Friday, August 8, 2008

Pickleball @ Cleveland Park Friday 8-8-08

There was a smaller group for pickleball today. There were 9 players but only 8 at a time as George left at 10:30 and then Anne came to take his place after her aerobics class. The players were Barb, Bokson, Steve, Ralph, George, Bob H., Anne, Ken and I. It was a nice morning to play as it wasn't so hot and we had a nice breeze, of course the breeze didn't help the ball but it felt good. There were also 2 ladies tennis doubles groups there and they were eyeing our courts as they wanted our shadiest one but we were there first. We had to rechalk the courts as it must have rained just enough to wash the chalk away but fortunately we did not have to clean up any water. We had some good games today even though we were missing some of our players. Bob T. was babysitting and is getting ready for the big camping trip to Vancouver Island and Ron and Sharon left this morning for NY for vacation. Lynne S. has not made it back yet from her Oregon vacation. Hope she is ok and will be back on the courts with us soon.
Because of so many of our players going on vacations, if anyone has a friend that you think would be interested in pickleball please invite them to come try it!

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