Friday, July 4, 2008

Pickleball Thursday 7-3-08

We played pickleball today instead of Friday because of the holiday being on Friday. There were 7 of us there......Steve, Lynne S., Ron, Bob H., Anne, Ken and I. Bob T. was on a camping trip and Sharon decided to take a break. Our mascot Bridget watched in the shade from just outside the fence. She barked when possible buggers were approaching. It was a nice morning, a little too warm but we had some good games. There were a couple of memorable games. One being that Steve beat Ken and Lynne S. (not Lynn) 11 to 0 without ever losing his serve. Ken and Lynne S. never got to serve the whole game. Steve's head grew very large. Another game where Ron and Bob H. were up 9 to 0 and managed to lose the game. Ron was jumping up and down using adult language. He was not a happy camper.

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