Friday, October 19, 2012

FriBall - October 19, 2012

The UPG was short on players today (compared to 20 on 10/16/12) but long on great matches. Ten players were in action: Mike, Steve, Gary A, Bob T, Rob, Kim, Jacob-the-younger, Peter, Walt and Lynne. Yon Editor was there to observe, take notes and shoot pics.
Below: Bob T (L) and Peter go for a ball down the center. Peter takes the shot.
Below. Clockwise from top L: Kim, Steve, Walt and Rob.
 Below. L: Peter; Top R: Gary A; Bott R: Mike and Gary A.
Below: Jacob was back in town. He has been busy with school, but that hasn't impacted his game much. In this photo Jacob attacks the ball. Not a big deal, except he came from the right side of the court - behind his partner to successfully return this shot. They eventually lost this rally, but it wasn't for the lack of effort.
Looking forward to the next session.
Yon Editor

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Ball. Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012

A beautiful day at Gower brought out a fine crowd including one new player, several newer players and a bunch of veterans. Sunny, cool at 60 degrees with an occasional moderate breeze. Welcome to newbie Bill M (last photo) who hails from Campobello - a 40-minute haul, and to the newer players - most or all shown in the collage above and included somewhere in the player list below. UPGers occupied four courts that were kept mostly busy with some fine matches and considerable merriment!

Below: That's Carol and her shadow returning a shot with a high backhand.
We had 19 players in action and one spectator. Players: Pat, Kim, Amy, Julia, Bill M, Karen, Sharon, Gary A, Gary H, Mike, Chris, Steve, Lynne, Walt, Johnny and Carol, Bob T, Barbara and Brenda.
Comment from the peanut gallery. All players are all obliged to shag balls especially after a match concludes. Otherwise the ball bags will be depleted before the other matches are finished. That's it folks. Have fun at p'ball, work to improve your game and you'll enjoy the sport even more than you already do.

Note:The photos (including the collage) can be enlarged by right-clicking on the image.

Spike (DL)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

11/12/12 - Friday P'ball

Fourteen players were in action on this breezy day and one spectator/photographer was also on site (and, still on the DL). Players: Sandy and John, Johnny and Carol, Sharon, Steve, Mike, Bob T, Bob D, Gary H, Walt, Karen, Anne and Ray. The wind was playing havoc at first, but the p'ballers soon got used to it and soldiered on with no formal complaints being registered.
Below: Players resting (goofing off) under the Official UPG Tree.
Below: This is the kind of image that you can expect when the photojournalist team-of-one has too much time on his hands.
                                                   Below: Bob T, Walt, Gary H and Ray.
So, the troops were out in force and played scads of matches and some exceptional ones at that. A fun-packed day on the courts.