Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pickleball Tuesday morning 10-13-09

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We had a good morning for pickleball but of course the morning started out with squeegeeing the courts after the rains that we had on Monday. There was a total of 12 pickleball players today. 10 were there for the whole session and 2 came at the end. The players today were Ralph, Ron, Sharon, Carol, Johnny, Ed, John, Bob H., Jan, Steve T., Ken and Lynn(me). Jan had a tennis match today but came over to the courts when Ron, Sharon, Ken & I were packing up to go home. We were easy to talk into playing one more game so Jan got credit for today. Then Steve T., the tennis instructor arrived and was waiting for his student so we played another game with him. So Steve T. got in one more game and Jan got in 2 games for the session today.
The weather was wonderful today. It started out foggy and damp but the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful fall day. We are missing several players to vacations and traveling this week but thankfully we had enough players to take up the slack.
It was Ed's first time to play pickleball today. He is Carol's brother and also a tennis player like Carol so he picked up the game quickly. He is a very good player and we hope he'll come back to play with us again soon.
Several items were left at the court today. John left his paddle and Ed left his sweater and wallet. We picked up everything and got Ed's belongings back to him. John, we'll bring your paddle next time.
Thanks to Sharon for bringing cleaning supplies and cleaning up the sink in the women's bathroom. It was a mess after the kids painted the bathrooms a couple of months ago. They got paint everywhere.
We're switching to afternoon play on Friday as it is getting colder in the mornings and seems to be a nice temperature in the afternoon to play. So hope to see everyone for more fun and pickleball games Friday afternoon at 1:00........ Lynn
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