Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pickleball Tournament - Gower Park. April 23, 2014.

GGSSC Pickleball Winners:
Men’s Doubles:
1st Place: Mike Kaplan and Steve Johnson – Upstate Pickleball Group

2nd Place: Frank Kinder and Greg Harabin – Sun City/Ft. Mills

3rd Place: Brad Miness and Jim Mayer - Sun City/Ft. Mills

Women’s Doubles:
1st Place: Sherry Bruton and Virginia Burgh - Sun City/Ft. Mills

2nd Place: Lin Kolb and Karen Wolf – Connestee Falls

3rd Place: Deb Richter and Lora Mason – Connestee Falls

Mixed Doubles:
1st Place: Frank Kinder and Sharon McKenzie - Sun City/Ft. Mills

2nd Place: Steve Johnson and Ann Savoca - Upstate Pickleball Group

3rd Place: Brad Miness and Sharon Davis - Sun City/Ft. Mills

Many thanks to everyone who helped, to those that travelled, and especially to Joni Dilworth for making the tournament a success. 58 players registered and all showed up for the nine hours of matches. Congratulations to Sun City/Ft. Mills for their great showing in the tournament - 2nd and 3rd in Men's, 1st in women's and 1st and 3rd in mixed, to UPG for their victory in men's doubles and 2nd in mixed, and to Connestee Falls for their strong women's showing.
The tournament results above were provided by Gary Allen. UPG

Photos and blurb below by Spike.

This was an exceptional tournament, thanks to the very hard work of Gary and Kaye Allen. Joni and her crew from the Greenville County Rec Dept, the Walgreen reps and all of the ball shaggers did a great job. P'ballers came from all over the place; they played hard and still had plenty of time to socialize. A beautiful day to boot.

April 24, 2014

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