Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 5-27-08

The pickleball session was scheduled for 9:00 or when everyone could come. We ended up with 7 players today....... Bob T., Steve, Ralph, Anne, Lynne S. and Ken and I. We really didn't have to do any chalking. Ken and I did kind of reinforce the back lines on the courts. Bob T., Steve, Ralph and Ken and I played with tennis scoring till Anne and Lynne came. We played till 11:30 today. Lynne and Steve played Ken and I in the last game in which we played with pickle scoring. We beat them 13 to 11. It was a really good game. I was running out of fuel though by that time.
Ron and Sharon couldn't make it today and Bob H. is still on the mend with the pulled calf muscle. We hope to play again on Friday. Lynn

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