Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fly-the-coop Day. July 27, 2012

Today I played my last match for a while. Will be on the DL for some time. I managed to play one sorry match and then packed it in - as the saying goes. But, the day wasn't a total downer for me or the UPGers lucky enough to be present, because they were able to witness another tarp installation by none other than Don D'Tarpman (see first reference to the tarp operation in the 7/24 Blog entry). It was a marvel to watch the operation. Not surprisingly, he received no assistance during the project.
 These folks were present and in full p'ball mode: Anne R, Steve, Mike, Gary A, Bob T, Bob D, Chris-the-new-guy, Johnny, Carol, Ray G, Don, Ron (1 gamer), Walt, Jacob and Peter.

Below: Anne R who has been on few months hiatus from p'ball and who was listed as 'unidentified' in the previous Blog entry (now corrected).
Yon Editor left early so didn't see any action to report and can't come up with any fabrications at this time. If players showed up later and are not listed - or, if some monumental event took place - please let me know. Not that anything will be done about it!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Warmish Tuesday: July 24, 2012

Above: Carol charging the net. Partner Walt looking on.

Another warm day on the courts. But, 15 players were in action. Claude, Don, Jacob, Walt, Anne R, Bob D, Karen, John, Carol, Johnny, Bob T, Steve, Mike, Sharon and Ron.
Below: Karen finishing off a deep backhand.
We, the entire UPG Blog Division, arrived tardily at 9:30, at which time Courts 2, 3 and 4 were fully occupied by p'ballers and Courts 1 and 5 were busy w/ tennis players. Our shade tree was doing a good business as well. Heat and humidity was the enemy and started driving folks off in fairly short order. However, several players bucked the heat and a bunch of matches were completed and duly recorded in the UPG Archives.

See you on Friday.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

P''ball Chronicle - Friday, July 20, 2012

Sixteen players made appearances today and some actually tore themselves from under the UPG Tree long enough to bat the old ball around, sometimes with considerable force or accuracy, but never both.  * Players: Walt, Jacob, Sharon, Peter, Mike, Steve, Gary A, Claude, Ray G, Bob T, Bob D, Sandy, Anne, Johnny, Don and Ron.  * Below: Steve (aka Stevie Wonder) shows off the paddle he has been using for 6 years, which - except for the electrical tape repairs around the edges and on the handle - is almost as good as new. Stevo has been considering buying a new paddle - but, only for the last 3 years.

Below: Claude about to strike the ball. But, what's that? His right foot is in the kitchen. Is it a volley shot? The UPG hidden/secret and clandestine video cameras will be consulted and analyzed. You will be advised accordingly.
Below: Foreground: Don poised for action. Background: Apparently Don rigged up the swayback tarp to provide in-the-court shade for court #5 -  a luxury not shared by the other 4 courts. The tarp, mounted on the outside of the fence lacked structural integrity and had some design issues as well. When the west wind blew, the tarp went horizontal and flapped noisily in the breeze prompting unkind remarks from players on #5. Undaunted, and unmoved by the verbal abuse, Don re-installed the tarp - this time inside the fence but without the ungainly sway. Mike (Spidy) looks askance, bewildered and befuddled as he stands before the structure. But, the effort was worth it - to Don, anyway (bottom right).
Below: All that excitement and we still managed to play many p'ball matches. Bob T, Claude, Spidy/Jacob and Steve.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Official P'ball Report - Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Above: You'll have to figure out who is who. Barbara (that should be fairly easy), Bob D, Gary A, Ray G, Mike and Don.

It started out hot and humid and and pretty much stayed that way, except we got a little more of each as the session progressed. A good crowd turned out, though. Hard core, or a little slow on the draw? Hard core wins out. Seventeen players: Steve, Gary A, Bob T, Mike, Sandy, Barbara, Peter, John, Walt, Don, Sharon, Jacob, Ray G, Bob D, Joanie, Hank and Ron.
Below: Tricky. Just like above only different. Steve and Don, Bob T and Mike, Gary and Barbara and Hank and Jacob.

Many fine matches followed and the courts were kept busy, but perhaps not as busy as the Official UPG Tree (shown below) which had quite a workout comforting resting p'ballers.
Listen up: The pickleball tournament element of the Hickory Nut Gorge Olympiad, on beautiful Lake Lure in NC, will take place on Friday, August 24, 2012. It is a great event and it is highly recommended that you rustle up a partner (or partners) and join the fun. It was a very well run event last year when the UPG entered several teams . This will be a good opportunity to see how your game matches up with players from different areas and with different game plans. UPG teams are being formed at this very moment. Every one should have received info about the games. If not contact Gary A or Ron B at Gower and you'll be set straight. Promise.
See you on the courts.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pickleball Session - Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another sweltering day, but that didn't deter these16 hard core P'ballers: Claude, Johnny, Carol, Steve, Mike, Hank, Walt, Jacob, Peter, Sandy, Vickie, Bob T, Karen, Bob D, Sharon and Ron. Everyone was sopped after a while due to the humidity (and the exertion, of course). After 1-1/2 hours the players dwindled at an alarming rate! Including Yon Editor. But, Mike, Steve, Bob T, Claude were still at it on Court 5 and Walter and Jacob were standing by under the Official UPG shade tree.
Above: The Official shade tree occupied by Hank, Walter and Jacob. Background: UPG support vehicle. Below: A squad of UPGers sweating and having fun at Gower Park. Check out how 'moist' Steve is.
Below: Mike-the-lengthy (AKA Spidy) struts his stuff. Look it up.
Below - Top  L: Bob T, R: Carol; Below from L: Vickie, Sandy and Steve. 
Notice of great import: We are missing some of our core players. Anne, Jan, Joanie, Bob H, Ralph and some of newer players have disappeared as well. Come on back. If you don't want to play because it's too hot, then hang out under the tree. There is plenty of action for players of every stripe. The courts are busy. And besides, we always can use hecklers and ball shaggers.

Please note: Photos can be enlarged by right-clicking on them.


Friday, July 6, 2012

July 6, 2102 - P,ball. Another hottie. (The weather!)

Fourteen warm bodies (if you count Spidy) turned out at Gower Park for some gutsy pickleball, on another hot day. Luckily, we had an occasional breeze that probably prevented players from melting into the court. But, we have played on hotter days and lived to play again. So, no complaints. Players: Peter, Jacob, Lynne, Steve, Mike, Gary A, Sandy, Bob D (His Nimbleness shown below), Walter, John, Johnny, Carol and Yon Editor. The 14th player was Vicky, who happened by to give a look. She was handed a paddle and directed to a court and a doubles match. She did just fine. A new prospect maybe?
Below: Lynne (Ace) a study of determination.
Below: The Official UPG tree got a workout today.
Below: Top L- Mike and Jacob; R - Peter and Johnny; Bottom L - John and Lynne; R - Walter
So, we had many excellent matches, some highlighted by exceptional net-play and break-neck volleys. Will see you all (y'all) next week. Don't forget the Lake Lure Olympiad pickleball tournament on Friday, August 24th. Get yourself a partner and plan on playing some competitive pickleball with a nice group of folks right beside a lake nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. A guaranteed fun day.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tuesday P'ball - July 3, 2012 - Steamed, broiled or baked?

Above: Jacob demonstrates his unusual on a forehand return as Don-the-slider* looks on.

Well it was a pretty exciting day here at the Gower Pickleball Facility with the return from travels of the e-publishing division staff, Don showing up with his brand new watch-it-being-assembled 2013 Vett, the visit by none other than Smoke of the Lake Lure gang and the participation of 18 other players in some hot matches in steamy weather.
Below: Newbie Barb H shows she's not kidding when it comes to slamming a serve return.
Players ignored the 90 degree weather and showed in force for the 8:30 session. Luckily it didn't reach the 90s until about 10:30AM! Players: Johnny, Carol, John, Peter, Mike, Steve, Bob D, Don, Jacob, Walt, Gary A, Barb H, Ray, Ray G, Julia, Mickey, Smoke, Sharon and Ron.
Below: Mike on the Left, Jacob one top and Walt below.
* Don (also a volleyball player -where diving for the ball is a big part of the game) took an unintentional nosedive while charging after a ball. He slide for several feet and showed no outward damage from the digger - saved, perhaps by the long pants he was wearing. There was no apparent damage to the court, except for a long scuff mark, which hopefully will disappear with age. Unluckily for the opposing team Mike - Don's partner - kept playing (as he should) and won the point.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Anyone planning to participate in the lake Connestee Falls Pickleball Tournament (July 14/15) must register by no later than July 6th. If you are planning to participate in the Lake Lure Olympiad (Pickleball tournament: Friday, August 24) you should rustle up a partner, or partners if you are going to compete in more than one event. Entry fee is $10/player no matter how many events you enter. You have received detailed emails about both of these events.

UPGers are cool even when it's hot.