Friday, September 14, 2012

P'ball session - Friday, Sept 14, 2012

Pickleball paddle palette. L-R: Sharon, Barbara, Ray and Sandy.

Sharon and I (Spike) came to p'ball after a 6-week hiatus and 3 weeks after I had both knees replaced. Sharon played one match and was admittedly a little rusty. But, it was good to be on the courts again and see some of our p'ball pals. Players: Mike, Steve, Bob T, Gary A, Sandy and John, Johnny, Walt, Don, Ray, Sharon, Barbara and Bob D.

Above: Spike (with trekking poles and new knees) and Johnny with his braces. 
Below: Spidy and Stevie Wonder.
Below: Bob T and Gary A
It was great to see everyone today and thanks for the warm greetings.

Ron and Sharon (Spike and Cupcake)

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