Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fly-the-coop Day. July 27, 2012

Today I played my last match for a while. Will be on the DL for some time. I managed to play one sorry match and then packed it in - as the saying goes. But, the day wasn't a total downer for me or the UPGers lucky enough to be present, because they were able to witness another tarp installation by none other than Don D'Tarpman (see first reference to the tarp operation in the 7/24 Blog entry). It was a marvel to watch the operation. Not surprisingly, he received no assistance during the project.
 These folks were present and in full p'ball mode: Anne R, Steve, Mike, Gary A, Bob T, Bob D, Chris-the-new-guy, Johnny, Carol, Ray G, Don, Ron (1 gamer), Walt, Jacob and Peter.

Below: Anne R who has been on few months hiatus from p'ball and who was listed as 'unidentified' in the previous Blog entry (now corrected).
Yon Editor left early so didn't see any action to report and can't come up with any fabrications at this time. If players showed up later and are not listed - or, if some monumental event took place - please let me know. Not that anything will be done about it!


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