Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Windyday Tuesday P'ball - August 23, 2011

Twelve players were in action today including Richard Stone who came 'a visiting all the way from Keowee Keys. Players: Ray, Mike, Steve, Johnny, Carol, Richard, Anne, Jan, Peter, Claude, Sharon and yon Editor.
It was our first windy day in a while, so it took a little getting used to. Lobs turned out to be problematic and loose balls kindly formed up together against the southern fence due to the NE wind. Unfortunately that fence is furthest removed from where resting players sit out, so the enthusiasm for volunteer ball-shagging was greatly reduced. Hint hint.

Richard (pictured below), got to play several matches. He left early with a long drive ahead of him, and presumably, to save his energy for the upcoming Lake Lure Games. Thanks for joining us.
Newsy stuff: Our logo shirts have been pretty much distributed. Thanks to to Peter for coming up with concept of the logo, to Sharon and Steve for getting the order together and to Steve for finishing the job by picking up the shirts in NC and delivering them to the troops. PS: Additional shirts can be ordered in different colors and material. We have several teams that will be heading to the lake Lure Games on Friday, 8/26/11. Some car-pooling has been arranged. Other folks should make their own arrangements if you haven't already done so. NOTE: We will not be playing local pickleball on Friday due to the tournament.

Good luck at the lake Lure Games. We will return to local action the week of August 28th.
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