Sunday, January 1, 2012

Last of Twenty-Eleven: Friday, 12/30/2011

That's Hoppy above (aka: Buckeye). Recognized by the UPG editorial staff - and honored as the 12/30/11 posterboy - because he made it to Pickleball twice in a row - in the same week! How you go. Below: Gary A and Jan face off against Steve and Sharon (background).
Present for the last official session of the UPG for 2011: Sharon, Bob H, Gary A, Mike, Steve, Joanie, Jan, Lynne and Ron. It was a marginal day, weatherwise, with a chill in the air and some light drizzle. But, we stayed at it long enough for Mike to take an impressive digger (no damage to the court recorded - so, not to worry). Had fun for about 3 hours with some exciting games including what might have been two of the longest rallies ever recorded at Gower Park. Can't swear to it though.

So, we'll get started again in 2012. Hope you and your's have an excellent 2012 and that you come out for many p'ball sessions.


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