Tuesday, June 1, 2010

UPG - Pickleball in its purist form - 6/01/2010

Above: Cupcake is ready to serve to Spidy with Joanie guarding the net.
We had 15 players today: Jan, Sharon, Johnny, John, Mike, Steve, Bob H, Bob T, Ray, Charlie, Lynne, Gary, Joanie, Carol & Ron. The courts were very wet when we arrived, but the troops came well prepared and we had the surface fully operational in near record time. It warmed up fast and that's the way we played - actually, fast and furious. There were many exceptional matches; see the pictures below which document the events of the day in full color. Thanks to Ace for capturing the picture of another fallen player. This particular picture IS NOT staged. It may appear to be a set-up, a fake, a farce, a crock, even hard to believe, but the pile-up actually happened in exactly the way it is depicted. Really. Pictures don't lie. And, that's the truth. Clown, we do. Fun, we have.
We got lucky with the weather today because we are in the midst of daily T-storms. Same for Thursday and Friday, but we'll give it a go - probably on Friday. Stay tuned.

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