Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Pickleball - June 28, 2011

Fourteen players showed up on this hot, sunny day and there was plenty of action. Enough to keep the courts smoldering for over 3 hours. Peter, Mike, Steve, Johnny, Carol, Jan, Lynne, Ralph, Sharon, Anne, Gary, Gary A, Claude and yon editor (no longer retired).

OFFICIAL NEWS: Steve has kindly volunteered to take on the Session scheduling and to be the keeper of the p'ball equipment. Gary A is going to coordinate our participation in the pickleball tournament at the Olympiad Games to be held on August 26 at Lake Lure. Competition will take place in one day. Events will include, mixed doubles and men's/women's doubles. Some UPG teams have already been formed. Make a committment now. Otherwise, Gary A will be nagging you relentlessly. Note: We are even trying to get Lynn and Ken (UPG founders) to come north from sunny Florida to compete in the event. I will continue taking care of the BLOG if I can find the time -between my International Correspondence School anger management sessions and bongo classes.
Above Top L-R: Claude and Cupcake/Claude; Below L-R: Dutchess nearing takeoff/Lash and Spidy in the foreground.
Above: Stevie Wonder and Dutchess demonstrating the right-leg shuffle quickstep - an Upstate Pickleball Group staple. Below: Lash and Spidy serving to Stevie Wonder and Dutchess.
Check your email about important events and polish up your paddle, 'cause we'll be at it again on Friday (weather permitting, of course).


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