Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pickleball Tuesday 4-28-09

We had a very good turnout. Present: Bob T, Bob H, Anne, Jan, Ralph, Johnny, Dan (with his new paddle), Sharon and this reporter.
We had a beautiful day for p'ball with some light winds. The occasional gusts were not nearly strong enough for anyone to legitimately claim them as a problem on mis-hits and errant balls. Though, some did!
We took over both courts and shuffled players around, so everyone got to play with, or against, everyone else. We had a lot of good games, some tight and a few with notable spreads. But, every game had a winner, and as usual - there were no losers. We started at 9:30AM and everyone was ready to call it a day at Noon. So, that's what we did.
We are planning another session on Friday May 1st @ 9:30 AM.
Ron & Sharon

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pickleball Friday 4-24-09

Hot today. In the high 80's, but wind was not an issue for a change. Present: Ralph, Mike, Bob H. Sharon & this reporter. We had several good games and some laughs, because Mike was in his best form.
Five women were playing tennis on the other court. A few took an interest in our match and the game in particular. We let them hit the ball around a little with our extra paddles. Two of the quintet wanted to learn more about the game. Mike secured an Email address from one of the interested parties. My guess is that he'll forward it to the P'ball Group or send her the Web page address.
Mike's wife Ann and a friend stopped by to watch us play. Mike easily convinced Ann to join us for a game. Ann has played tennis in the past and has played pickleball one time with Mike. She did well and, as a matter of fact, she & Mike beat Sharon and me in a "squeaker", 11-1. Just kidding of course, the final score was 11-9.
It looks like were are in for a string of nice but warm weather. We decided that we will start scheduling AM sessions, starting next week.
Ron & Sharon

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pickleball Wednesday 4-22-09

Sharon and I were the only players present on this sunny, but very blustery day. We played for an hour and spent a lot of time chasing balls all of which ended up against the eastern fence no matter where they were hit out of play.
We were advised that some players wouldn't be there because of conflicts. But, we got a pretty good workout and stuck it out for a while thinking Steve might show up later. Hope he didn't arrive after we left?
We have a good weather prediction for Friday with winds at a measly 7 MPH. Hope that prediction holds. So, we'll be there at 1:00 PM.
Ron & Sharon

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ralph in action!!

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Pickleball Friday 4-17-09

Today was our first time to play pickleball this week. Some of our players have been traveling and 2 have gone back to work, plus all the rain and wind that we've had.......it's been hard to plan our pickleball playing. But today we had a great day for pickleball. There were 12 of us on the courts today.....Bob T., Ron, Sharon, Ralph, Jan, Johnny, Carol, Bob H., Dan, Steve, Ken and I. The weather was great.....sunny, in the 70's and not much wind. Dan took a couple of tumbles today and I hope he is ok. We've all got to remember that we are there to have fun and not to kill ourselves to get to a ball (unless we're playing against Steve). I tried to take lots of pictures today but for some reason it seems that some of them didn't come out. I tried to get some pictures of Carol playing with Ralph today but they don't seem to be there. Maybe I was looking too much into the sun and it messed me up.
That's Sharon in the picture above.
Remember, if you have any friends or family that would like to try pickleball ask them to come.
Hope we can get in lots of playing next week.
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Johnny & Ron in a pickle

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Johnny & Lynn

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bob & Johnny

Pickleball Thursday 4-9-09

Finally the wind calmed down some what today so that some of us could get out and play some pickleball. The past few days the wind has blown something awful with strong gusts. Now tomorrow the rain comes back. Oh well, we did have a good time today. There were 7 players for pickleball today.....Jan, Bob T., Ralph, John, Johnny, Ken and I. We got very excited when we saw Lynne S. pull into the parking lot but she was only dropping by to give something to Ron and Sharon who were not there. Apparently Lynne S. got a bunch of blisters on her heels from hiking last Saturday and can't put shoes on with heels now. I told her she should have been playing pickleball with us instead and she would not be in this predicament. She agreed. We enjoyed seeing her anyway and having a short visit. Frank, the park ranger also came by to visit and sit a while with us. We haven't been able to talk him into trying pickleball yet. We had some good games and when Bob, Jan and I were out we tried playing Cut Throat. That's a different way for 3 to play. It was fun too. Of course Bob beat Jan and I though. But that's ok as Bob has been playing pickleball everyday down in Florida over the winter. We have not. I wish Anne would come back to play with us. We also miss our other players that seem to be doing something else. Steve and Mike have gone back to work. Go figure that one! And Ron and Sharon are on vacation.
I hope that next week will be a better week for pickleball. Remember, if you think of anyone that would like to try pickleball bring them along.
Hope to C U on D Courts......Lynn......P.S. I have pictures below and above from today.
Jan and who's foot is that!
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Ken and Jan
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Jan and Ken
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pickleball Saturday 4-4-09

This is the first time we've played pickleball on a Saturday. We played this morning at 9:00 and had 11 players. Ken and I got to the courts just past 8:30 and Bob T. arrived a few minutes after us. Bob just got back home yesterday from 4 months in Florida. It is good to have him back. The 3 of us had to catch up on things and Bob told us that he has ordered the new Apike paddle. That will be interesting to see how it plays when he gets it. We started hitting some balls and Steve arrived so we started the first game. The players today were Bob T., Steve, Ralph, Jan, John, Carol, Johnny, Mike, Joanie, Ken and I. Jan came for about an hour and helped out till the other players could get there. She had to leave early to go on a family camping trip. It was beautiful weather today. Once the sun got up we warmed up and there was really no wind. Most of us played in shorts and t-shirts. It was nice to get such a good turnout for our first ever Saturday pickleball session. We missed Ron and Sharon. They opted for a hike with our hiking club instead of pickleball. Hope the weather next week will let us have a couple of good days for pickleball and we'll all get together again. Lynn
P.S. I guess I got so excited about everyone coming that I forgot to take some pictures, so shown above are the new Apike paddles that are being made in China.