Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pickleball Novelette - 2/18/2010

We had another nice today. Bright, @ >46 degrees and some gusty winds just to make things interesting. Seven players were present including Anne (Pit Bull) who recently returned from a trip to the great state of Vermont. Present: Anne, Sharon, Johnny, Ralph, Bob H, Gary no-nick-name, and yon novelist and occasional sayer of truthful utterances.

Photo above: Sharon lashes a serve while Johnny prepares for the return that never arrives.

Pit Bull serves as Johnny everywhere looks on. Anne was trying to wing the photographer. Missed by a few inches.

Gary no-nick-name took on the awesome responsibility of serving as assistant to the assistant Upstate Pickleball Group photographer, twice removed. It's a temporary position and that's a good thing. He took 35 pictures including the 1st & 3rd above. These photos are included here because they are the only 2 of the 35 that include a little yellow ball.
We had several hard-fought games and a bunch of great shots. Thank Goodness Bob H was present to help us keep track of the scores and servers.
Looks like we will not be playing P'ball next week. Here's hoping the courts don't sprout grass in our absence. We'll be back in action the week starting March 1 (which is right after February 29 or 30th.

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