Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tuesday P'ball session. April 9, 2013

Today was the warmest day this season, topping off the Official UPG Thermometer at a comfy 83 degrees. Sunny with a fresh breeze, too. We had 18 players on the courts. Every imaginable skill level was represented. Players: Gary A, Gary H, Mike, Steve, Johnny, Tom, Carol, Mary Kay, Bill M, Bill S, Ralph, Ray, Anne, Jan, Lynne, Walt, Barbara and me. We also allowed two disc golf players give p'ball a try. They had never heard of the game but though it looked like fun. He and she - or, her and him - didn't catch their names - hail from Lynchburg, Va which would be a 295 mile, 5-1/2 hour one-way haul just to play with us. But, it would be worth the effort.

A few more teams have been formed among UPGers for the upcoming Sr Games P'ball event. Those teams have been getting playing time together during our regular sessions. Putting the finishing touches on their playing techniques. About 40 players (UPG and others) will be competing. Gower Park, Monday, April 15th, at 2:00PM. Be there.

Below. UPGers arrive in all kinds of vehicles.
See you there.

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