Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pickleball Tuesday 10-28-08

It was a cold morning for pickleball, about 36 degrees, but we warmed up fast once we started playing. There were 8 of us there at 9:00, 9 total players today though. The players were Bob T., Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Mike, Jan, Anne, Ken and I. Anne didn't arrive till a little after 10:00. She has a bad leg and thought she would only play about an hour or so. It was Jan's first time today. She has a tennis background so she did well with the game. We welcomed Bob T. back as he has been in Florida for about 10 days. And today was the last time that Ron will get to play for about 6 weeks as he goes into surgery tomorrow for a shoulder replacement. Good luck Ron!!
We are hoping to play on Friday morning.
C U on D Courts.......Lynn

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