Sunday, June 12, 2011

Friday Ball - June 10, 2011

UPG has gone high tech. Here, Gary A uses a leaf blower to dry off one of the few puddles on the court. When the job was finished he parked it near where we place our paddles against the practice wall (see below). Some players who arrived later worked up quite a lather fearing that the device was some kind of a new fangled, mechanical paddle with ball serving capabilities - not unlike a pitching machine. They settled down once they learned its function and we got into some great p'ball action on another hot SC day.
Eleven p,ballers saw action: Mike, Gary, Gary A, Steve, Bob T, Lynne, Jan, Anne, Johnny, Sharon and Ron. Gary A, who brought a nice batch of Toll House cookies - is now one of the several contenders for the Coveted Pickle award. Everyone should keep this in mind.
Even though is was another 90 degree day - the matches were hot and heavy and many good games are in the record books. Oh, almost forgot. The topic of 'yelling' came up after one of our greatest players made an exuberant, encouraging remark to his/her partner. One of his/her opponents claimed it was 'yelling' and therefore a distraction. There was considerable debate on the issue and it was finally decided by the UPG Rules Enforcement Committee - that just happened to be on site - that the sound was not a 'yell' because it did not exceed 85db for 30 seconds. The player (one of the greatest of all times) was exonerated, and was allowed to roam freely for the rest of the session: the complainant was relegated to ball shagging duties for the rest of the session.

Looking forward to more action (and, off-court excitement). How's June 14th sound? No need to respond.


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