Friday, October 2, 2009

Pickleball Friday 10-2-09

A great day for pickleball it was!!! No sun, no wind and just the right temperature. 11 pickleball players showed up today for some exciting and competitive games. Those that were present for today's session were Bob T., Steve, Mike, Ralph, Joanie, Lynne S., Ron, Sharon, Bob H., Ken & Lynn (me). Some players were missing today and there will be more missing during the month due to vacations and travel. Johnny didn't make it back today after pulling his hamstring on Tuesday. I hope Carol will come to play even if Johnny isn't ready for it yet. Anne left for Spain yesterday and won't be back for 6 weeks. Lynne S. leaves tomorrow, Steve leaves next Friday, Mike leaves next Sunday and it goes on and on. Once the travel bug passes maybe we can get everyone back together again..... but in the meantime I hope there will be enough players left to get together and play some pickleball this month. Oh well, we're looking forward to more fun and pickleball games on Tuesday. Have a great weekend..... Lynn
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