Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 12-30-08

Five showed up for Pickleball on this 65 degree, breezy day. And, the last Pickleball event for 2008! Present: Jan, Bob H., Elaine, Sharon & Ron. We played games of seven so the 'odd man or woman out' could rotate in without sitting too long. Elaine left early, so we - the remaining four - played games to eleven and changed partners and sides at the end of each game. The team facing west had to contend with the sun - now low in the sky and a challenge when receiving high serves or lobs from those with the sun at their backs. Of course, no one would do such a thing on purpose?
Ron & Sharon

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pickleball Friday 12-19-08

Today it was about 65 degrees and very, very windy. According to Weather.com: winds were at 26 MPH with gusts to 35 MPH.
Present: Mike K, Bob Hopp, Steve, Sharon & Ron.
The wind was from the west, so we played on the easternmost court so we wouldn't have to go so far to shag balls. The wind was so strong that we had to make a lot of adjustments during the games to keep the balls in the court. This was especially true while serving. We played several games and rotated the 5th person in at the end of each game. In spite of the wind, we had about 3 games that went 10 to 10. We also had a few blowouts.
The wind managed to blow our chairs down more than once.
But, we had a good time.
Because of everyone's busy schedule and travels, no matches are going to be scheduled for the week of Christmas.
Ron & Sharon

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pickleball Wednesday 12-17-08

We rescheduled the regular Tuesday pickleball matches for today (Wednesday Dec. 17th) because it seemed to be the best day - according to the weather forecasts. But, it was foggy, and the weather didn't look especially promising. Sharon and I went to the courts in case anyone showed up. We tried to dry one court with limited success, because it was drizzling at the time. Sharon & I warmed up by playing singles. Steve showed up after a one-week hiatus having been on a cruise. We played 3 games of "Canadian doubles" each taking a turn "in the box". We started to slip around on the courts, so decided to call it a day.
Friday looks like we'll have good weather, so we'll schedule a match for then.
Ron & Sharon

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pickleball Friday 12-12-08

Some of our missing pickleball players showed back up today. We were pleasantly surprised. Claude has moved back into the area and Lynne S. came back today. We hadn't seen Claude since last spring. It was great to have both of them back.

There was a good group for pickleball today. There were 11 all total. The most we've had in a while. The players were Ron, Sharon, Elaine, Jan, Ralph, Mike, Claude, Lynne S., Bob H., Ken and I. Ron and Sharon were already working on the courts when we got there. We've had a lot of rain over the past 3 days so there were lots of puddles on the courts. So Ken and I hurried on down to the courts with our squeegee and broom and started helping them to spread the water out. It didn't take too long to have the courts playable. The sun was out for the first time in 3 days and it really wasn't too cold. Some of us were in shorts. The wind wasn't too bad at first but seemed to pick up as the afternoon went along.

Ron and Sharon are going to organize the pickleball sessions for a couple of weeks now so I hope they get some good turnouts for play. We really appreciate their willingness to keep things going.
Remember to always be on the alert for potential picklers.
Hope to C U on D courts!!!......Lynn

Monday, December 8, 2008

Pickleball Monday 12-8-08

Ron was able to play today after his 6 weeks off for the shoulder surgery. Yeah!!! We were so glad to have him back on the court with us. It was a pretty nice day for pickleball.....sunny, about 50 degrees and not too much wind. We had 8 pickleball players today. They were Ron, Sharon, Ralph, Jan, Bob H., Mike, Ken and I. Ralph was also back from being sick last week.
We all had some good games and Bob H. was really hustling today and playing good. Jan is really playing well too after just having played a few times. During our last game the temperature was really cooling down.
We missed Steve today and hope he and his wife are having fun on their vacation. We are also missing our other pickleball players and hope they will find their way back.
Remember.....if you have any friends that would like to try pickleball bring them along.
Ron and Sharon are going to be sending out the pickleball messages for a couple of weeks. We hope to play on Friday again. Looks like rain for Tues, Wed, and Thurs.
Hope to C U on D Courts......Lynn

Friday, December 5, 2008

Pickleball Friday 12-5-08

It was a really nice day but only 5 pickleball players and 1 ball boy, who also did some geocaching, showed up. Steve, Mike, Sharon, Lynn and I were the players and Ron was our ball boy. After getting the water off the courts from yesterday's rain we got in our usual 3 hours of play. Mike and Lynn played against Steve and I for 3 more close games after Ron and Sharon left.
Ron says he will be able to play the next time we play but we have lost Steve for next week as he will be going on a cruise. He was really excited about being upgraded to a penthouse suite.
Next week is not looking the best but hopefully we can get in a couple of days of play.
Remember to invite your friends to come and try pickleball.
C U on D courts.....Ken

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 12-02-08

It was a little chilly today but we still ended up with 7 pickleball players and 1 ball shagger. Our pickleball players today were Steve, Jan, Sharon, Bob T., Mike, Ken and I with Ron as our ball shagger.
We got good news today that Ron will be able to play next Tuesday. His shoulder should be as good as new. We are looking forward to having Ron back on the court with us. We do appreciate all the ball shagging and picture taking that he has done though during his recuperating.
Hope to see our missing players start returning to the court too.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Pickleball Friday 11-28-08

We had 9 regular players and 2 guest players today. Jan's two sisters, Joanne and Elaine, came to check out pickleball and played a couple of games with us. They seemed to like it. The regular players were Bob T., Steve, Ralph, Anne, Mike, Bob H., Jan, Lynn and Ken. It was perfect weather for pickleball, shorts and t-shirts and no wind. Today was Bob T.'s last day as he is headed to Florida for 4 months but he should be coming back up here once a month so hopefully he'll get to play with us once a month at least. We sure will miss him. The competition between Mike and Ralph and Steve and Lynn continued today and we are even.
Hope to see everyone next week. Ron and Sharon should be back and also John and maybe Lynne. It was nice to have Anne back today.
Lynn and Ken

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pickleball Wednesday 11-26-08

We don't usually play pickleball on Wednesdays but today looked like the best day of the week. It turned out to be a good day for pickleball. There were 9 pickleball players today but only 8 at a time. The players were Bob T., Barb, Steve, Ralph, Bing, Jan, Mike, Ken and I. Bing pulled a muscle in his calf just about right away but by that time Mike had arrived and took his place. Jan had her new paddle today and really played well with it. We also had a surprise visit from Barb. She was finally able to come and play with us today. It was so good to see her and have her back on the court. We had some really good games today and especially the ones between Steve and I and Mike and Ralph. It is an on going competition that started last Thursday. Steve and I have won 3 out of 4 games with Mike and Ralph now.
We missed the other players today but hope that they can come back next week.
Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and Hope to C U on D Courts......Lynn

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pickleball Thursday 11-20-08

It was a beautiful day for pickleball. We had 7 players today....Mike, Steve, Ralph, Bing, Jan, Lynn and I. It was shorts and t-shirt weather with hardly any wind. We played 3 1/2 hours of doubles on one court and Canadian doubles on the other. We sure missed the pickleball players that couldn't make it today. Tomorrow's forecast sounds gastly and I think we are really going to be glad that we changed our pickleball date from Friday to Thursday this week.
Hope to see everyone next week for more pickleball. Ken

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Pickleball Monday 11-17-08

We chose today to play because tomorrow is going to be about 14 degrees colder and the winds are suppose to be gusting to 30 mph out of the north. Today we had to deal with some wind from the south-west but I don't think it was as bad as tomorrow will be. We had 12 pickleball players today and 1 photographer/pickleball shagger. The pickleball players were Bob T., Ralph, Bing, Steve, Bob from the Charlotte area, Mike, Bob H., Jan, Joanie, Sharon, Ken and I. Ron was our photographer and ball shagger. It was a beautiful sunny day but the wind did give us some extra challenge. We played for over 3 hours. I think a good time was had by all. We hope to play again later in the week. So far no rain is in the forecast.
Hope to C U on D courts......Lynn

Friday, November 14, 2008

Pickleball Friday 11-14-08

Well 5 of us played pickleball today. Steve, Bob T., Mike, Ken and I. We played for over 3 hours. There was a very light rain part of the time but it didn't seem to bother any of us. And no one slipped and fell. That was good. We gave up on trying to dry the court off as that was hopeless so we played on the right court that doesn't have bad puddles. The traction was surprisingly good. We all were glad that we came and played. The conditions really weren't that bad. There was no wind, no sun in your eyes and it wasn't too cold. We played in shorts and t-shirts. Ron and Sharon came as they had to go to Goodwill anyway. So they stopped by to see the conditions of the courts. Anne stopped by also on her way to get a haircut.
Hope to see everyone first part of next week for pickleball.
C U on D courts.......Lynn

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 11-11-08

It was looking like it was going to be slim pickens for pickleball today but 10 players showed up even without me. Ken had to go by himself to pickleball today because I had to go to jury duty. The 10 players were Bob T., Steve, Sharon, John, Mike, Anne, Lynne, Jan, Joanie and Ken. Ron came to shagg balls. He's a good man!!
I thought I might get to come to pickleball so I carried my clothes in case I didn't get chosen for the jury today. Then I was planning to come to the park, change to my pickleball clothes and play. BUT no such luck. I was the thirteenth juror to be called. I was the alternate and I was very upset about that. Then after we all sat through the trial we didn't even get to decide the verdict. The judge decided the outcome and sent the jury home about 12:00. So I got home just as Ken did from pickleball.
We're hoping to play on Friday afternoon. And I hope I won't be on the jury!! Might have to dry the courts up some after the expected rain on Wed. night, Thursday and Thursday night.
Remember.....we're always looking for new picklers.
Hope to C U on D courts......Lynn P.S. I missed everybody today and I hope you all had fun.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Pickleball Friday 11-07-08

There were 8 pickleball players and 1 visitor today. Ron was the visitor. This was the first time that Ron has come since he had his shoulder replacement done a week ago this past Wednesday. It was really nice to seem him and to see that he was doing so well since the operation. Ron picked up balls for us and that was a help as we tend to scatter a lot of balls over the 2 courts. The 8 players were Mike, Steve, Ralph, John, Joanie, Sharon, Ken and I. It was a beautiful fall day for pickleball, bright and sunny and the fall colors are looking great.
We thought that Anne was also coming today but she didn't. We missed her.
It was nice to have Joanie back after her long vacation. She picked the game right back up.
Mike gave us some good news about Bing today. It seems that Bing liked pickleball so well his first time to play that he has ordered his own paddle.
Hope to get in some pickleball next week. The weather isn't looking so good right now but maybe it's still too early to tell. Bob T. and Lynne S. should be back too but I have to go to the jury on Monday. I hope I will not be accepted for any trials and will be able to get out of that. Maybe if I tell them about pickleball they'll know how important that is and let me go. HA!
Anyway.....Hope to C U on D courts soon......Lynn

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pickleball Monday 11-03-08

We had another new player today to try pickleball. It was Bing's first time and he played pretty well. It was a windy morning so it was very challenging for all of us. There were 7 pickleball players today......Bob T., Steve, Ralph, Mike, Bing, Ken and I. Steve was back from 2 weeks in Ohio and it was nice to have him back. Now we will lose Bob T. tomorrow for the rest of the week. Hope we can get some of our missing players to come back later in the week. We sure need them.
Hope to get in a 2nd pickleball session later in the week. It's looking like we might have to plan around the weather again.
Hope to C U on D courts.....Lynn

Friday, October 31, 2008

Pickleball Friday 10-31-08

It was a beautiful day and we had 6 picklers show up for pickleball. Bob T., Ralph, John, Mike, Lynn and I. We started out in long pants and jackets but by the middle of the session we were down to shorts and T-shirts.
Bing, a friend of Mike's, came by to check out the game and he's planning to come and try it soon. Steve flies back today from Ohio and we hope he will be playing on Monday. We plan to play on Monday because the election is on Tuesday and we have to work it.
Maybe after these pesky leaves fall more of our players will come back.
C U on D courts.....Ken

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ron's Shoulder Surgery

This is a message from Sharon about Ron's surgery:

Hey, Ron did great. He went into OR at 7:30 AM and was out by 10:00 and back in his room by 11:00 AM. He was talking o his escort on the way down about canoeing!!
So that's it for now He'll be discharged Friday, most likely around noon. Sharon

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 10-28-08

It was a cold morning for pickleball, about 36 degrees, but we warmed up fast once we started playing. There were 8 of us there at 9:00, 9 total players today though. The players were Bob T., Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Mike, Jan, Anne, Ken and I. Anne didn't arrive till a little after 10:00. She has a bad leg and thought she would only play about an hour or so. It was Jan's first time today. She has a tennis background so she did well with the game. We welcomed Bob T. back as he has been in Florida for about 10 days. And today was the last time that Ron will get to play for about 6 weeks as he goes into surgery tomorrow for a shoulder replacement. Good luck Ron!!
We are hoping to play on Friday morning.
C U on D Courts.......Lynn

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pickleball Thursday 10-23-08

Well everybody's vacations finally caught up with us as there were only 3 of us that appeared for pickleball. Ralph, Ken & I were it. We played Canadian doubles for about an hour and a half and then called it a day.
Next week we will probably shift to the afternoons and plan around days that at least 4 people can commit to come. November should be a better month.
We've added 4 new people to the email list in the last 2 months for a total of 27.
Hope to C U on D Courts.....Lynn

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 10-21-08

We were happy to have 8 for pickleball today as so many of our players are out of town. It was a gorgeous day for it. The players were Ralph, Ron, Mike, John, Bob H., Anne, Ken and I. We were glad to have Ron and Anne back today. Both have been on vacations. Anne has been gone since about Sept. 15. Sharon didn't make it back as she is still under the weather from her and Ron's trip. Hope she'll be back next week along with Bob T. and Lynne.
Always looking for new picklers.
Hope to C U on D Courts.......Lynn

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pickleball Thursday 10-16-08

We didn't have too many pickleball players today but we had some great pickleball games. There were 6 of us for pickleball today......John, Steve, Ralph, Mike, Ken and I. Mike was finally able to come out to play with us again. He really broke in that brand new paddle that he's had for 2 months. When John and Mike played together today they really created a wall at the net to get over as they are both 6'-3" tall.
Today was Steve's last day for 2 weeks as he is going to Ohio tomorrow, but Ron and Sharon should be back this evening from their trip.
Hopefully the ones of us that are left can get together next week for more pickleball.
Always looking for new picklers.
C U on D Courts.......Lynn

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Nets at Timmons Park

We were playing tennis over at Timmons Park this morning and discovered that they had installed new nets on both courts.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 10-14-08

The day started off cool and ended up rather warm. We had 7 pickleball players today......Bob T., John, Steve, Ralph, Bob H., Ken and I. We sure are missing all of our players who are traveling. The best game that I had today was the last game where Steve and I played against Ken and Bob T. We beat them and it was a miracle. During that game Ken hit the ball into Steve's belly and the ball bounce off of the belly and back over the net (this doesn't mean Steve has a big belly). After arguing with Steve we decided it was a fault but we played the point over anyway. It was a fault and we posted the rule below.
We were able to keep playing continuously today as on one court we played canadian doubles and the other we played regular doubles.
Looking forward to Ron and Sharon's return but we are going to be missing Lynne, Bob T. and Steve. Oh well, maybe things will get back on track in November.
Always looking for potential picklers.
Hope to C U on D Courts.......Lynn......(see rule below)

A fault is any action that stops play or creates a violation of the rules. A fault will be declared for
the following:

7.F. The ball in play strikes a player or anything the player is wearing or carrying. There is one
exception to this rule: if the ball strikes the player’s paddle hand below the wrist, the ball is
still in play. If the ball strikes a player standing out of bounds, that player loses the rally. In
doubles, if the serve strikes the receiver’s partner, it is a point for the serving team,
providing it is not a let serve. This rule also includes balls that appear to be hit out of
bounds: during play, if you catch the ball or try to stop it from heading out of bounds, you
lose the rally.
USAPA Comment. If the player is in the process of changing hands with both hands on the
paddle, or is attempting a two-handed stroke and either hand is hit below the wrist, then
the ball is considered in play.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pickleball Sunday10-12-08

The morning really started out looking threatening. Heavy clouds and wind. There were 6 pickleball players that turned out........Bob T., John, Steve, Lynne, Ken and I. As the morning wore on the wind got worse but we kept playing. We played a lot of games and had a good time. Some of the games we played with tennis scoring so no one would have to sit out long.
Then we started playing 7 point games. At one time we even had some singles games going on on the other court. That was wearing us out though with the wind. Steve got to play even though it was his 24th wedding anniversary today.
We plan to play on Tuesday.
Always looking for potential picklers.
Hope to C U on D Courts.....Lynn

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pickleball at Timmons Park Friday 10-10-08

It was cloudy and cool this morning......perfect for pickleball. Ken and I got to the courts early and cleaned up the remaining water that was from Wednesday's rain. It wasn't too bad.
We had 8 for pickleball today......Bob T., Blake, John, Lynne (w/Bridget the dog), Ralph, Bob H., Ken and I. Blake was a new player today. He learned to play pickleball up in Washington. He is a good player. We had some good games and I tried to concentrate more on my game. I think I did a little better today.
Found out that Lynne will be leaving us next Tuesday and Bob T. is leaving us next Wednesday for 5 days. We're going to be needing some players. Fortunately Ron and Sharon will come home towards the end of next week but then Steve leaves for Ohio. We really better be looking for some new picklers. Seems that everyone has some traveling to do in October. Maybe we can get everyone back together again in November. I hope so!!!!
Well it seems that we have some takers for Sunday so guess we will play Sunday morning.
Hope to C U on D Courts.....Lynn

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pickleball @ Timmons Park Tuesday 10-7-08

We didn't expect the day to start out like it did. It was cloudy, cool, and the air was like it had a mist to it. We started playing and started warming up and shedding those jackets even though the air was cool. I think it stayed in the 60's the whole time we played. It turned out to be a perfect day for pickleball even with some wind.
There were 9 pickleball players today......Bob T., John, Steve, Ralph, Lynne S., Bob H., Joanie, Ken and I. Bob H. made it back today. He's been putting in lots of time on his flower gardens for the winter season. It was nice to have him back.
At the end of our pickleball session today we told Joanie goodbye as she is leaving on a 3 week trip to Italy. We also told her that she better come back as she is a good player. We will look forward to her return.
Had a call from Barb today. She has not be able to get up to Greenville to play with us because of the price of gas and the gas shortage. She informed me that she is leaving with her husband next week to go to NJ to visit her kids. She hopes to come back up to play with us in Nov.
We've been getting emails from Anne since she and Tom have been in Spain walking the Camino Trail. Sounds like they are really enjoying the scenery over there and the people.
It's suppose to start raining tomorrow afternoon and rain through Thursday. Hopefully we will be able to play on Friday and without too much cleanup on the courts.
Always looking for new picklers.
Hope to C U on D Courts.......Lynn

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pickleball @ Timmons Park Sunday 10-5-08

This was the first time that our pickleball group has played on the weekend. There were 9 players......Bob T., Steve, Ron, Sharon, Lynne S., Lee, Hugh, Ken and I. The morning started out cool but warmed up quickly. We were all shedding jackets not long after we started playing.

Ken and I got to the courts early this morning and marked off a pickleball court on one side of the tennis net to see if we could turn one tennis court into 2 pickleball courts when we need 3 courts. This way we could also go to 4 courts as we have 2 tennis courts. It looks like it will work pretty well. We took the chairs and strung a rope across where the net would be and then Ken, Bob and I tried playing on the court. The tennis net will catch the balls behind the players on one side of the pickleball court and the fence will catch the ones on the other side.

Ron and Sharon won't be around for a couple of weeks as they will be on vacation in Germany. We will miss them but hope they have a great trip. Of course our pickleball group will be a little smaller while they are gone.

Remember that we are always on the look out for prospective picklers.
Hope to play on Tuesday.
C U on D Courts.......Lynn

Friday, October 3, 2008

Pickleball @ Timmons Park Friday 10-3-08

We had a big group for pickleball today. Lynne S. brought her daughter and son-in-law and we had a new player to come and try pickleball. Peter also showed up after a long absence.
In all we had 12 players today......Bob T., Steve, Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Lynne S., daughter Lee, son-in-law Hugh, Peter, Joanie, Ken and I. At 8:30 this morning it was right chilly. First Bob T., Ken and I started playing canadian doubles until Steve and Ralph arrived.
Joan was a new player today. She picked up the game really well. She said that she really liked the game and we are looking forward to her coming back to play with us.
It was a beautiful fall day. After the sun came out bright it really warmed up but not too much.
We played until after 12:00 and then headed home for lunch.
Remember we're always in the market for potential picklers.
We plan to play on Sunday morning at 9:00
Hope to C U on D courts......Lynn

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Officiating in Pickleball

I thought this sounded interesting:
As soon as the ball comes over the net into your court, you become the referee. You are responsible for all officiating on your side of the net and your opponent has every right to believe you are rules-oriented and will make calls with integrity.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pickleball @ Timmons Park Tuesday 9-30-08

Because of a bad thunder storm that we had in the night we had mucho work to do on the courts this morning. The weather man said that we got 1 1/2 inches of rain last night. We could tell!
There were puddles everywhere. Ken and I and Bob T. got to the courts about 8:30 and began working on them. About 9 everyone else started arriving. Ralph, Ron and Sharon took up the tools and started continuing the job while 4 of us had begun to play. The one thing we didn't have to do though was chalk the courts and that was really nice. We had 8 players today.......Bob T., Steve, Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Lynne S., Ken and I. We hope to get Barb back up here soon to play with us. We sure have missed her!! The pickleball tournament created a lot of conversation this morning about rules and the correct way to do things.
Remember to be on the lookout for potential picklers. Invite them to come and tell them that we will teach them how to play.
Hope to C U on D COURTS!!!! Lynn

Monday, September 29, 2008

Pickleball Tournament @ Hendersonville, NC Sunday 9-28-08

We had a great time at the pickleball tournament. There were 9 in the Hendersonville group and 6 of us. John drove his van and Steve, Bob T., Ken and I rode up with him. We met at Publix and picked up Bob at Walmart in TR. Then Lynne S. rode back with us. Bill took Lynne there and dropped her off.
The Hendersonville group had also invited the Waynesville and Asheville groups but they didn't come, probably because of the gas shortage. Lynne and I (Lynn) played together in the ladies doubles. First we played against 2 ladies and beat them 2 games. They were Susan and Mary. Then we had to play 2 more ladies (they were better players). They were Jennifer and Martha. We beat them the first game, they beat us the second game and we almost beat them the third but....so we came in second place.
In the men's doubles Steve and Bob played together and Ken and John played together.
In the mixed doubles I played with Steve, Lynne played with a man named Pete, Bob played with Martha, John played with Jennifer (the best female player), Ken played with Mary. Bob and Martha won the mixed doubles but John and Jennifer came in second.
The only accident was that Lynne S. fell and when she did she bent her fingers back on her left hand. She says she's ok now but she did put ice on them and took some ibuprofin.
The meal was good....baked potatoes, different salads and lots of deserts. They even gave out prizes and Lynne and I got ribbons for 2nd place. Bob and Martha got medals for 1st place and John and Jennifer got ribbons for 2nd place. It was very nice the way they had everything done. Everyone got a little gift.
Maybe more of the group will go next year.
Hope to C U on D courts....Lynn

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pickleball @ Timmons Park Thursday 9-25-08

This was the first time that we have had 5 players show up at 8:30 AM and we lasted until 12:00 PM. We had to play on Thursday because the forecast is questionable for tomorrow. The five of us were Bob T., Lynne S., Steve, and Lynn and I. There was just enough swirling wind to make it interesting. We tried to recruit the tennis instructor to play but he had a student coming. We did demonstrate the game for him and explained the rules. He says he wants to try it one day.
We plan to play again tomorrow if the weather cooperates. We probably won't know until in the morning.
All 5 players that came today are planning to go to the pickleball tournament in Hendersonville this Sunday so we were able to make some last minute plans.
Hope we have better weather next week.
Please remember to keep a look out for potential picklers.
My name is Ken and I approve this message!!!
C U on D courts.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pickleball @ Timmons Park Tuesday 9-23-08

Today was Ken's and my first time to play on our newly painted pickleball courts as we have been in Florida. It was so nice to not have to chalk. Bob T. got there right after we did, about 8:30, and we started a game till others came. We had 10 for pickleball today......Bob T., Ron, Sharon, John, Steve, Ralph, Lynne S., Bob H., Ken and I. It was a nice morning but we did have some wind that presented a challenge. Bob T. was also back for the first time since he left on his 6 week vacation. It was good to have him back. We have also been gone for 2 weeks to Florida where we have been playing lots of pickleball. We enjoyed our time there with our Florida pickleball friends but it was nice to be back with our group here.
The ones of us that are planning to go to the pickleball tournament in Hendersonville on Sunday talked about our plans for carpooling and other details.
We are thinking about planning pickleball for both Thursday and Friday this week as the Friday forecast looks questionable. So hopefully that way everyone will get to play if the weather will cooperate.
Hope to C U on D Courts.....Lynn

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pickleball lines at McPherson Park

We stopped by McPherson Park today and saw that the pickleball lines had been painted.
When we got home we had a call from Bob T. that he's back in town and ready to play pickleball.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Pickleball @ Timmons Park Friday 9-19-08

We had our first official gathering at Timmons Park since the access road was reconstructed and the new Pickleball lines were painted on both courts. Very nice job. No more chalking the lines at Timmons. We couldn't park in out regular spots because several trucks and other equipment took up the spaces. Instead, we parked at the play area just before the Pickleball courts. Present: Lynne S., Ralph, Steve and Ron & Sharon. We used one court, and took turns with one player sitting out. Very nice day with an occasional breeze. We played for about 2-1/2 hours.
In addition to the joy of playing, we were very much entertained by six men who spent over two hours trying to cut down a tree near our usual parking lot. They finally got it to fall with the help of a front loader and we gave a cheer.
We had great time, and had no trouble seeing the new red lines. We understand from Kevin Stiens of the Greenville Park Department, that new Pickleball lines are being painted at McPherson Park as well.
Ron & Sharon

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lines painted at Timmons Park

Message from Greenville city parks department:

Due to the overcast conditions late last week the courts did not get complete. Hopefully everything will be done by Tuesday (9-16-08).
Let me know what you think when the courts are complete and I will definitely try to stop by soon.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Pickleball @ Cleveland Park Friday 9-12-08

Friday, Sept. 12th.
When we sent out the notice for Friday's pickleball gathering, the weather forecast was favorable for the day. But, the next day the forecast was changed to very marginal weather with about a 70% chance of rain most of the day. It was misting when we headed to Cleveland Park, but stopped before we arrived at the courts - all empty. There was some dampness on the courts, and the chalk lines needed some touching up. We took care of that in short order. Unfortunately, no one else showed up - probably due to the ominous forecast. So, we practiced for about an hour and developed a few kill shots that we can't wait to try out during competition!
On the way home, we detoured to Timmons Park and were able to access the tennis (P'ball) courts. We are very happy to announce that new red p'ball sidelines have been painted on both courts. We have emailed Kevin Stein of the City Park Department to see when the lines will be finished. We want to start playing at Timmons soon, but we don't want to arrive to play and see that we can't play because the line-painting is in progress. Will advise.
Here's hoping we have better luck with the weather forecasts.
Ron & Sharon

Pickleball @ Cleveland Park Monday 9-08-08

Monday, Sept 8th. Cleveland Park.
Present: Ron, Sharon & Lynne. The weather forecast for our usual playing day (Tuesday) showed threatening weather for that day - so we made an executive decision and advised everyone that we would play on Monday. At least 2 people didn't check their email until Monday afternoon, so they didn't show up. Lucky for us, Lynne Scoggins arrived. We played several matches of Canadian doubles each taking turns in the 'hole'. Played for 1-1/2 hours and finally ran out of steam. We had some good games and each got a good workout. As it turned out Tuesday would have been a fine day, but we had to rely on the weather forecasters.
Ron & Sharon

Friday, September 5, 2008

Pickleball @ Cleveland Park Friday 9-5-08

We had another good day of pickleball. It did start getting windy towards the last of our session but not too bad. And there were no tennis leagues out there today. It was a peaceful day.
There were 10 of us for pickleball......Ron, Sharon, John, Barb, Steve, Ralph, Lynne S., Bob H., Ken and I. We also had 4 visitors to come and watch. Bill and Jim stopped by and sat for a while in the shade and spectated. Then Fran and Margaret and her little dog also came to watch our game. Cleveland Park is so nice as there is a lot of shade especially where we put our chairs and one of our courts stays in the shade.
Well 5 of us have decided to give it a go for the pickleball tournament the last of this month. Lynne S., John, Steve, Ken and I are game. We're hoping that Bob T. might want to go too when he gets back. It sounds like it will be fun and offer some experience with a tournament.
Remember to keep your eyeballs peeled for any potential pickleball players out there and invite them to come give it a try.
Hope to C U on D Courts......Lynn......I keep losing but I'm having fun!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pickleball @ Cleveland Park Tuesday 9-2-08

Soon after Ken and I got to the courts this morning Barb came. We hadn't seen her in a couple of weeks and we were glad to have her back. It was a nice morning and we only had to do minimal chalking on the courts. There hasn't been much rain lately but it looks like things might change with the tropical storms and hurricanes that might come here. There were 10 of us for pickleball today.....Barb, Steve, Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Lynne S., Bob H., Anne, Ken and I.
We got some more information about the pickleball tournament. The tournament is on Sunday Sept. 28th from 1:00 pm till 6:00pm. We will be playing doubles only. We need to know ASAP the people who will be playing so we can tell the folks at Hendersonville. There is a $5.00 entrance fee to be paid on the day of the tournament. They will be having a potato bar buffet afterwards, and they are asking each person to bring some sort of salad or dessert that may go with a baked potato.
Ken and I rode by Timmons Park on the way home to check the progress there. Still looks like a lot of work to be done.
Ron and Sharon will be sending out the pickleball messages for the next 1 or 2 weeks.
Always keep a lookout for potential new pickleball players.
Hope to see everyone again later in the week for more pickleball.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Pickleball @ Cleveland Park Friday 8-29-08

The courts had to be rechalked today because of the rain that we got this week from TS Fay. There were 9 of us for pickleball today.....Steve, Ralph, Lynne S., Ron, Sharon, Bob H., Anne, Ken and I. It wasn't too awfully hot out there. The sun was out. We were surrounded by tennis players and some of them seemed to be interested in our game. I guess they could see that we have a lot of fun.
As the weather gets cooler the courts might be harder to come by. Last week Ken and I went by Timmons Park to see how the work was going there. There is a huge gap in the road where they are suppose to be going to put a big culvert. It looks like a major project. We couldn't drive into the park at all. We have found out that the disc golfers are parking at the swim club that is closed up. You can park there and easily walk into the park. There's a nice big parking lot at the pool. That could be an option for us pickleball players if Cleveland Park becomes too crowded.
The Hendersonville pickleball group has invited our group to come up for a tournament the last of September. So far 5 of us are thinking about going. We're going to email and find out more details about the tournament.
Remember to keep a lookout for potential pickleball players and invite them to come and try the game with us.
Hope to C U on D Courts......Lynn

Monday, August 25, 2008

Pickleball at Cleveland Park Monday 8-25-08

We just did miss the rain today. 5 pickleball players braved the weather.....Steve, Ron, Sharon, Ken and I. We had some good games except for Ken. He says he never won a game today. I must have only had about 2 good games in me. We were both down but Sharon was really up on her game and really played well. We had one short shower toward the end. But after that shower we played at least 2 more games. We played till 12:00 today....3 1/2 hours. Then the dark clouds and thunder started moving in. We made it to the cars and even stood around there visiting before the bottom fell out. We were in the cars by then fortunately.
Please remember to keep a look out for potential pickleball players.
Hope to C U on D Courts.....Lynn

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pickleball at Cleveland Park Thursday 8-21-08

Today it was very windy because of tropical storm Fay. The wind really gave us a challenge. We had some good games anyway though. There were 8 of us for pickleball today......Ron, Sharon, Steve, Ralph, Lynne S., Bob H., Ken & I. Anne was missing. We don't know what happened to her.
After pickleball, on the way home, we went by Timmons Park to see if they had finished the road work and opened the park back up. The workmen were digging out a big hole with a back-hoe. It looks like it's going to be a while longer before they open the park back up.
Please remember that if you have a friend that you think would be interested in pickleball please invite them to come try it!
C U on D Courts.....Lynn

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pickleball @ Cleveland Park Tuesday 8-19-08

It was another good day at the pickleball courts today. Some of our group that was missing last week were back but some are still gone. We had 11 players today.....Barb, John, Steve, Ralph, Anne, Ron, Sharon, Lynne S., Bob H., and Ken and I. We needed one more to make it 12. Most of the time we had 2 doubles courts going and 1 court with canadian doubles. We were all very considerate of the lady tennis players and we all walked around to our courts and not through theirs. We don't want to create any enemies with the tennis players.
Sharon said that she called the parks department and asked them to paint lines on the courts for us. They said that they were aware of us playing and that they would consider painting the lines. So thank you Sharon for doing that!
When we got home we had the new order of balls waiting for us. We were pleasantly surprised to see that Doug sent us a "baker's dozen" of balls.....12 yellow and 1 orange. We've really started breaking some balls lately.
We got some good news from our new player Mike that he received his new paddle today but also some bad news that he won't be able to play for 2 weeks because of a skin cancer removed from his ankle.
We missed Bokson today. She had to return to work today.
We had some really good games today and a good time was had by all. Looks like we are going to have to play on Thursday because of tropical storm Fay.
C U on D courts......Lynn

Friday, August 15, 2008

Pickleball @ Cleveland Park Friday 8-15-08

It was nice to have 2 new players today..... Fernando and Mike. We met Fernando through our tennis group. And we know Mike from our hiking club. They both have tennis backgrounds so they picked up the game in about 5 minutes. They really proved to be some good competition and a good addition to the group.
We had 8 players today....Steve, Fernando, Bokson, Barb, Mike, Bob H. and Ken and I.
Today was Bokson's last day with us for awhile as she is going back to work next Tuesday. But Barb informed us that she is coming to play on Tuesday with us and we were really happy to hear that. Also Mike just emailed to say that he has ordered a new paddle. We are looking forward to Ron, Sharon, Lynne S. and Ralph returning next week.
C U on D Courts.....Lynn

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pickleball @ Cleveland Park Tuesday 8-12-08

It was a nice cool morning for pickleball. The wind was blowing and that felt good to us but didn't do our pickleball any good. There were 9 of us for pickleball today.....John, Bokson, Barb, Steve, Ralph, Anne, Bob H., Ken and I. We sure are missing all the vacationers.....Ron & Sharon, Bob T., Lynne S. and George. Plus Claude and Josee. All of our chalk was still there. We have not had any rain. We hope to play again on Friday.
Please remember that if anyone has a friend that you think would be interested in pickleball please invite them to come try it!
C U on D Courts.....Lynn

Friday, August 8, 2008

Pickleball @ Cleveland Park Friday 8-8-08

There was a smaller group for pickleball today. There were 9 players but only 8 at a time as George left at 10:30 and then Anne came to take his place after her aerobics class. The players were Barb, Bokson, Steve, Ralph, George, Bob H., Anne, Ken and I. It was a nice morning to play as it wasn't so hot and we had a nice breeze, of course the breeze didn't help the ball but it felt good. There were also 2 ladies tennis doubles groups there and they were eyeing our courts as they wanted our shadiest one but we were there first. We had to rechalk the courts as it must have rained just enough to wash the chalk away but fortunately we did not have to clean up any water. We had some good games today even though we were missing some of our players. Bob T. was babysitting and is getting ready for the big camping trip to Vancouver Island and Ron and Sharon left this morning for NY for vacation. Lynne S. has not made it back yet from her Oregon vacation. Hope she is ok and will be back on the courts with us soon.
Because of so many of our players going on vacations, if anyone has a friend that you think would be interested in pickleball please invite them to come try it!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pickleball @ Cleveland Park Tuesday 8-05-08

Pickleball was at Cleveland Park today. We had really good luck getting courts. Today was the first time that we have been able to play on 3 courts! There were 13 players in all ...... John, Bob T., Bokson, Barb, Ralph, Steve, Ron, Sharon, Anne, Bob H., San, Ken and I. Ron and Sharon tried out their new paddles and both of them seemed to be very happy with their choices.
San came for only one game. She was afraid that she would mess up her back again.
Bokson is really improving. She was out there getting into diving for those short low balls.
It was so nice at Cleveland Park today as we had extra shade and having the multiple courts to use. Everyone seemed to be happy being there.
Our bad news now is that Ron and Sharon are leaving on Friday for a week vacation and Bob T. is leaving also for a very long vacation. We will miss all of them.
But we are looking forward to our next pickleball session. C U on D Courts...Lynn

Friday, August 1, 2008

Pickleball @ Timmons Park Friday 8-1-08

This was our last time to play at Timmons Park for a while. There was just enough water on the courts to try out our new squeegee which worked great! Bob T. was very impressed with the squeegee. He brought his too and we cleaned up the courts quickly and started chalking. We had 13 players in all today......Bob T., George, Bokson, Barb, Ralph, Steve, Ron, Sharon, Lou P., Anne, Katelin, Ken and I. Lou P. came for her first time. She had seen the segment on pickleball on Good Morning America. We had some pretty good games today but there did seem to be a flying paddle at one point. We won't mention any names but it might be a good thing that a new paddle has been ordered. Looks like we'll be heading over to Cleveland Park next week as Timmons will be closed for road work. We hope to get Bob H. and Lynne S. back next week after their vacations.
Looking forward to our next pickleball session so......C U on D Courts....lynn

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 7-29-08

We had a mess this morning after all the unpredicted rain last night. Bob T. brought his squeegee and we had a broom and the 3 of us started working on it before 8:30. After John arrived there were 4 of us working on it and we had it in pretty good shape when everyone else arrived. Barb and Bokson came next and brought their neighbor Cadum who hadn't played before. We ended up with 12 players.....Bob T., John, Barb, Bokson, Cadum, Steve, Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Anne, Lynn and I. Bokson played with her new paddle for the first time today. She seemed to really like it and we hope so as she told us to make the decision of which one to get for her. John seems to be enjoying his new paddle too. Ron and Sharon have ordered new paddles now and they might get to play with them on Friday. It looks like we'll play one more day at Timmons this week and then we'll move to Cleveland Park for a while. Hopefully it won't be crowded down there the next time we go as the kids tennis camps should be over. It will be nice to have more than 2 courts as our group seems to be growing.
C U on D courts........Mr. Pickle

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pickleball Friday 7-25-08

We were back at Timmons Park today and had 12 players show up.....Bob T., Steve, Bokson, Barb, George, Ron, Sharon, Peter, Bob H., Anne, Lynn and I. George is from our tennis group and it was his first time to come. Being a tennis player he was able to pick the game right up.
Peter returned today after a long absence because of his knee.
It was a nice day to play as it was cloudy and a little breeze. Some of us ended up playing 3 1/2 hours. We plan to play next week at Timmons Park but the following week we will probably have to go back to Cleveland Park. Hopefully the camps will be finished by then.
C U on D courts, Mr. Pickle

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 7-22-08

Well it was kind of a fiasco at Cleveland Park today for pickleball. Ken and I got down there early to mark the courts. Bob T. came about 15 minutes later to help. We were all there and playing and then this group of kids from the YMCA came. The man in charge of them came over and said that they had 3 courts on Mon, Tues, Thur and Fri. So we got to keep one of our courts. Then a couple of ladies that had another court left and so we took that court too but didn't chalk it. We played the tennis single lines on that one instead. A couple of times we played 3 on each team on that court and that was fun and crazy. There were 6 of us on the same court. It was pretty wild. There were 10 of us for pickleball today......Bob T., Steve, John, Bokson, Barb, Ron, Sharon, Bob H., Ken and I.
We had ordered a paddle for Bokson last week and it came on Saturday. We discovered that the new Champion paddles are a lot heavier than they have been. At first Bokson wanted the paddle but then we all agreed that the paddle was too heavy for her as she is a small lady. She had complained about the paddle that Barb was letting her use saying it was too heavy and this one was just as heavy. So John decided that he would buy the paddle. John is a big guy and he can really handle that paddle. I called him the intimidater when he plays with it. He can really smash the ball with it. So now we've ordered Bokson a lighter paddle. So hopefully that will work out good for her.
After we got home today we called the city and found out that Timmons Park is still open until Aug. 4 so we will go back there for our next pickleball session. We may end up back at Cleveland Park for a couple of weeks in August as the YMCA tennis camp will be over on August 1st.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pickleball Thursday 7-17-08

Rain was forecasted for tomorrow so we chose to play pickleball today. There were 9 of us..... Bob T., Bokson, Barb, Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Anne, Ken and I. Bokson is really doing great! She and Barb practiced on their own down where they live at some tennis courts on Wednesday evening. We can really see a difference. Ken, Bob T. and I have also practiced with her on occasion trying to help. Today was her 4th time to play and she has ordered a paddle this past Tuesday. Hopefully she'll have it for next week.
Dolores and Chris came by to check out the game as they have been hearing alot about it. They wouldn't give it a try yet though, but Chris says he'll be back.
We hope Steve will be back with us next week. We're hoping to play at Cleveland Park next week too as Timmons is going to be closed. We also missed Bob H. today.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 7-15-08

We had a great time playing pickleball today. There were 11 of us.....Bob T., Bokson, Barb, John, Ralph, Ron, Bob H., Anne, Sharon, Ken and I. Ralph came back today after having to take some time off for his foot. He left early though so that he wouldn't overdo it. Everyone took a turn at sitting out since we had more than 8 but it was a nice break. Bokson did a lot of practicing and she is getting better. Sharon and I had a gold star day as we won a game together against Ron and John. Plus we won a tennis scoring game when we played some short games towards the end. It was a really nice morning with some breeze but it didn't bother the balls too bad.
We plan to play at Timmons Park on Friday but next week we're going to try to play at Cleveland Park as Timmons will be closed for repairs to the park. We'll include directions to the park with our pickleball message for next week.
We missed Steve and Lynne S. today. Both are off on vacations.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Pickleball Friday 7-11-08

We had major work to do on the courts this morning. We have had thunderstorms every evening creating large puddles of water on our tennis courts. So Bob T., Ken and I went to work trying to spread the water out so it would dry fast. Bob T. brought his squeegee and push broom and we had a small broom. After working on the puddles we had to chalk. Because of all of this we did not start playing till almost 9:00.
We had 10 for pickleball today.....Bob T., Lynne, Ron, Sharon, Bokson, Barb, Bob H., Anne, Ken and I. We found out today that the park will be closed from July 21 to Aug. 11 for road work so we have to find another place to play. Right now we are thinking about Cleveland Park as it is nice and shady in the morning. It will probably be about the same drive for everyone as it is to Timmons Park. Lynn

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 7-8-08

We played pickleball this morning and had 12 !!! We set a new record !!! We also had some heavy rain over the weekend and it wiped out our chalk. Ken, Bob T. and I were chalking the court this morning and a young girl came on the court straight over to me. She said she wanted to help so I gave her a piece of chalk and she helped us mark the courts. We had seen her last week when she watched us through the fence. Her name is Katelin and she was one of the 12. Bob gave her his extra paddle and she played with us. Bokson and her neighbor also came for their first time. Her neighbor used to live on the north side of The Villages and used to play pickleball there. Her name is Barb. She hadn't played in about a year and a half but after she hit some balls she was pretty good.
The pickleball players today were Bob T., Katelin, Steve, Lynne S., Bokson, Barb, Ron, Sharon, Bob H., Anne and Ken and I. We didn't quit playing till 15 till 12:00.
And our brave mascot, Bridget slept through it all. We are thinking about renaming her Pickles.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Pickleball Thursday 7-3-08

We played pickleball today instead of Friday because of the holiday being on Friday. There were 7 of us there......Steve, Lynne S., Ron, Bob H., Anne, Ken and I. Bob T. was on a camping trip and Sharon decided to take a break. Our mascot Bridget watched in the shade from just outside the fence. She barked when possible buggers were approaching. It was a nice morning, a little too warm but we had some good games. There were a couple of memorable games. One being that Steve beat Ken and Lynne S. (not Lynn) 11 to 0 without ever losing his serve. Ken and Lynne S. never got to serve the whole game. Steve's head grew very large. Another game where Ron and Bob H. were up 9 to 0 and managed to lose the game. Ron was jumping up and down using adult language. He was not a happy camper.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 7-1-08

There were 9 of us for pickleball today.....Bob T., Steve, Lynne S., Ron, Sharon, Anne, Bob H., Ken and I. Bob H. decided it was cool enough to play today. We were all pleasantly surprised to see him. He picked the game right back up after being away for 6 weeks or so.
2 men had just beaten Ken and I to the courts this morning. They were going to play tennis. So we took the other court and started chalking as apparently it had rained and all our chalk was gone. Soon the rest of the group started arriving and pretty soon the 2 men were overwhelmed by the crowd and decided to give us the other court too.
It was a cool morning but windy. The wind didn't help our games too much. We had some rousing games anyway and a good time was had by all.
We hope to play on Thursday again.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Pickleball Friday 6-27-08

There were 9 of us for pickleball today......Bob T., John, Lynne S., Steve, Ron, Sharon, Anne, Ken and I. Bob T., John, Lynne S., Steve, Ken and I all arrived about 8:30 so we started playing. It was nice and cool then. We started to worry about Ron and Sharon but finally they arrived. Anne came after 10:00 after her aerobics class was over. We had some challenging games all around. It was John's second time and he is doing really well. Ron brought his camera and tripod and took some group shots and some action shots too. Ralph is unable to play because of a foot problem so he didn't make it. Hope he can come back soon. And Bob H. says he's waiting for cooler weather.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Pickleball Monday 6-23-08

There were 9 of us pickleball players today......Bob T., Steve, Ron, Sharon, Lynne S., John, Anne, Ken and I. Today was John's first time to play pickleball. He is in our tennis group. John took to the game well. He also came over to play with us after the tennis match with the group this morning. Ken and I forfeited our tennis today for our pickleball as we will be working at the polls tomorrow for the run-off. We had some really good games today. We hope to play again on Friday. Lynn

Friday, June 20, 2008

Pickleball Friday 6-20-08

We had 9 p'ballers today. The players were Bob T., Steve, Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Lynne S., Anne, Lynn and I. A nice day with a nice light breeze so it wasn't that hot. Lynn and I played a game with Bob T. and Lynne S. as our opponents and the final score was 16 to 14. That is the highest scoring game I think we have ever had. After 3 hours of pickleball we were pretty worn out.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 6-17-08

There were 10 players for pickleball today. They were Bob T., Steve, Ralph, Ron, Anne, Peter, Lynne S., Sharon, Ken and I. Peter only stayed for one game. He's having knee trouble. And Sharon was late as she had a hair appointment. Steve wants me to put on the blog that he and somebody beat Ralph and I 11 to 0. Maybe he was playing with Bob T. So many games I can't remember. It was hot and humid but we had fun anyway.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pickleball Thursday 6-12-08

We had a bad storm Wednesday night so Bob T., Ken and I got to the courts early and went to work with brooms and a squeegie to clean up the puddles. And we had to re-chalk. By the time Ralph and Steve arrived though we were into a game of canadian doubles. Ron and Sharon arrived a few minutes later.
It was a little cooler than it had been on Monday but still hot. Shortly after 10:00 we started the games with tennis scoring and rotating the server out. So 3 sat in the chairs in the shade while waiting to go back in. 7 p'ballers today.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pickleball Monday 6-9-08

The final count for pickleball today was 8 after Anne came late from her aerobics class. Bob T., Steve, Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Ken and I were the rest. It was sunny and hot. Bob T., Ken and I started playing at 8:30. About 9:00 Steve and Ralph came.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Pickleball Friday 6-6-08

It was a hot day for pickleball but we had 9 players to brave the heat. Play started a little earlier than normal. Lynn and I arrived first followed by Claude and Josee. Josee was just dropping Claude off and did not play. After Ralph and Steve came we started playing pickleball with tennis scoring until Lynne S. and Ron and Sharon got there. We had 8 then and that was great. Finally Anne came and rounded us out with 9. Bob T. didn't come today as he went to Pigeon Forge and Bob H. is still recupperating from the pulled calf muscle.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 6-3-08

We had 7 players today for pickleball. Ron came but Sharon did not. Anne, Steve and Ralph also came today. We had a nice time but it was hot. Ken, Bob T. and I got there about 8:30 this morning. We had rain on Saturday morning so we didn't have any lines for our courts. We had to chalk.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Pickleball Friday 5-30-08

There were 8 players today for pickleball. Friday seems to be our best day for everyone to come. Some of us met at 9:00 and some came soon after. We had some good games. Anne took a fall and skinned her elbow but seemed ok otherwise.
The players were Bob T., Steve, Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Anne and Ken and I. Lynne S. came by to walk Bridget, her dog and visited with us. She could not play as she was having a shoulder problem. But we enjoyed her visit anyway.
Bob H. is still out with the pulled calf muscle. We look forward to him joining us again when he can.
Someone must have had a party on the courts last night as there were lots of spills and popcorn was all over one of the back corners. Frank had one of the park guys to come and blow off the courts so they didn't look so bad.
We hope to play on Tuesday. The weather looks pretty good right now for then.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 5-27-08

The pickleball session was scheduled for 9:00 or when everyone could come. We ended up with 7 players today....... Bob T., Steve, Ralph, Anne, Lynne S. and Ken and I. We really didn't have to do any chalking. Ken and I did kind of reinforce the back lines on the courts. Bob T., Steve, Ralph and Ken and I played with tennis scoring till Anne and Lynne came. We played till 11:30 today. Lynne and Steve played Ken and I in the last game in which we played with pickle scoring. We beat them 13 to 11. It was a really good game. I was running out of fuel though by that time.
Ron and Sharon couldn't make it today and Bob H. is still on the mend with the pulled calf muscle. We hope to play again on Friday. Lynn

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pickleball Thursday 5-22-08

Pickleball was scheduled for 9:30 this morning but Ken and I got to the courts about 9:00 to chalk and set the nets. It had rained on Tuesday wiping out our chalk. About 9:15 Claude, Steve and Ralph came. They each grabbed a piece of chalk and helped to chalk the second court. We started hitting some balls to warm up and Ron and Sharon arrived. After warming up we started playing with a doubles game on one court and a canadian doubles on the other as there were 7 of us. It was a really nice morning to play. We quit about 11:30 or so.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pickleball Monday 5-19-08

We scheduled pickleball for this morning as the weather didn't look too good for Tuesday. So we got to the park about 8:45 and had to clean up the courts after the rain last night.
There were 6 of us today. Anne was number 6 and she came late after her aerobics class. We did tennis scoring and rotating the server out except for the last game. The last game we played pickle scoring .....Ken and Anne played against Steve and I.
Bob T. and Ralph sat over on the side. They'd had enough so they sat and talked.
We played over 2 1/2 hours. Ron and Sharon couldn't make it and Bob H. still has problems from the pulled calf muscle. The players today were Steve, Ralph, Bob T., Anne and Ken and I.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Pickleball Friday 5-16-08

We scheduled pickleball today for 1:00 but Ken and I got there at 12:30 so that we could sweep up some of the water in the puddles on the court from the rain last night. We also had to re-chalk. Bob T. was already there and he helped us to get things ready. Ron and Sharon came next and then Ralph and Steve. Lynne S. came too so we had 8 players. That was really nice. It was cloudy for the most part with the sun kind of coming in and out. It was also very windy. The wind really gave us an extra challenge. We played about 2 hours and then I think everyone was getting tired of the wind. So we went home a little after 3:00. Everyone is really playing well and Ralph has really got a good serve now.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 5-13-08

We were scheduled to play pickleball at 9:30 but we got to the courts at 10 till 9. We knew we would have to rechalk today as we had rain over the weekend. Bob T. got there about the same time as we did. So the 3 of us worked together and marked our courts. It was a cool morning in the low 50's. Ann was next to arrive so after warming up some we started a game. Lynne S. came next (with her new paddle) and then Ralph and Steve so we ended up with 7 for the day. We kept a doubles game going on one court and canadian doubles on the other. About 11:00 everyone was getting a little tired and hungry so we started playing just doubles on one court and using tennis scoring and rotating the server out. So the games went fast and everyone got a little break sitting out.
We are hoping to play on Friday, weather permitting. We may have to do some drying on the courts. We missed Ron and Sharon this morning but they will be back by then.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pickleball Thursday 5-8-08

We met at 9:30 this morning to play pickleball at Timmons Park. There were 7 of us for a while. Bob H. pulled a calf muscle in his leg so that was it for Bob. The other players that were there today besides Ken and I were Bob T., Ron, Sharon & Steve. After Bob H. left we played doubles using tennis scoring and rotated the server out after each game. That seemed to work pretty well as no one had to sit out for long. This was something new that we had learned in Seminole, Florida when we played with the group there.
It was Ron's birthday today so we tried to take it easy on him. Heh...heh...heh
Steve really wants it known that he and Bob H. beat Sharon and I 11 to nothing. So I hope he is satisfied now. Ha!! Of course that is the last time that's going to happen!
The weather was great this morning but towards the end the wind was starting to pick up.
We had good times and great comraderie.

Pickleball Vacation in Florida

Ken and I got back from Florida last Saturday. We played lots of pickleball in Florida. We spent 2 weeks in Highland Lakes community where we played 4 times a week indoors. They have 4 indoor courts. We also went down to Indian Rocks Beach where we found pickleball being played in Seminole which was close by. In Seminole we played at the Seminole Recreation Center. We played inside there also. They had 3 indoor courts. Ken played 5 times during the week and I played 3 times there. It was really interesting to play with different groups. We learned different ways of playing and that was fun and we've tried some of the things that we've learned with the Greenville group since we've been back. It was also fun meeting and playing with new people.
On Sunday April 27 Ken and I went to the Villages and watched the championship games of the Masters Athlete Pickleball Tournament. That was great to see such good players play.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 5-6-08

Our plan was to play pickleball at 10:00 but we got there before 9:30 as we thought there might have been some rain last night and that the chalk might need some freshening up. Claude was next to arrive so Ken and I and Claude hit some balls back and forth to warm up. Ron, Sharon, Steve and Ralph came so we started with a doubles game on one court and a canadian doubles game on the other. Bob H. came a little late and then helped to make another doubles court.
It was a nice morning with a little breeze. We had some fast games. Steve about took my nose off and then later on gave me a big red spot just above my knee. We had some really good rallys and volleys this morning though. We may have to play this coming Thursday morning instead of Friday because rain is predicted.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pickleball Friday 5-2-08

We had 7 at P'ball on Friday. Very windy much of the time, but nice anyway. Players in addition to Sharon and I...... Bob H., Ralph, Bob T., Steve and Ann. Everyone played well and we had some very good games with long volleys and rallies. I told everyone that we'll probably be playing Tue at 10:00, but that you guys would be sending out the notices. I bought a refill for my chalk line today and we'll be there early on Tuesday so we can reline the courts if needed.
Ron & Sharon

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 4-29-08

We had 8 players today: Two Bobs, Ann, Claude, Steve, Ralph, Sharon and me. Excellent weather with so little wind, that we couldn't - in good conscience - use it as an excuse for errant shots. Though there we many. We switched everyone around after each couple of games. Ann, close to the net took a mean shot on the arm by Claude (also close to the net) who apologized profusely. Ann's arm turned bright red at the point of impact but it didn't slow her down - only made her more competitive and she pounded some deadly shots back at the competition to take the win! We had many good games, with no bloodshed, but with a lot of earthy phrases accompanying good shots and bad misses.
We'll be playing again of Friday AM.
Ron & Sharon

Monday, April 28, 2008

Pickleball Friday 4-25-08

We were four strong this AM. We two + Bob H. & Steve. Most of our games were fairly flat. Bob was on fire though and made many good shots. It was warm and the breeze helped cool us down, but took a lot of shots out of the court.
We played for 2 hours and managed to have some good games in spite of the general lack of ambition - the notable exception being Bob.
We are tentatively going to schedule next week's games on Tue and Fri, both at 10:00AM.
Ron and Sharon

Pickleball Wednesday 4-23-08

We played pickleball on Wednesday 1:30PM. Ann, Steve, Alexandra (answers to 'San' - short for Sandra) and Sharon and I were present. Very nice day, but warm and we were actually glad when we got a breeze. We didn't bother putting new chalk lines down, just went over the faint lines with the sidewalk chalk. We played doubles and just rotated the extra player in after each game. San did well for her second time out - the first time probably a few months ago.
Ron and Sharon

Friday, April 18, 2008

Pickleball Friday 4-18-08

Today Steve, Bob H, Ron , me and Ann Nixon played from 10 to 12:30. We had some close games. Beautiful day too and hardly any wind until noonish!
Sharon and Ron

Pickleball Friday 4-18-08

Today Steve, Bob H, Ron , me and Ann Nixon played from 10 to 12:30. We had some close games. Beautiful day too and hardly any wind until noonish!

Sharon and Ron

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pickleball Wednesday 4-16-08

Sharon and I arrived at Timmons Park at 1:15 for the 1:30 scheduled match. Bob T. was already there. A beautiful, sunny day with mostly a gentle breeze. Bob, Sharon and I marked up both courts, even though we had only received 3 confirmations for attendance. Bob H and Steve arrived. We played several games of doubles with one player sitting out in rotation. We used only one court. We had some very good games and we were pretty much tuckered out after almost
2-1/2 hours. Of course, Bob H left after exactly 2 hours as is his custom.
We are planning on playing again on Friday at 10:00AM.
Ron & Sharon

Friday, April 11, 2008

Pickleball Friday 4-11-08

We met at Timmons Park this morning. 4 of us got there early about 9:30. We were scheduled to play at 10:00. Didn't have to re-chalk today. No rain for the past few days. So the 4 of us started playing. Then Steve came and we worked him in. Anne came late after her aerobics class this morning. So there were 6 of us there. Bob T. came for his first time since he got back from Florida. The rest were Ron, Ken and I. Ron's wife Sharon wasn't feeling well so she didn't come. We had some great games. Ken took a fall and landed on his butt. Now he's having trouble walking. During that game he and Steve were playing against Anne and I. I guess Anne and I were too tough for him. Ha! We took turns playing doubles today. Since there were 6 of us, when 4 were playing doubles, the other 2 would play singles on the other court. It was a nice morning. Lynn

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pickleball April 8, 2008

We met for pickleball today at 1:30 at Timmons Park. Had to re-chalk the courts again. It rained over the weekend. We really had some great games today. There were 8 of us playing so we had 2 courts of doubles. Bud joined us today for his first time. He played really well.
Our 8 players were Ron, Sharon, Anne, Steve, Bob, Bud, Ken and I. Ron brought his digital camera and took some pictures. Anne and I played a game of singles as our last game.
It was cloudy and a little on the cool side but we warmed up fast. Lynn

Friday, April 4, 2008

Wednesday April 2, 2008

We played pickleball at 1:30 at Timmons Park. Had to re-chalk the courts because of the rain. There were only 6 of us to play as some of our regulars were on spring vacations. Ron, Steve, Ralph, Peter, Ken and I played canadian doubles on both courts until Peter had to leave. Then we played doubles taking turns to sit out since there were 5 of us left. It was a really nice day. Not too much wind and it was sunny and in the upper 70's.