Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 11-11-08

It was looking like it was going to be slim pickens for pickleball today but 10 players showed up even without me. Ken had to go by himself to pickleball today because I had to go to jury duty. The 10 players were Bob T., Steve, Sharon, John, Mike, Anne, Lynne, Jan, Joanie and Ken. Ron came to shagg balls. He's a good man!!
I thought I might get to come to pickleball so I carried my clothes in case I didn't get chosen for the jury today. Then I was planning to come to the park, change to my pickleball clothes and play. BUT no such luck. I was the thirteenth juror to be called. I was the alternate and I was very upset about that. Then after we all sat through the trial we didn't even get to decide the verdict. The judge decided the outcome and sent the jury home about 12:00. So I got home just as Ken did from pickleball.
We're hoping to play on Friday afternoon. And I hope I won't be on the jury!! Might have to dry the courts up some after the expected rain on Wed. night, Thursday and Thursday night.
Remember.....we're always looking for new picklers.
Hope to C U on D courts......Lynn P.S. I missed everybody today and I hope you all had fun.

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