Tuesday, June 8, 2010

P'ball: Upstate style - June 8, 2010

Above: Joanie, by a landslide vote of the Upstate Pickleball Awards Committee & Storm Door Company (UPAC&SDC), was designated: Queen Pickleball. This prestigious honor entitles her to generous rewards, not the least of which, is top billing in this BLOG. Congratulations. Twelve P'ballers showed up today, and they came to play: Jan, Joanie,Sharon, Lynne, John, Johnny, Mike, Steve, Bob T, Bob H, Ralph & Ron (yon editor). It was good to see Ralph back in action. As can seen in the photos above, it didn't take him long to get into the groove and into the battles that followed. There were many exceptional games played and we had fun in the process. Kudos to Bob T. He was on fire today with vicious serves, withering volleys and smoking, overhand kill shots that sent some opponents diving for the sidelines.
Below : Stevie Wonder and Jan play tight to the net.

Steve has generously volunteered to tend to the P'ball scheduling duties, and equipment management, for a about 4 weeks. Lynn will take care of the E-mail notifications and she is hereby thanked. You too, Mr. Wonder.
See you in a bit. Spike & Cupcake

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