Thursday, November 3, 2011

Coming out of the woodwork - Tue, 11/1/11

We had a sparkling day and it brought out a good crowd who promptly occupied 3 courts. Here goes: Joanie after a 2 week absence, Johnny and Carol (out of commission for about two weeks but on the way toward a full recovery from colds), Ron and Sharon (travels, a little surgery (Ron), cold symptoms) both at about 75% after a 5 week hiatus, Jan, Steve, Anne, Peter, Mike, Gary and Bob T. That would amount to about 12 players - give or take a few. Ralph (recovering from surgery) came by to say hello. He'll be out of action for about another month.

It was good to have so many players on hand. As a result there was a lot of good action and many fine games. Some of the recovering players shortened their session but stayed on to gab and watch the final matches.                               

See you on the courts.
Sterling Stainless Masonry III

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