Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pickleball Sunday Afternoon 11-29-09

We had a good group for pickleball today. Playing on the weekend gives some players another chance to play when they can't make it during the week. There were 11 of us today and 1 spectator. The players today were Gary, Muriel, John, Ralph, Jan, Ron, Mike, Barbara, Lynne S., Ken and I. Barbara's husband Paul was the spectator. It was Barbara's first time to try pickleball. By the time she had to go she was getting a little more used to it. We had a pretty nice day..... sunny once the sun decided to stay out, windy and in the 60's. The wind was really doing some tricks with the ball today that definitely gave us more of a challenge. At one point it started raining with the sun still shinning brightly. Wierd. Ralph finally showed back up. We were beginning to wonder if the hogs got him. HA!! Just kidding Ralph. Jan told us that she went up to Waynesville, NC yesterday and played for 3 hours with the group there. They play inside in an armory with a cement floor and have 3 courts. Jan said that their level of play is similar to ours.
Looking at the weather forecast Tuesday looks pretty good so we'll plan to get together for more fun and pickleball games then. Hope you can make it. Lynn

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Ken & Muriel

John & Ron
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Characteristics of a Pickleball Addict

You Know You Are A Pickleball Addict When?
•You have postponed a hip replacement, knee surgery, and a dental appointment so you won't miss a pickleball game.
•You consider warming up before playing pickleball is a waste of good court time.
•You can no longer read the Pro-Lite label on the face of your paddle.
•You wash your paddle with soap and water after every game.
•Your collection of paddles includes wood, composite, and graphite.
•You played on a day when you had to wear gloves, three sweaters, sweat pants, and a jacket.
•You strap on two knee braces, two elbow braces, and a back brace and yell "I'm warmed up, who wants to play?"
•You come off the court after an hour straight, hyperventilating, wiping sweat with a towel, sit down, take a swig of water and then immediately jump up and yell "Let's go, I can only play for another hour!"
•You got angry because it rained two days in a row.
•You got upset because you didn't win a 50 cent bronze medal at the last tournament.
•You got excited because you won a silver medal in the last tournament and there was one other entry in your age category.
•You have a different pickleball T-shirt for every day of the week.
•You figure your game is so bad you have to do something, so you purchase the latest Pro-Lite "enforcer" .
•You actually named your dog, Pickles.
•Someone yelled "dink" and you didn't look down to see if your fly was undone.
•Your only reason for going to Walgreens is to buy a bottle of Aleve.
•You make a trip to Wal-Mart to buy a brace for your elbow, your wrist, and both knees.
•You get up in the morning and it takes you five minutes to roll out of bed.
•You know that 2-4-1 is the score of a game and not a sign at a flea market.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Pickleball Friday Afternoon 11-27-09

On this Black Friday 9 of us gathered to play pickleball instead of going shopping. Those that came were Gary, John, Mike, Ron, Sharon, Carol, Johnny, Ken & I. It was sunny, mid 50's and windy. Gary arrived without a jacket thinking it was going to be a nice warm day. He was in t-shirt and shorts. I loaned him my windbreaker jacket. We're planning to play on Sunday afternoon. Hope to see you there and bring a friend. Lynn

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Sharon & Gary

Gary, wearing my jacket. Pretty cute huh!

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Ron & Ken

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pickleball Wednesday Afternoon 11-25-09

These were the players in the last game of the day... Steve, John, Mike & Ken
The weather was better this afternoon than it was yesterday. The sun was out and it was probably in the mid 60's and not much wind. There were 8 of us pickleball players today.... Steve, Mike, John, Gary, Catherine, Carol, Ken & I. For a while there were 6 of us so 4 would play doubles and 2 would play singles. Then Catherine arrived and we had doubles and canadian doubles going. Carol came and made it perfect so that we had 8 and could play doubles on both courts. I didn't get any pictures of Gary, Catherine or Carol as by the time that I could take a few pictures they had left to go home. I only got pictures during the last game. We missed all of our pickleball buddies that couldn't make it today. We're still wondering what happened to Ralph. Last word we got was that he was only going out of town for a few days. That was 2 weeks ago. Anyways we're planning our next pickleball session to be on Friday afternoon. Hope you can come and bring a friend. See ya then. Lynn
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John & Steve


Ken & Mike
You can tell by looking at these players that it had to be a very tense game!
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pickleball Tuesday Afternoon 11-24-09

Posted by PicasaWell we had an interesting start to our pickleball session today. Kevin from the city of Greenville parks and recreation came to talk with us today about the courts. Mike had emailed him about converting the tennis courts at Timmons Park to pickleball courts. Kevin says that the city can not do that but they could possibly build some new pickleball courts for us in the future. He also said that he expects to be resurfacing the tennis courts at Gower Park next spring and said that he will try to have the 5 courts there painted for pickleball. He was a really nice guy and easy to talk to and he says that he likes having us in the park. Kevin is also the one responsible for our pickleball lines that are painted on the tennis courts at Timmons and McPherson Parks, which was instigated by Sharon.
Well once we got started playing pickleball today we had some tough and tense games going. We had 11 players today for such a cloudy kind of day. It was also on the cool side but some of us were still in shorts although it did start to feel cold by the time we were ready to go home. The last game was finished about 4:20. The players today were Steve, Mike, Bob T., John, Jan, Johnny, Catherine, Anne, Carol, Ken & I.
We have some interest for tomorrow so we are scheduling pickleball for tomorrow afternoon at 1:00. We are also planning to play on Friday afternoon at 1:00. Hope you can make it and bring a friend. Lynn
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pickleball Saturday Morning 11-21-09

Joanie & Steve on the other side of the net playing Jan & Ken
We had a nice morning. It started out a little chilly but once the sun was out nice and bright we started shedding clothes. There were 5 of us pickleball players this morning. Steve, Jan, Ken and I got to the courts a little before 9:00 and started playing. Joanie arrived about 10:15. We had 3 hours of tough games and I think a good time was had by all.
We're trying to figure out how to play Monday and Tuesday and Friday next week. The weather could present a problem for Monday. Hope to see you at the next pickleball session and bring a friend.
P.S. Be sure to scroll on down to see the rest of the pictures taken today and yesterday.
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Steve & Joanie

Jan & Ken

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Pickleball Friday Afternoon 11-20-09

11 pickleball players came to today's session. They were Steve, Bob T., Ron, Sharon, Lynne S., Pete, Jan, Anne, Joanie, Ken & I. We missed our other pickleball buddies that couldn't make it today. Guess we're getting into the holiday season so folks are going to have more things to do in the next several weeks. It was a great afternoon.... sunny, upper 60's and no wind to speak of. It was actually quite warm on the courts.
We're planning to play tomorrow morning at 9:00 at Timmons Park if anyone is interested. Lynn
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Steve & Joanie

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Bob T. & Lynne S.

Bob T. & Ron

Looks like Ron is calling the "touchdown"

Ron putting on the brakes
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Joanie & Anne

It doesn't look like Anne is too pleased with the outcome of that game! Pickleball is definitely an equalizer.
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