Friday, June 4, 2010

Sun & Fun - P'ball Report - June 4, 2010

Above: Buckeye looks on appreciatively as Richard W wields a potent forehand with enough zip to set his hat flying. This is how the game is played in Upstate Pickleball land. Any questions?
Below: Carol demonstrates the lost art of poaching while her partner Ray deftly studies the maneuver for future reference. We had a near-record crowd today with 17 players, including newbie Linda P, Dick H (vetern player - nickname: Smoke, visiting all the way from Lake Lure in NC -a 90 minute drive), Richard W, part of the Keowee Key gang (also a lengthy drive) and the following: Catherine, Gary, Muriel, Jan, Mike, Steve, Bob H, John, Carol, Charlie, Ray, Lynne, Sharon & Ron. The courts were thick with players. To keep things moving along we switched all 4 players at the end of each match. There was one shutout, another match went to 14-12 and plenty of other hard-fought and exciting matches as well. We played for 3 hours.
The pictures do not lie! There are no slugabugs here.
We'll be playing again next week. Check your E-mail for the scheduled events. See you then.

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