Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Then there were Four. P'ball. Tue., 1/17.12

Too busy playing to snap photos for this session. Four showed, including Peter who has been soaking up the sun in Florida for the past month. Present and playing tirelessly (almost): Mike, Steve, Peter and Ron. Overcast and cool. Perfect P'ball weather. No Sun-In-The-Face or Wind-At-The-Back to contend with, or if you prefer - with which to contend. We played doubles - switching partners every game and had some excellent, long-volley matches. After about an hour Peter had the good sense to leave while he was still standing. The remainders played 3 Canadian Doubles matches and called it a day. Short on players, but long of fun.
See you ASAP, or sooner. How about on Friday, 1/20/12 for example?

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