Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday (Wetday) P'ball - Sept. 28, 2010

The courts were wet when the 1st p'ballers arrived on the scene, but the troops pitched in dried up things in nothing flat. Buckeye, arrived when the task was almost finished. But, just to make sure that he wouldn't have to wield a squeegee, he milled around his truck for about 5 minutes - killing time. You go, Bucky! Regulars, Ralph and John (The Spinmaster) were back in action as well. Also: Mike (Spidy), Carol (Lash), Johnny (Hoot), Jan, Charley, Ray, Sharon (Cupcake) and Ron (Spike). Should total 11. If not, be sure to write in.
Above: Cupcake about to let one fly. Below: The Spinmaster (L) and Hoot.

Below: That would be Jan in the stylish, but casual mode.
Players straggled in until 10:00 and most petered out by 11:30, but we managed to get lots of matches in. Some tight and some blowouts. But, that's the way the game goes. Our weather forecasters are hard at work and the UPG Doppler unit is fired up and operational - that combination should almost guarantee a weather forecast for Friday. Will advise.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Freaky Friday & P'ball - 9/24/2010

OK. We celebrated our 1st ever (and last) First Freaky Friday and it was a rousing success with 80% participation including 'ball-girl' Lou. The theme: Cruise/island attire. At first it seemed to the Group Event Organizer (GEO) that some of our 9 players didn't put their entire hearts into this highly publicized event. But, as the P'ball session progressed, folks started pulling stuff out of their bags and soon displayed some spiffy outfits. Some came dressed for the occasion, but as you can see, that might have posed some problems for Spidy who was the all-out winner. He was scantily attired in a lava-lava that he brought back from his recent trip to Hawaii & Samoa. Above: Spidy graciously accepts the First Place Trophy from Cupcake (a 3rd runner up). Below: Ace, Second Place winner receives her trophy from yours truly (among the also rans).
Present for the fun and games: Mike, Pete, Jan, Lynne, Steve, Muriel, Charley, Sharon & Ron and our ball-shagger Lou. Below: Four more '3rd runners-up' (or runner-ups, but the first version is the best option).
We also played Pickleball and had a bunch of good games. And, it was hot again. We are all anxiously awaiting the Fall weather.
Don't forget. You can enlarge these photos (including the collages) by double-clicking them with your left mouse button. Below: Freaky Friday mosaic w/ smiley.
The upcoming weather could pose some scheduling problems next week; we'll see how it goes. Watch for related E-mails.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday P'ball - Sept. 21, 2010

We had 10 players in action: Lynne, Mike, Johnny, Carol, Steve, Ray, Charley, Bob H, Sharon & Ron. It was a swell day temperature-wise and we had a bit of a wind to help keep things interesting. We rotated around and everybody got to play everybody. We had several sparkling matches and a few lesser ones including at least two shutouts. Lynne (Ace) was literally on fire - serving up ACES like they were going out of style. Spidy is still the court choreographer and is doing a spanking job - while maintaining his steadfast position as being one of the hardest to beat in any given match.
Stevie Wonder was on his best behavior, only being scolded once for poaching; Buckeye was hot at the net and delivered more than a few body strikes (sometimes with the ball). Carol & Johnny (Lash & Hoot) played their usual stellar games - chewing away at their opponents' good nature and adding to their individual point spreads.
The rest of the troops? Charley, Cupcake, Ray and yon editor: Just kept plugging along, banging away at the ball, winning a few and losing a few.
Another good day under our belts. We will be back at it again on 'Freaky Friday', September 24, 2010. Watch for the e-mail announcement.

Friday, September 17, 2010

P'ball Session - Fri, Sept 17, 2010

That's Jan in the foreground executing a backhand, and Ace in the background executing a forehand. Coy play on words, no? Two executions, too. That doesn't happen every day! Sorry about taking editorial liberties.

We had a nice day and 9 players showed up to play some p'ball: Mike, Steve, Lynne, Jan, Ray, Charley, Pete, Johnny and Ron (Blurbist and complainer).
Above: Hoot & Pete deal with Stevie Wonder and Ace (away).
Above. Clockwise from top L: Jan & Charley, Ray, The Shadow, Pete.
Below: Clockwise from top L: Ace & Stevie Wonder, Hoot hitting hard, Stevie Wonder in fine form, Ace's signature backhand.
Spidy made his Court Coordinator debut today and should be applauded for his effort. At one point there were 7 players on one court and two on the other (both on the same side of the net*), but no one noticed and the matches went on without a hitch.
*This twosome won 11-0 and reportedly never relinquished the serve.
Last event of the day: Spidy-the-long, came back from a 6-2 deficit to crush the not-so-dynamic duo of Stevie-I-Wonder & Bent-Roofing-Nail (formerly Spike) 12-10. That would be the second such defeat in as many chances.
See you next week. Be sure to READ related emails, because there will be a Special Event on Friday, September 24, 2010. These occasional Friday events will generally be referred to as 'Freaky Fridays' (phrase graciously provided by Jan). The awesome and exciting events will have a theme to be determined. But, you must READ all of the words in the E-mails, otherwise you may come to p'ball and be shunned because you are not in the proper mode - if you get the drift! Read & heed.
Finish Nail

Thursday, September 16, 2010

P'ball session - Tuesday, 9/14/2010

No pictures today. Too, busy shagging players around the court. But, Spidy has volunteered to take on that job so this blurbist can spend more time 'shootin' and less time grumbling.

We had 10 players in action: Johnny, Carol, Ray, Charlie, Bob H, Mike, Lynne, Steve, Sharon & Ron.

Long-lost Gary showed up as well, somewhat worse for the wear. He took a digger while participating in a long bicycle ride in Oregon which is somewhere in the northwest - we think. Gary managed to fracture his clavicle and received some road burns as well, but refused to show the wounds to us. Anyway, his left arm is in a sling, but that didn't keep him from trying some practice shots with a member of the UPG Physical Therapy Unit who happened by. Gary will be out of action for several weeks, but he will be allowed to shag balls for us according to the Rules Committee.

Otherwise, we enjoyed the nice day and all of the action on the courts. The players thinned out as the morning wore on, but we still managed to have 4 players in action until 12:15. That's 3 hrs and 15 minutes of almost pure fun.

We'll be playing on Friday 9/17/2010. Watch for the e-mail notice. You, too Spidy!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yes, we have no bandannas - 9/10/2010

Well, only 3 had no bandannas. Spidy gets a pass because he didn't receive the email notification about the event; Buckeye had some lame excuse - something about OSU logo prohibitions, Stevie Wonder doesn't have a bandanna and Ray didn't offer any excuse what-so-ever. Hoot got by with what looked a lot like a necktie, Jan had a ribbon of sorts and the rest of the crew displayed the all-purpose accessory in various modes as seen in the photos below including the surveillance file photo of Jan. Ace, is the uncontested winner of the first ever Bandanna -Day event. In addition to handily winning the unbelievable, and also awesome prize (to be determined by a date not yet known) is the official cover person of this episode of the UPG BLOG. She went the extra mile. Congratz.

Eleven were present for the festivities and Pickleball, too: Bob T, Bob H, Jan, Johnny, Pete, Ray, Steve, Mike (welcome back from worldly travels), Lynne, Sharon & Ron.

Above photo - clockwise from top L: Hoot w/ questionable, but passable bandanna; Cupcake colorfully adorned in lime green, Jan (long-lens security camera photo) and Whiz demonstrating the headband technique with his ball cap jauntily askew.
Above photo. Yon editor (neck style), Pete (hillbilly, square-dancer, rear pocket mode). Spidy demonstrating something, but we know not; actual P'ballers playing.
Above - Clockwise from top L: Ray, Cupcake & Buckeye, Stevie Wonder & Spidy.
With Spidy back on the scene, the conversation over the net increased somewhat and the fierceness of the matches did as well. Many fine games ensued and at least one went to 14-12. There was one notable shutout near the end of the session as well, but I promised Jan that I wouldn't mention it in the BLOG - so I won't. A promise is a promise!
For a guaranteed good time call... never mind. Check your email for the next P'ball schedule announcement.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Only flesh wounds - Tuesday, 9/07/2010

Carol (Lash) earns 'Poster-girl' status, for her tenacious playing style and hard-core returns. She is also recognized for her spiffy outfit including the matching knees.
Twelve players: Anne, Johnny, Carol, Lynne, Pete, Steve, Bob H, Bob T, Claude, Jan, Sharon & The Blurbist. Beautiful weather, slightly warm, occasional breeze. So much for the statistics.
The BLOG title refers to the many kill-shot strikes players suffered during the matches. It seems that there is a lot more net play lately. Consequently, folks are often bopped by balls that were meant to be lobs, but fell short and were then drilled into their chops instead! At least 5 players took direct hits so there were plenty of welts to go around - one just forming on Ace's leg (below R).
Claude made about 15 successful, back-spin drop shots, leaving the opposing players swinging at dead air - 5 feet from the ball. Can't let him watch any more of the US Open, otherwise he'll be using fuzzy balls and serving overhand.
As often happens, there were a few blowouts, but thankfully most matches were tight including 3 'overtime' matches. Stevie Wonder was in all 3 matches and was on the winning side twice.
We'll be at it again on Friday, September 10th if the weatherperson is kind to us. Watch your E-mail. An exciting Friday event is in the early planning stages. Read & heed your E-mail. This is serious business and should not be taken lightly.
Spike (The Blurbist)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The return of the Bob - Friday, 9/03/10

Above: Bob T in action after an official, and authorized medical leave of absence of about 3 months. It didn't take Bob long to get into the swing of things as can be seen above. In fact, he blew a serve by Sharon (Cupcake) that whistled in flight - "made kind of a whizzing sound" is what witnesses seemed to recall. So, Cupcake blessed Bob T with the nickname Whiz. So it is written, so it shall be. (P'ball 2:25). Welcome back, also to Anne (Pit Bull). She has also been off the P'ball scene, busy with major home renovations. Got back into the the game quickly. The other Bob, the Buckeye one, was happier than a clam because Ohio State won it's 1st game of the season, but the smile soon turned to an agonizing grimace after ol' Buckeye took two direct pickleball hits to the midsection while protecting the non-volley line. He is expected to make a full recovery.

We had 10 players total: Bob T, Bob H, Johnny, Anne, Lynne, Charlie, Catherine, Steve, Sharon & this blurbist (a new word, that you are free to use at will).

Our 2nd semi-official dress-code day went over like a lead balloon. Two duds in a row! Believe it or not, some folks had a hard time coming up with these common, basic, every-day colors: mauve, periwinkle, chartreuse and burnt umber. Catherine, came the closest - according to our judges - with a shirt that closely resembled chartreuse. The temperature was a little cooler and that inspired a lot more action on the courts. With just 9 players there wasn't much time to rest in the shade or on our laurels. We had lots of good p'ball action and a great time gabbing when we had a chance. Sorry to say that Charlie bummed a calf muscle so had to sit out the last few matches. Hope it is a temporary setback.
Above: Hoot & Cupcake.
Below: Catherine in chartreuse?
So, that's the report. Stay tuned for other fun-filled announcements, p'ball factoids and grossly exaggerated stories. Watch for a notice of a special day - perhaps on Friday, September 10th.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

UPG - P'all session - Friday, 8/27/2010

Another steamer of a day, but 13 UPG toughies showed up and were ready to play. So, that's what we did. We had many fine games in spite of the heat. The group thinned out after two hours, but there were still enough players to keep one court smoking for another hour. Players: Jan, Johnny, John, Carol, Peter, Peter P (came out of the woodwork - as the saying goes), Charlie, Ray, Bob H, Lynne, Steve, Sharon and Ron.

Above: Lynne (Ace) and Jan protecting their turf. Below: Charlie deftly lofts a ball in the genera direction of his opponents.

Below: John (Spinmaster) lived up the his namesake. He dropped several 'spinners' on the opposite court, occasionally within reach of the competition - but, not for long.
So, we had another fun day in Upstate Pickleballville. We'll be at it again on Friday, Sept 3rd. Watch for the fun-packed E-mail schedule announcement.