Sunday, April 7, 2013

PicklePost: Friday, April 5, 2013

We had 17 players on the courts today so the place was hopping. Players: Ralph, Lynda, Glenn, Julia, Steve, Johnny, Carol, Gary A, Gary H, Peter, Lynne, Ray, Anne, Mike, Sam, Don and Ron. Wx: Sunny and windy.

Below: That's Gary H on the left, Gary A top R and Mike bott R.
Below: Steve and Mike on  the L; Lynne top R; Johnny and Sam bott R.
Mucho fun as always and a whole batch of exciting matches. Players who have formed teams for the upcoming Sr games have been to pairing up. Getting some team practice in. It's a sight for sore eyes! The only notable event that took place during today's session was when Peter hit Don in the head with a smartly drilled overhand. Don took it in stride. Hoping for Peter's sake that Don doesn't hold a grudge.

See you next week.

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