Sunday, October 30, 2011

More Forlorner - Friday Pickleball - 10/28/2011

OK. Three showed up for p'ball on this Friday: Steve, Gary A and Jan. They, played 'Canadian Doubles' until they wore themselves out, then departed. There are good reasons why some people haven't been showing up, but we won't list them here. Too boring for this very exciting missive. But, fear not - our numbers will start increase soon as our members recover from surgery, the flu, beriberi, other ailments and when folks return from their travels.

Gary A has taken over the responsibility of buying more pickleballs as our supply is almost depleted. Each players will be assessed $10 and should pay up pronto because Gary A has ordered and paid for the balls. (The $10 fee is not a donation and the amount is not optional). The balls we are using now, in various stages of wear, and the new batch, will last us about one year. Cheap enough, don't you think? No response is necessary, because we all know the answer.

We are in the FALLBALL SEASON, so the sessions now start at 1:00PM. Even late sleepers should be able to get their carcases to the courts. Yes!

See you on Tuesday, 11/1/11/@ 1


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