Friday, October 16, 2009

Pickleball Friday Afternoon 10-16-09

We switched to the afternoon today to play pickleball. The sun did come out for a little while but it was nicer when it was cloudy. We had to do some squeegeeing of the courts after the rains on Wednesday and Thursday but it wasn't too bad. There were 11 pickleball players today for the session starting with who got to the courts first after Ken and I...... Lynne S., Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Jan, Johnny, Carol, Bob H., and Mike. We were pleasantly surprised to see Mike as he has been gone all week to an Elder Hostel. He said he got home today and was eating lunch, decided to check his email and saw that we were playing at 1:00 this afternoon. So he knew what he was going to do this afternoon! He came right over! It was nice to see everyone else too.
It looks like we might be done with the rain for a few least through Tuesday so we are looking forward till then for more fun and pickleball games. We should have Steve and Joanie back from their vacations but Mike will be taking off again on Monday to go to the Villages in Florida. Hopefully he will be playing pickleball there and we are anxious to know the outcome of that. He should be back the following week and will tell us all about it. I hope everyone else can come next week. Lynn

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