickleball Friday 12-5-08

It was a really nice day but only 5 pickleball players and 1 ball boy, who also did some geocaching, showed up. Steve, Mike, Sharon, Lynn and I were the players and Ron was our ball boy. After getting the water off the courts from yesterday's rain we got in our usual 3 hours of play. Mike and Lynn played against Steve and I for 3 more close games after Ron and Sharon left.
Ron says he will be able to play the next time we play but we have lost Steve for next week as he will be going on a cruise. He was really excited about being upgraded to a penthouse suite.
Next week is not looking the best but hopefully we can get in a couple of days of play.
Remember to invite your friends to come and try pickleball.
C U on D courts.....Ken

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 12-02-08

It was a little chilly today but we still ended up with 7 pickleball players and 1 ball shagger. Our pickleball players today were Steve, Jan, Sharon, Bob T., Mike, Ken and I with Ron as our ball shagger.
We got good news today that Ron will be able to play next Tuesday. His shoulder should be as good as new. We are looking forward to having Ron back on the court with us. We do appreciate all the ball shagging and picture taking that he has done though during his recuperating.
Hope to see our missing players start returning to the court too.