Thursday, January 28, 2010


It took a while to get the players together for this group photo. Everyone was milling around, but we finally managed to get the photo with everyone of the P'ballers squeezed in and luckily no one was inclined to hold 'rabbit' ears up over anyone's head.

We had everything going for us today: Sunny, warm weather, almost no wind, empty courts. But, we had a big shortage of players. Certainly, this had a lot to do with the short notice, the earlier time-frame and the fact, that due to Friday's not-too-hot weather prediction - we decided to play two days in a row. But, as the saying goes: we made the best of a bad situation.
We three - for the record: Stevie Wonder, Cupcake and Spike, played Canadian doubles for 2 hours - taking turns 'in the hole'. It was a good workout and we enjoyed the beautiful day. But, missed many of our pals.

Above - Stevie Wonder working on a backhand.

Sharon with her Tie-Dyed shirt whacking a forehander. Where were you Catherine?

Spike. Where's the ball?
We are hoping for better weather conditions next week so we can get back on schedule. Watch for E-mail announcements.

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