Friday, August 1, 2008

Pickleball @ Timmons Park Friday 8-1-08

This was our last time to play at Timmons Park for a while. There was just enough water on the courts to try out our new squeegee which worked great! Bob T. was very impressed with the squeegee. He brought his too and we cleaned up the courts quickly and started chalking. We had 13 players in all today......Bob T., George, Bokson, Barb, Ralph, Steve, Ron, Sharon, Lou P., Anne, Katelin, Ken and I. Lou P. came for her first time. She had seen the segment on pickleball on Good Morning America. We had some pretty good games today but there did seem to be a flying paddle at one point. We won't mention any names but it might be a good thing that a new paddle has been ordered. Looks like we'll be heading over to Cleveland Park next week as Timmons will be closed for road work. We hope to get Bob H. and Lynne S. back next week after their vacations.
Looking forward to our next pickleball session so......C U on D Courts....lynn

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