Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010 P'ball Journal

We had 11 players today and nice weather to boot. Some wind events caused a few errant balls, but overall we had a great time and completed many fine games. Players present: Johnny, Carol, John, Bob H., Ralph, Jan, Mike, Gary, Anne, Sharon this scribe (Ron). Picture above: Gary slams a backhand as Jan looks on. Below: Carol lifts one over the net.

There were many hot games today, including the one below where Spidy is seen swatting a forehander at his opponent.
Below, Pit Bull finishes a potent forehand shot.

Below, two unidentified players shun the onslaught of the everpresent Paparazzi. They (the unknown players, not the Paparazzi) had just been soundly whipped by their opponents. They took the loss rather badly, as clearly indicated in the candid, unposed & un-retouched photo.
Nevertheless, the rest of us had a blast, and we plan to have another go at it on Friday, the 5th if the weather cooperates. See you then.

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