Wednesday, February 3, 2010


OK. This is the way it was. First off, John didn't show up, even though he specifically said he wouldn't be there! So, we fumbled around drying the court and doing a pathetic job of it without his leadership skills. Six of us were present so we didn't occupy both courts even though we swabbed both. Four began to play. A tennis player arrives and starts playing against the backboard. Our 7th player arrives. Seven against 1. He practices his serves. Hits a few balls over the fence. Finally quits. We take over the other court. Players present: Jan, Bob H, Steve, Catherine, Sharon, Spidy and Spike. We have many fine games in sensational weather. We played doubles on one court and Canadian Doubles on the other. Spidy and Spike played four singles matches using the full doubles courts. There was only one winner of the four matches His nickname startes with an 'S', but - sorry to say - it ends with an 'e'. But, if your going to lose hard-fought games - singles is a good way to do it!

Catherine, adorned in her lucky tie-dyed T-shirt, finishes off a powerful forehand stroke. She filled in as assistant to the unofficial photographer 2nd class, twice removed.

Above: Bob H smashes a backhander.

Jan and Spike race-walking.

Stevie Wonder looking suave.

Weather is moving in again for the weekend, so we will play again on Thursday, Feb 4th.

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